Blissful Aftermath [ROMANCE]

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December 29th 2018

Her brother had convinced her to stay another day so begrudgingly, she did.

Thankfully, Joe had been very encouraging and wished for her to spend as much time with her family before she came back, but she knew that he was dying to see her again. though she didn’t let that fact go to her head as she was pregnant and she had no doubt that he wanted to see their baby, even if it was only the size of a small seed and still resided in her womb.

Either way, she couldn’t wait to see her baby daddy.

She giggled at the thought. It had a nice ring to it.

Joseph Darcy. Baby daddy.

When she had first met Joseph Darcy, she had absolutely no idea that in just a year’s time, they would be having a baby together. Life really did have a funny way of doing things. Even if the journey was long, tiresome and disastrous, everything always seemed to work out in the end.

And that was why as soon as she had enjoyed breakfast with both Isaac and Claire, she grabbed all her stuff – having packed it all the night before when she couldn’t sleep with anticipation – and got off the road, but not before forcing them both to promise that they visit the first weekend after New Year’s.

She was excited for Joe to officially meet her family, even if technically, Joe and Isaac had already met. Though that had been under less than pleasant circumstances so she was hoping for a do-over.

When Joe had called her that morning, she had purposely told him that she planned to stay another day. The disappointment in his voice had been clear and while she felt bad, he wished that she would enjoy her time and after they spoke for a little longer, he promised he would call later in the evening.

By the time she pulled up and parked her car behind his apartment building, she was bouncing on the balls of her feet with both glee and excitement, having missed him so much over this past week.

Audrey abandoned her belongings in the car and locked it before she jogged towards the front of his building. She would have taken the stairs when the elevator took too long to reach the ground floor, but she doubted she would be able to make it up eight flights of stairs without breaking a sweat. That, and she also feared tripping over either the stairs or her own feet with how nervous and excited she was.

When she did finally reach his floor, she knocked sharply and stood back with a wide grin that he was met with when he finally opened the door.

“Audrey?” A large smile graced his face when his eyes settled on her, but she couldn’t bring herself to look away from his bare chest as he wore nothing but a pair of loose sweatpants. With the way they were hanging loose on his hips, she couldn’t help but wonder if he was wearing any boxers.

She had both the means and motive to find out – and it would be relatively easy to take a step forward, reach out and slide her hand past the waistband – but she refrained herself. They had more pressing matters they needed to address first. The biggest and most important being the result of one of the many times she had reached out and tempted him.

Before she could act on her devilish thoughts, Joe grinned and pulled her into his arms and closed the door before his arms wound tightly around her, refusing to let her go.

In his arms, she felt like she was at home, where she belonged.

“Excited to see me?”

“Very.” He grinned into her ear, pressing his hands against her back to push her further into him. “I thought you weren’t going to come back until tomorrow.”

Audrey pressed her face into the crook of his neck and inhaled his scent, having missed it so much in the days that she had been away from him.

“I wanted to surprise you.”

He chuckled and rubbed a soothing hand down her back, his hand coming to stop on the curve of her plump ass.

“Well, you definitely did.”

“Come on.” He smiled down at her and ran his hands down her body one more time before clutching both her hands in his, pulling her toward the direction of his kitchen. “Have you had breakfast yet?”

She nodded. “Just before I left.”

“Are you hungry?” He asked and glanced at the clock on the wall. It had just turned twelve.

“No.” She shook her head. “But I could do with some sugar.”

Joe chuckled and headed over to his cupboards where he stored her favourite brand of chocolate chip cookies.

“Perfect.” She hummed with a smile and headed over to his fridge where she poured herself a glass of milk. When she noticed his lingering eyes, she poured him a glass too and carried them over to the living room while he followed behind with a plate of cookies.

Audrey placed the glasses down on the coffee table but before she could take a seat on the sofa, he slid onto it under her and grabbed her waist, pulling her down onto his lap instead.

When she narrowed her eyes at him from over her shoulder, he grinned and allowed his hands to wonder over her stomach, pressing down on it softly once she relaxed in his embrace and shifted around to lean her head on his shoulder.

“I called and made an appointment with the doctor.” She informed him quietly, nibbling on a cookie. He didn’t seem to mind that she was getting crumbs all over his lap, so she continued happily, already reaching for another one. “Do you want to come with me?”

“Name me the time and place and I’ll be there.” He smiled, using his hand to lift her shirt so he could caress her stomach. “You don’t look pregnant.” He hummed, his eyes lingering on her middle.

