The Coffee Shop Chronicles: Roman & Sienna

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Sienna Alexander's life revolves around her job at The Busy Bean coffee shop and making enough money to keep her apartment. With no family and no friends, she's content with living her life alone and peacefully in the little town of Lakeview. Roman Blackwood is starting his life anew in the little town of Lakeview with his one-year-old daughter Evie, his parents and his sister. With the help of his loved ones, he can move on from his past and be the happy man he once was. All that matters to him now is his daughter, job, family and a few close friends. But what happens when Roman encounters the woman he hasn't seen in five years, the woman whom he unknowingly broke? And what will Sienna do when she comes face to face with the man who unknowingly shattered her heart into tiny pieces.

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Sienna's POV

"Ro-roman please", I whimper as I arch my back waiting for his touch. A shiver runs down my back as his fingertips of one hand graze the little nub at my core rubbing my wetness around while the fingers of his other hand pull on my already hard nipple of one breast as he sucks hard on the other nipple of my other breast.

He slowly makes his way down my body, reaching my core he immediately latches onto my clit with his mouth. I cry out his name and immediately cum. I squeeze my eyes shut as Roman continues to lap at my core drinking my juices as it continuously flows out. Making his way back up my body Roman kisses my lips and thrusts into me hard. I scream as he thrusts into me so quick and rough that I eventually pass out.

" Riiiinggg", I wake up panting from my dream, it's the same dream that I've been having for the past five years ever since that night happened. Standing up I walk into my little bathroom to do my business and take a shower. After a hot shower that felt amazing on the tense muscles of my back, I walk out into my room and get changed. I slip on my matching black lace panties and bra along with my white t-shirt, black jeans and my favourite black Adidas sneakers. Heading into the kitchen I open my fridge to see that I only have two apples and a little bit of milk left. I need to go grocery shopping today, but I guess for now I'll just have to have an apple for breakfast.

Entering the little coffee shop that I work at I pass a small smile and a hi to my boss Sasha who greets me with an enthusiastic hello and make my way to the back. After placing my bag in the locker I put on my apron and make my way to the front of the shop, ready to start the long day.

As the lunch rush dies down, I feel a sense of relief wash over me. My feet are aching and I have a massive headache from not eating all day, except for the apple that I had for breakfast. Standing behind the counter wiping it down, I hear Sasha call my name.

"Sienna, can you take these lunch orders down to the firehouse?" She asks me.

"Sure no problem," I mumble. Wiping my hands and taking off my apron, I grab the orders and the delivery car keys before heading out.

It takes me about twenty minutes to get to the firehouse. For some reason, I get a funny feeling in my stomach like something is about to happen. Pushing the feeling aside, I jump out of the car and grab the orders before making my way into the building.

"Hey, Jeremy", I say as I see him walking out of the building with his phone stuck to his ear most likely talking to his fiancee.

" Hi Sienna", he grins back and continues with his call.

I walk further into the building to the kitchen and lunch area where most of the guys are hanging out. I give them all a small smile and a hi before setting the food on the table. As I turn around to leave I bump into a muscled chest. I close my eyes waiting for the impact of my ass hitting the floor when I feel two hands go around my waist and haul me up into a warm chest before I could hit the ground. Startled I look up at the person who saved me, only to have my breath hitch as I swallow back a gasp. Staring back at me are smouldering smokey grey eyes that I haven't seen in five years. Those same eyes are the cause of my nightmares but also some of my sweetest dreams some nights.

The man in front of me is none other than Roman Blackwood, the man who unknowingly broke me. He looks a lot different than he did five years ago. His hair is just a little past his shoulders. His muscles are bigger than they were like he spends most of his time in the gym. He has facial hair around his jaw and his smokey grey eyes have a hard cold look to them.

The honking of a fire truck pulling into the building breaks me out of the staring match with the man in front of me. I finally manage to push his arms away and take a step back from his dominating presence. I watch as his eyes scan my body from top to bottom, letting his eyes linger a little longer on my breasts than needed. As I go to walk past Roman to leave I hear a voice call out to me.

"Sienna," Jeremy calls my name.

"Hey, Jer." I give him a small smile. I look behind him to see Roman still staring at me. Pulling my gaze away from him I look back at Jeremy nod my head at whatever he's saying. After promising Jeremy that I would tell Sasha that he has asked for us to cater the baby shower for his fiancee Jess, make my way to the car. Pulling away from the firehouse I take one more look at the entrance only to find those grey eyes staring right back at me.

As I drive away the only thing I can think of is, why and what is Roman Blackwood doing here in Lakeview?

Edited: 09/06/2021

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