The Coffee Shop Chronicles: Roman &Sienna

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Sienna Alexander's life revolves around her job at The Busy Bean coffee shop and making enough money to keep her apartment. With no family and no friends, she's content with living her life alone and peacefully in the little town of Lakeview. So what will she do when she suddenly encounters the man who broke her five years ago? Roman Blackwood is starting his life anew in the little town of Lakeview with his one year old daughter Evie, his parents and his sister. With the help of his loved ones he is able to move on from his past and be the happy man he once was. All that matters to him now is his daughter, job, family and a few close friends. But what happens when Roman encounters the woman he hasn't seen in five years, the woman whom he unknowingly broke?

Romance / Erotica
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Sienna's POV

It's funny how life plays out. One minute you can be the happiest person in the world and the next, you're just a shell of the person that you use to be.

Five years ago I was the happiest person alive. I had the most loving family and the best friends that a girl could ask for. My life was as amazing as it could get. Until the one day it all came crashing down and everything from then on made me the shell of the person I am today.

Five Years Ago

I slam my pillow over my head and let out an irritated moan as my alarm goes off. Turning over I quickly turn off the alarm and try to go back to sleep, it works until my mum comes storming into my room.

"Sienna sweetie get up or you're going to be late for your last week of senior year." She tells me.

Removing the pillow off of my head I look up at my mum and smile."Do I have to go mum." I ask innocently giving her my best puppy dog eyes. It seems to be working until I hear a voice that makes my heart skip several beats.

"Don't fall for those eyes Mrs Blackwood." A deep husky voice resounds throughout my room. Turning my head slowly I come face to face with one of my best friends Roman Blackwood leaning against the frame of my bedroom door, gazing at me with his smoldering stormy grey eyes and sporting a smirk on pink lips.

Feeling my face get hot from Roman's gaze I turn my head away and bite my bottom lip, hearing his deep chuckle. Mum turns to Roman and gives him a big smile.

"You can't tell me that you never fell for that face before young man."My dad says walking up behind Roman.

Feeling my face get more hot, I chase all of them out of my room and rush into my bathroom to splash cold water on my face. After doing my daily morning routine and taking a shower I walk out of my room to get ready for the last week of school. I pick out black skinny jeans with a black sports bra and a brown off the shoulder long sleeved crop top. Getting dressed I walk to my mirror and brush my hair leaving it down. I finally put on some light foundation and eyeliner with a nude lip gloss and go down stairs and grab my black lace up boots putting it on.

Making my way to the kitchen I see Roman and my other best friend Bayley Blackwood, Roman's twin, sitting at the kitchen island and eating pancakes. Making my way over I sit next to Roman and start eating my breakfast.

"Si are you excited for the last week of school? "Bayley asks.

"Hmm."I reply around a mouthful of chocolate chip pancakes, making Bayley roll her eyes and mum,dad and Roman chuckle.

Feeling Roman looking at me I turn to him and raise an eyebrow. He just smiles and me and turns back to his breakfast. I knew then that something was wrong because his smile did not reach his eyes. After breakfast we bid my mum and dad goodbye and headed off to school. In the car Bayley and I spoke about anything and everything but Roman was unusually quiet. Once we got to school Bayley and I headed to our lockers whilst Roman headed towards his own locker where his friend Seth was waiting for him.

I say bye to Bayley as she heads to her class and I head to the the library. After 15 minutes of browsing around for a book I hear giggling. Rolling my eyes I turn around to leave when I hear a voice that I that I can recognize with my eyes closed. Curious I follow the sound of the voices and what I see not only breaks my heart but it breaks me as a person. There sitting on a table in the furthest corner if the library is Jenna Wilson, and standing between her legs kissing on her neck is the person that I am secretly in love with, Roman Blackwood.

Jenna lifts her head and instantly spots me letting out a gasp and pushing Roman away. He looks at her confused before turning to look at what she was staring at. As soon as his gaze meets mine, he becomes pale and steps away from Jenna. He looks at me with eyes full of guilt and takes slow steps towards me, before me can reach me however I turn around and run as fast as I can with him shouting my name behind me.

Throwing my bedroom door open I rush into my room and lock the door behind me, falling onto my bed and sobbing. I hear my phone go off for the hundredth time but I ignore it and continue sobbing.

I wake up to the ringing of the house phone and the buzzing of my phone. Leaving my phone, I rush downstairs to answer the house phone not knowing that what I am about to hear is going to change my life forever.

"Hello?" I answer my voice scratchy from all the crying.

"Hi am I speaking to Miss Sienna Alexander." I hear from the other end.

"Yes you are speaking to her. How may I help you?" I ask.

"Miss Alexander you are speaking to Decetive Brave from the Pheonix Police Department, I'm so sorry to inform you that your parents have met with a accident and are no more."

That is the last thing I hear before everything goes black.


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