Blissful Aftermath [ROMANCE]

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December 20th 2018

Just as he had promised, he had made her eat her words. Or rather, his cock.

Joe had her kneeling on the ground with his cock down her throat only moments after they had stepped foot into his apartment, his reward for having found her in the pub before she had spotted him.

She braced her hands on his thighs – his dress pants still on just unbuckled to release his throbbing boner through the gap – and hollowed out her cheeks to suck him in as far deep down her throat as she could.

A low groan passed his lips as the tip of her nose pressed into the base of his cock; the suction divine as she took him in as far as she could. When Audrey felt her gag reflex start to come in, she eased up around his member and resorted to sucking her way down it, her tongue lavishly gliding around it as she went, swirling hungrily at the taste of him.

His hand twisted around her hair as she licked at the slit on the mushroom tip before moaning at the taste of him, the sound going straight to his balls.

“Fuck my face.” She demanded him quietly, her tongue running up and down the underside of his cock, gently pumping the length of him with her hand.

“You know I can’t deny you when you say it like that.” Joe groaned loudly, the sound elongated and pronounced as she continued to mouth around him, showing no sign of defeat or letting up any time soon. Instead, she appeared adamant in granting him his well-deserved reward.

Joe threw his head back, his eyes shut tightly as he gripped her hair tightly, more than willing to follow orders.

Audrey complied eagerly and opened her mouth wider as he reared his hips back and thrust into her mouth.

It wasn’t long before he found his rhythm and his balls nudged her chin as each thrust went deeper than the one before. She gazed up at him from under her lashes, a coy look on her face as she locked eyes with him and ran a hand down her throat, moaning loudly around him as she felt his cock down her throat.

A loud grunt sounded from him at the sight and when he felt her struggle to take him any further, he thrust into her a few more times before he pulled back, allowing her to catch her breath despite how close he had had been very close to shooting his load down her throat and coating the insides of her mouth with it.

“I want you to come in my mouth this time.” Audrey moaned quietly around his cock, eager to move in and take him back into her mouth.

“Maybe another time.” He grunted but his grip on her hair did not relent despite his words of protest.

Instead of responding or accepting defeat, Audrey grinned up at him before she leaned forward and sucked him back into her mouth all the way down her throat. She held him there for as a long a she could before she began to ease up. When she felt his cock jerk in his mouth, she knew he was close and that just made him increase the suction of her mouth around his cock, eager to taste her winnings.

Her hands moved from his thigh to cup his balls, one in each hand as she massaged him to climax.

His cock twitched and jerked in her mouth, her hand gently massaging the remainder of his length as he continued to spurt down her throat.

When he finally stilled, she released him with a light pop and grinned up at him, her throat bobbing slightly as she swallowed everything that he had so graciously granted her.

When she was done, her grin widened as she opened her mouth to show him just how empty it was. A low groan sounded from him as he the spectacular sight.

Before she could get any more ideas, Joe reached down and gripped her upper arm, forcing her onto her feet and into his arms. He looped his arms around her waist and pulled her flush against his body, not even leaving a slither of space between their bodies.

“You’re so bad.” He dipped his head and whispered against her mouth, gently nipping on her lower lip.

“If you think that’s bad, then you’re in for a treat tonight.” Audrey pressed the promise against her mouth with a light giggle before she turned around and presented her back to me. “Unzip me.” She demanded, brushing her hair over her shoulder to give him better access, more than eager to get this party started.

“You don’t have to ask me twice.” He grinned and ran his hands down the sides of her curvaceous body before he settled on her hips, giving them a squeeze as he nuzzled his face into the back of her neck, loving the soft vanilla scent that wafted from her.

“Today would be great.” She teased lightly.

“Don’t rush me, lady.” He warned with a nip to the back of her neck which he then soothed with an open-mouthed kiss.

After taking his sweet time with showering her neck with kisses and running his hands up and down the front of her body, he – begrudgingly as when he had attempted to cop a feel of her shapely breasts, she had slapped at his hands and demanded he get on with it – located her zipper and began pulling it down slowly, gulping in want as he soon realised that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“I’ve been wanting to get you out of this dress all night.” Joe moaned against her neck as he hugged her back to him, one of his hands slipping under her dress and pulling the thin straps down her arms.

