Blissful Aftermath [ROMANCE]

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November 7th 2018

For the first time in years, Audrey woke up to a warm body next to her, hugging her from behind.

Her initial thought was to panic.

Even though he was asleep, his subconscious mind must have sensed her uneasiness as his arms tightened around her and he nuzzled his face further into the nape of her neck, a breathy sigh passing his lips. His quiet breathing and rhythmic rise and fall of his chest behind her suggested that he was still asleep.

She didn’t need to lift the sheets and check to know that they were both as naked as the day they were born. Her cheeks heated as the memory of last night came back to her and she bit her bottom lip to suppress the grin that threatened to take over her entire face as her pussy tingled at the delicious reminder.

While Audrey had indulged in sex a few times after the divorce, none of which lasted more than one round and definitely not a full three rounds that she had been on the pleasurable end of last night. The only reason that they had stopped was because he had essentially fucked her to sleep. If she wasn’t so tired, she was pretty sure that Joe was rearing for one more round at the very least.

Her pussy now felt sore from the pounding that it had taken last night, but she couldn’t bring herself to regret anything about it, and most definitely not him.

When Joe stirred behind her again, he whispered against the back of his neck, sending delicious shivers down her spine with the low hum of his voice and the gentle rumble from his chest.

“How long have you been awake?”

“Just a few minutes.” She hummed and smiled when he pressed his lips to the back of her neck, lingering there. When a tired yawn sounded from him, his arms loosened around her and he turned over to lay on his back.

When she was finally released from the confinement of his arms, Audrey sat up. Suddenly feeling shy, she made sure to hold the sheet up against her chest so she wasn’t just sitting completely naked in front of him. There wasn’t really much point since he had done a lot more than just seen her naked the night before, but it made her feel slightly better knowing that she wasn’t completely bare to him, though he didn’t seem to have any issues with it as he braced his hands behind his head, the muscles of his arms bulging and more prominent with the subtle flex, and stared at her from under tired, hooded eyes.

Joe’s eyes twinkled with amusement as he gazed upon the silhouette of her breasts through the shin sheets, and she rolled her eyes. When he reached out to tug on it, she swatted his hand away and frowned.

“I need to get to work.” She whispered, not that he was physically holding her back, but there was just something about his smouldering gaze that made her want to call in sick and spend the whole day with him in bed. As pleasurable as that would be – and of that, she was sure – Audrey couldn’t bring herself to risk it.

Spending the whole night in his arms didn’t mean that she wanted to spent every night like that. They had agreed that they would pursue a friends with benefits kind of relationship, so neither of them could afford to catch feelings for each other or things would get messy. And with Audrey’s painful past, she refused to feel anything but friendly feelings towards him.

More than worry for herself, she was worried that this sort of physical relationship wouldn’t be enough for him, that it wouldn’t be long before he tried to coax out more from her, especially since he had been very vocal about the way he felt about her from the very beginning however, he was a big boy and could make his own decisions.

If she thought this was a mistake, she wasn’t going to point that out to him anymore than she already had. If he wanted to make a mistake and catch feelings for her, he would have to deal with the repercussions of that later but for now, she was willing to just relax and enjoy him.

A part of her knew that they weren’t doing the right thing, that this would all blow up in their faces eventually and they would end up regretting it, but the same part of her couldn’t wait.

She just wished it would be later rather than sooner.

“And I need to swing by the diner, but I’m sure the both of us can spare a few minutes.” His voice dropped a few octaves as his words grew husky, his eyes unwavering from her bare shoulders and the curve of her body that he had spent hours memorising last night.

When his hand crawled towards the sheet again and gripped it, she swatted at his hand and slid herself back on the bed, trying to get away from him before he tempted her into another round.

She would really be late for work then.

Before he could try anything, Audrey dropped the sheet and slipped out of bed, quickly reaching for her robe. She turned around to face him as she tied it, and her throat suddenly felt very dry as she noted the hunger in his dark, hooded eyes as he watched the whole ordeal.

Again, she held herself back from crawling back into bed with him.

Instead, she turned around and headed into the bathroom with the intention of taking a shower. Perhaps the water would cleanse her soul and mind as well as her body, and rid herself of such sinful thoughts this early on a Monday morning.

Audrey was very much aware that he was still in her bed, naked and in his birthday suit, and so she hurried to finish her shower. Once she was done, she wrapped a towel around her body and dared to step back into her bedroom, mentally curing herself for not grabbing any clothes in her mad haste.

Her eyes instantly met his, him now sitting propped up against the headboard while tapping away on his phone, though his thumbs stilled when he took in the tantalising sight of her, wet and dripping everywhere as she walked over to her wardrobe to grab some clothes for the day and the hair dryer.

When she got changed into a pencil skirt and blouse in the bathroom, she began work on taming her fiery hair. After that, she applied a light layer of makeup, mostly concealer and bronzer before she stepped out of the bathroom.

“So, did I pass the test?” Joe asked with a smirk, his eyes following her as she moved around the room.

“What test?” She asked, confused.

“I know you were testing me last night.” He said, referring to them being friends with benefits.

“You were alright.”

“Just alright?”

Audrey nodded and bit her lip to hold back the smile that threatened to take over her face.

“Practice makes perfect.” She hummed.

