Love Your Roommate

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Theo doesn't know his dad isn't really his dad, that the man he had been living his entire life isn't really his father, his sister isn't sister, it's all lies. But when he knows, his life changes forever. He leaves his house and goes off to live with his best friend Anna (who he's secretly in love with) in a house she just got for college just after he made some shit at a party after being drunk, and along the way he lives with Clare. Their relationship doesn't start the best, as Theo walked in her life in a wrong time where she doesn't want to have anything to do with boys at all. She literally banged the door in his face. But their hearts collided, what could go wrong? And what we will Theo do between being confused about his feelings for both Anna and Clare? Struggling is a small word for teens trying to figure out their feelings, I tell you that. ~ Book 2 of 'The Roommate' series. ~ Can be read as a stand-alone. ~ Cover made by the talented @Ethereal_solare on wattpad. ~ © 2020 Elsawah_maria Started: 10th April 2020. Published: 2nd July 2020. Finished: 30 September 2020.

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Author's Note ( Important; Read )

Firstly, thanks a lot for checking my story. I hope you enjoy.

I just want to make sure that some points are clear to everyone.

~ I write on my phone, so expect some spelling or grammar mistakes, although I try to edit it before posting it. But nothing will ever be perfect. But you're welcome to correct me in the comments, I don't get offended and it will really help.

~ This book is the 2nd book in 'The Roommate' series.
Book 1: Love The Roommate.
Book 2: Love Your Roommate, aka this book.

~ This book can be read as a stand alone, nothing won't make sense. Just enjoy.

~ This book will contain cursing, sexual assault, violence graphics, and maybe (Not sure) some sex scenes. It's a mature book to be clear with you.

~ As much as this book will contain all the above, there will be some cliché moments. I am going to try and be realistic, but no promises this book won't have some good moments of cliché.

I hope all this is clear. Now move on to the first chapter. And don't forget to add this book to your library and reading list so you would be notified when I post a new chapter, show your support by voting, leave your thoughts in the comments, and again: just enjoy.

xx Maria Elsawah.

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