“You’re not the first man to say that to me tonight.”

“What?” He all but growled against the back of her neck, his fingers stilling on the zipper which now rested on the curve of her ass, while the other hand cupped her bare breast from under the dress. “I can’t say I’m all too pleased another man is trying to get my girlfriend naked. Was it Lucas?” He asked, his eyes calculating.

Audrey giggled softly and shook her head, aiding him in pushing her dress and letting it pool on the floor around her feet.

“Tell me who. I just want to have a word with him.” He murmured quietly in her ear, his words nothing short of dangerous and a clear warning.

Audrey turned around with a sly look in her eyes, dressed in nothing but red lace panties. She circled her arms around his neck and brought him down for a kiss.

“A man cornered me at the bar today, called me a pretty lady and then whispered all the dirty things he would do if I went home with him tonight.”

“Oh?” He sounded aloud, his eyes dark and clouded with lust. “And what did you tell him?”

“I told him that I’m loyal to my boyfriend and that he should leave before he got here.” She murmured against his lips, struggling to hold back her moan as she toyed with her tongue, sucking it into his mouth. “I’m starting to think I made a mistake.”

That seemed to have been the last straw for him as Joe groaned loudly before swooping down and wrapped his arms around her thighs before lifting her into the air and securing her legs around his waist.

He took big, long strides to his bedroom, his mouth crushed against hers and his hand woven deep into her hair the whole way, leaving no room to escape. Even though he knew she had only been teasing about the man at the bar – which had been him – he was still pretty riled up and knew just the way to loosen them up.

“Mistake, huh?” He murmured lowly as he dropped her on the bed, unable to look away as she bounced slightly. His fingers made quick work of the buttons on his shirt, rushing to strip himself of all his clothing to join her.

“I’ll show you just how wrong you are, lady.” He lifted his knee onto the bed and leaned over her, his fingers reaching out to tug at her panties. His fingers left a delicious trail down the inside of her leg as he removed her panties. When they were finally off, he lifted them in the air in front of him and assessed them, his eyes lingering on the bright red and growing darker in colour the longer he looked at the thin material and the dark patch in the middle where her crotch had been.

“You look absolutely ravishing in red.” He murmured quietly before he dropped them to the floor, his gaze returned to her and the way her auburn locks fanned around her head as she eagerly awaited his next move.

Audrey didn’t have time to brace herself before he dropped himself onto the bed, crawled over to her and buried himself all the way inside her with one quick, sharp thrust.

It was safe to say that neither of them got much sleep that night.

When the morning came around, Audrey almost didn’t want to leave. But she had given her word to her brother and she didn’t want to disappoint him by pulling out last minute, especially around this time of year and so close to Christmas.

Also, they still had the rest of the day to spend together before she had to leave.

“What are you cooking? It smells amazing.” Audrey nearly moaned as she stepped out of his bedroom dressed in nothing but one of his shirts, having just gotten out of the shower. As she hadn’t planned on spending the night at his apartment, she hadn’t brought any spare clothes with her so when she finally did leave, she’d have to slip back on last night’s dress.

With their lengthy late-night fun, they had slept in and now, it was past mid-afternoon so they had decided to start with lunch instead of breakfast; brunch.

While he showered, he put some salmon in the oven for them both.

“This looks amazing.” She hummed hungrily as she sat down next to him at the dining table, eyeing the salmon and vegetables on her plate.

It had been a long time since she had enjoyed a home-cooked dinner – or in this case, lunch – at a dining table, and even longer since she had sat down at a dining table with someone, not counting going out to dinner with her friends or getting lunch at work as they had never been as private and intimate as this.

Once they had finished with their food, Audrey leaned back in her seat and rubbed her stomach, absolutely satisfied with her lunch but now, she felt too tired and full to move.

“I got you something.” She admitted with a smile, turning her head to glance at him.

Joe quirked a questioning brow and glanced at her from above the rim of his glass.

“I got you something too.”

“Even though I told you not to?”

