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Intelligence, wit and boisterous beauty is all that comes with the package of Aaliyah Barron Aaliyah has just finished her degree in fashion, and is on a roll to a big break, What happens on the night of the institution's Eye Opener; a night to introduce the newest designers to the world , she has caught the eyes of Darius Knight , NYC's own bachelor bae and also CEO of Knight & Day Inc. A night of exchanged conversation , has left her hooked and him even worse throw in secrets and watch their lives twist,turn and unfold before your own eyes.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter one

Her eyes scanned the crowd before her , this.......this was more than she opted for. As her brown nearly black orbs took in the crowd she could feel the excitement radiating off of her fellow classmates.

Tonight would be the night , the night she would be finally set free of the chains that continuously haunted her.... No more.

As she stood there awaiting her cue, the doubt started to settle in,

"I now would like to introduce one of our newest members here at WV; Aalyiah Barron, she has majored in the field of clothing design and will today be sharing with us some of her glorious ideas, please welcome to the stage Aalyiah !"

This was what she wanted , as a small child she had adored the industry of fashion and because of it would normally be scolded for stealing her mother's clothes and jewellery, modeling in them , just as childs play ,she had never thought that it would have led her to where she was now, it all seemed like a dream, but this,this was real and it was happening to her.

The crowd roared to life even after all the preparation she had done , she perspired bullets; hands growing clammy and throat suddenly closing up, Aalyiah knew that she could do this, this was her time to shine, this was her dream and silly nerves could get the bird.

Somewhere in the crowd he was watching, had been there from the beginning, had been bored to death one could say, but she grabbed his attention as soon as she stepped out on that stage ,without even knowing it.

Even after she had lowered her gaze from the crowd , she could feel a gaze upon her , she had no kind of explanation to the feeling of being watched, could have sworn she was going mad, she was infact in front of a giant crowd and persons would be watching her but this unexplainable gaze felt different, sent delicious shivers down her spine.

"Goodnight ." She began and from that point she could feel herself relax this form of address coming naturally to her, her words flowing like that of the water from a stream.


He was captivated , he had never seen such a beauty, her Nightingale speech had him aroused, he had not touched her but he could just tell by the glow of her skin, she was soft to the touch.

He wondered how her voice would sound as she screamed his name, how her body would feel under his. He could feel the stiffening of his pelvic under the expensive suit he wore, even due to his condition , his thoughts wouldn't allow him to stop, he was clouded by lust , one of the greatest sins of the flesh, but just could not care, it could not be helped. He got up from his seat and started on his way blinded by the black beauty that was Aalyiah.


Aalyiah was proud of herself, she had gone out there and did a stellar job according to her peers.

She was never one to get drunk , but out of celebration she would allow herself this one time, she drank more than she had ever drank before, the after party was in full swing, she sat at the bar with an empty shot glass in her hands ,

"I would have never taken you for the get drunk until you drop type" Darius chuckled, as he took the empty seat next to Aalyiah.

She simply laughed "neither me, but what can I say , you give me an inch and I take a yard" she stated in a soft, melodious voice as she drowned her glass.

" hmmm apparently so; Darius" he replied after a long pause outstretching his hands

"Aaiyah,Aalyiah Barron" she mumured as she meet his gaze to shake his hands which were clearly larger than hers.

She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, skin like that of caramel, a mane full of brazen curls, lucious lips of cocoa, she was the denotation of a woman, it is what, after all drew him to her, she exuded brilliance.

The small action caught his eyes, as she dragged her lips between her teeth, an action to ease the never ending nerves.

"So what do you do" she questioned, clearing her throat as she pulled her hands out of his, he made her feel small which was not normal for a woman her height and composure . Compared to others she was tall, with legs that went on for miles and languid limbs for arms.

Darius chuckled sensing her uneasiness "I do a little work here and there " he suddently didn't feel the need to disclose his job, he had learned his lesson on many occasions but never seemed to heed, countless women had taken interest in him not just for his personality, his conversation holding skills,but for his looks and most importantly the millions of dollars possessed. He didn't want people to just see him as a walking bank or something to just use for only their benefit, hence why he had only given have his first name and nothing else leaving an air of mystery in hopes of drawing the attention he wanted most from her . Of coarse he knew he could not hide his face but he could at least try. He was tired of being used.

She could see the outline of him perfectly, shadows casting upon his heavenly figure, she could see the growing of a weeks old scruff along his jaw, muscle straining against his suit which most likely was tailored just for the likes of him. He held an air of power around that was sure to bring any man or woman to his or her knees, he was in all the way the denifition of a man, a man she could not intertain no matter what she thought of him.


So this is the first chapter, comment and tell me how you enjoyed it so far and tap the star if you like it😇

Love Zari🌹🌌

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