Joe grinned, seemingly satisfied with her response but it looked like he had something more to say. When he didn’t voice his thoughts, she hummed and reached for her laptop to put into her bag, having charged it the previous day and not used it since.

The sheet covered his lower half as he watched her rush around the room, trying to finish getting dressed and pack for the day.

“You want me to make you breakfast? I can make some eggs before you have to leave.” He suggested, hoping that she would take him up on the offer. He owned a diner, after all, so knew his way around a kitchen.

She glanced up from her purse and blinked, having been caught off guard. When his question finally dawned on her, she shook her head but smiled in thanks for the offer.

“I’m just going to grab something at work.”

When his smile remained in place but his eyes dimmed slightly, she forced herself to look away.

When she was finished and ready to leave, her heels in her hands, she glanced back at him, unsure of what to do.

Was she supposed to give him a hug or fist bump? Or was a simple see you later enough?

After the few one-night stands that she had indulged in over the previous year, she always made sure to wake up before her bed partner and sneak out of their place before they could stop her but this time was different. For one, Joe was not a one-night stand and two, they had fucked in her apartment so sneaking away just wouldn’t work.

Audrey surprised herself even when she walked over to the bed and leaned down the press a quick kiss to his mouth. Before he could respond or entrap her into getting back into bed with him, she pulled away and stared at him with wild eyes before turning around and rushing out of the room.

The whole morning at work, she felt like she was floating on water.

Audrey greeted everyone good morning with a big, beaming smile on her face and a spring in her step as she walked towards her desk. She had been nothing but pleasant during the morning daily scrum, even if it was a wretched Monday morning. She was sure to turn it down a notch when some of her co-workers sent her weird looks for being so cheery, especially since she was usually so toned down and mellow.

A small part of her was worried that she had over stepped whatever their relationship was, but she was quick to squash that thought, refusing to overthink it.

She knew Joe well enough that if he had an issue with her kissing him goodbye, he would have voiced his concerns in the moment, even if she had all but ran out of her apartment, leaving hm still very much naked and tangled up in her sheets.

When lunch time rolled around and Lucas stopped by her desk to ask if she was ready to take a break, she closed her laptop, grabbed the pasta she had prepared yesterday and smiled before following him onto the elevator.

“How was your Sunday?” Audrey asked, having spent Saturday with him and their other friends at the club.

Lucas groaned painfully at the memory. “I was hung over all day.”

She chuckled. “I sobered up pretty quick.”

“You’re lucky you don’t get hungover.” He murmured in green envy.

“I do, I just have a higher tolerance for alcohol.” She laughed. “Plus, you were throwing back drinks like they were water.”

“What can I say? I was celebrating.” He chuckled and they both stepped out when the elevator door pinged open. They walked to the canteen and quickly spotted some of their friends – Sabrina, Renee and Darius – already having started on lunch.

“What are you two talking about?”

“Saturday.” Lucas groaned and they all laughed. He had gotten so drunk that night, so much so that the lady he had been pursuing had abandoned him on the dance floor for someone who could still stand on two feet without assistance.

It was a good thing he was too drunk to remember that though because otherwise, it surely would have been an ego-bruiser.

Harley had spotted him trying to escape the dance floor and had come to his friend’s rescue, forfeiting himself from the game and taking his friend home. When he had texted pictures of a very drunk and sleepy Lucas from the back of the cab cab and then in his bed spooning his pillow on the group chat, they had all laughed.

However, as expected, Lucas struggled to find the humour in it all.

“You were so drunk.” Sabrina laughed and nudged him playfully with her shoulder.

“Well, seeing as I’m still successfully divorced, I’ll take that night as a win.”

Audrey hummed and enjoyed her pasta as Lucas continued jabbering on about how happy he was to get away from his lying, cheating and now, ex-wife.

She couldn’t help but notice how different his reaction was to hers. While Lucas couldn’t be any happier, Audrey had been absolutely heartbroken over Calvin and even, nearly a full year after having left him, she still felt like she wasn’t ready to move on.

Both his ex-wife, Tanya, and her ex-husband, Calvin, had both cheated on their partners and lied constantly. Their betrayal was very similar in so many ways, yet Lucas and Audrey both reacted very differently to their respective divorce.

Even now, nearly a year later, Audrey was still very much traumatised from the few years that she had spent with Calvin, especially the last year or so when things had completely spiralled out of control.

From the sound of things, Tanya was very manipulative and constantly lied to Lucas to get him to feel sorry for her and forgive her for the many mistakes that she had made during their marriage. That didn’t make Tanya and Calvin all that much different yet Lucas didn’t seem nearly as effected as her.

But then again, none of her friends even knew that she had been married before. It was only recently that they had learnt that she had moved out of the city to get away from an ex, but she was pretty sure that they had just assumed that she had meant ex-boyfriend and not ex-husband.

All this time, she had felt absolutely pathetic for being so hung up over a man that didn’t want her and had treated her so badly. She felt even worse when Lucas spoke about how free he was now that he was longer married to his ex, yet now, she felt like she was looking at her friend in a new light.

Glancing up from her pasta, she looked at Lucas. Really looked at Lucas.

While he told the story about how Tanya had taken the news of the divorce, his mouth was grinning yet his eyes lacked their usual shine and instead, looked rather dull and sad in comparison, not that any of the others noticed as they simply didn’t know what to look for.

Maybe he wasn’t taking it so well after all. Maybe some people were just better at hiding things.


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