“I could say the same thing about you.” Joe chuckled and cleared the table, heading over to the sink to load the dishes into the dishwasher.

“Well, my gifts are at my apartment so want to head back there?” She asked, already heading to get changed back into her dress from the previous night so she wouldn’t have to step outside in nothing but his shirt.

Despite her best attempts to find out what he got her, Joe loaded his gift in the backseat since he didn’t want her to get to it before they reached her place and could open them together, and he drove them over to her apartment. It didn’t take long but before they could exchange gifts, she slipped into her bedroom to get dressed into something more comfortable.

He had chuckled and watched her with dark eyes when she had mentioned that to him however, she made sure to close the door before he got any more ideas. As if they hadn’t just spent more than half the night going at it like a bunch of wild animals.

Audrey left her dress in the laundry basket and changed into thin jumper and sweatpants instead, leaving her feet bare and aching slightly after having walked around in heels the previous night.

“Ready to exchange presents?” She asked him as she stepped out of her bedroom and into the living room with her three gifts for him – all wrapped neatly in matching seasonal wrapping paper – in hand.

“You got me 3 gifts? I only got you 2.” A light frown played on his lips as his eyes lingered on the presents, not at all happy that he was lacking one in quantity.

Audrey chuckled and dropped herself onto her knees on the sofa, placing the presents down on the coffee table before she turned to him, a large grin on her face.

“I’m more than happy to count last night as my third gift.”

“You really know how to stroke my ego, huh?” Joe chuckled and reached a hand up to brush through his hair.

“I stroked a bit more than that last night.” She grinned, but slapped his hand when he placed it on her thigh, her eyes darkening as he blatantly hinted at more or more specifically, a repeat of last night.

In response, Joe merely chuckled and wiggled his eyebrows at her suggestively. “Don’t tempt me, lady.”

“Let’s get started on the presents before you cave in and have your evil way with me.”

He snorted. “I didn’t see you complaining last night.”

Audrey threw her head back and laughed. Before they could actually give into temptation and jump back into bed, they got started on the presents.

While she had gotten him a personalised apron with his name and face on it, a gag-gift jumper she demanded he wear on Christmas day and a beautiful watch which once she had laid eyes on, couldn’t stop thinking about, she truly believed that his gifts were so much better than hers.

The beautiful earrings he had gotten her was so beautiful by itself but on top of that, he also got her a photo frame of a selfie he had taken of them in bed the first time they slept together. While she knew that they were both naked under the sheets, everything was covered tastefully. Her head rested on his shoulder and his arm was wound around her shoulders, his head leant towards her as he pressed a kiss to her temple. She had been smiling so wide that her eyes had shut, but there was no doubt of the pure happiness on both of their faces despite this being quite early on in their relationship.

“Audrey? What’s wrong?” He asked in concern after she had been rendered speechless for a few moments.

She placed the beautiful photo frame down on the coffee table and leaned to rest her head on his shoulder, a sad sigh escaping her, genuinely touched by both of the gifts that he had got her.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited to spend Christmas with my brother and his wife, but I just wish I could spend Christmas with you too, you know?” She hummed softly; the words of honesty quiet.

“I know it sucks that we’re not spending Christmas together, but I don’t want you to feel bad.” He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her cheek, rubbing a hand down her back soothingly. “We’ll have a lot more Christmas’ together so I just want you to enjoy your time with Isaac and Claire.” His arm tightened around her waist and he pulled her further into his body, humming softly when she nuzzled her face into the exposed skin of his chest. “And don’t let anyone or anything ruin your time with them. I just want you to enjoy yourself, okay?”

“We’ll get to spend New Year’s together.” She turned her head up and whispered against his jaw, more focused on reassuring herself than him.

“Yes, exactly.” He pressed a kiss to her forehead, his lips lingering on her skin. “I promise to call you every night.”

“And every morning?”

“Of course.” He grinned ad his face descended on hers and he claimed her lips, his teeth grazing her succulent, bottom lip. “I’m going to call you so much that by Christmas morning, you’re going to get sick of me.”

Audrey grinned and her eyes fluttered shut as her mouth parted, welcoming his tongue.

“I can’t wait.”


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