She laughed softly and finished her cookie, licking the crumbs off her fingers.

“I don’t feel pregnant either, other than the morning sickness.”

Before she could reach for another one, he grabbed the plate and placed it down on the sofa next to him for easier access, and dropped another one into her hand.

Joe reached up and brushed the hair away from her face so he could get a better look at her.

“Is it really bad?”

“The morning sickness?”

He nodded, watching her closely for any signs of discomfort.

She shook her head and bit into her cookie. “Not really. I don’t even throw up every morning so I guess I’m lucky.”

Joe chuckled quietly and leaned in to press a kiss to her forehead.

“I still can’t believe I’m pregnant.” She sighed and finished off the treat. Before he could give her another one, she looped an arm around his neck and dragged his face closer to hers until their breaths mixed together and her lips brushed against his as she spoke.

“You know, that makes you my baby daddy.”

Joe hummed and his eyes darkened but he didn’t react, almost as if he was holding himself back, waiting for her to continue.

That made her frown.

“What’s wrong?” She asked and when he didn’t answer, she sent him a pointed look, hoping that he would share his thoughts with her.

“Are you disappointed you’re having my baby?” He asked quietly, his nerves clear, not that he tried hiding them.

“Why would you ask such a thing?” Her fingers curled into his hair as she pulled his face closer and pressed a sweet kiss to the corner of his lips, her mouth lingering there as she patiently awaited his response, silently encouraging him to continue.

“I know this isn’t exactly how you pictured your life would be like.”

“I didn’t expect to find myself married and divorced before the age of twenty-five either.” Audrey murmured quietly, her lips twitching up at the corners.

When he refused to look at her, she tugged on his hair gently to grab his attention. When his gaze finally returned to hers, she continued.

“Over the past year, I’ve learnt that there are very few things that we can control in life or foresee, even. Love is one of them. Pregnancy is another.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that you’re right. I never planned to have a baby this early with someone new and I know that before last month, we hadn’t seen in each other in a year but I don’t care, Joe. I’m having your baby and while I was shocked and acted out at first, I couldn’t be happier right now.”

“Really?” He asked, his eyes lighting up slightly.

“Really. What’s done is done and there’s nothing that we can do to change that, but I’m so excited for this baby.” She nodded and pressed a kiss to his forehead, her hand caressing his cheek. “I’m even more excited to be having a baby with you.”

“I’m excited, too.” He finally grinned, his eyes sparkling now.

Audrey laughed softly and pressed her face into his chest.

Before he could dip his head to steal a kiss, she pressed her fingers against his mouth as she still had a few more things she needed to get off her chest.

“I know we’ve only been dating for a month, but I wouldn’t change anything about our relationship. Everyone might say that we’re rushing into things with this baby, but I don’t care. I know that we can do this.” She murmured quietly, relieved that whatever she was feeling, she saw mirrored in his grey orbs. “I wouldn’t change a single thing about us and I know that things won’t be easy all the time and knowing us, we’re going to hit a lot of bumps in the road along the way, but I also know it’s all going to worth it in the end. So, I need to know, are you with me?”

“I’m with you every step of the way, lady.” He hummed and pressed his lips to the crown of her head, lingering there as he hummed quietly. “Always and forever.”

When she shifted on his lap but his arms around her refused to move, she frowned.

“Let go, Joe.”

“That rhymes.” He murmured quietly and they both remembered saying the exact same thing last year as a wave of nostalgia washed over them.

Oh, how things had changed so drastically in only a year.

Audrey huffed and he released his grip on her. He had expected her to leave his arms but instead, she looped them around his neck and positioned herself so she was now straddling him.

When he gazed at her with a surprised look in his eyes, she smiled softly and pressed her front against his body, her fingers twirling around the hair at the nape of his neck, tugging gently.

“I love you, Joseph Darcy.” She leaned in and whispered against his lips, needing him to understand the nature of her love and affection for him. They had travelled a rocky road so far but she hoped for a brighter future for themselves, but that required no doubt and complete trust in each other.

Professing her love for him verbally just wasn’t enough. She needed him to know with his very essence, his entire being that she was absolutely bewitched by him; utterly and completely in love with him.

A strained groaned passed him before he swooped down and captured her lips in a slow, sweet kiss. When she opened her mouth to him and caressed his face with her hands, stroking his cheeks with the pad of her thumbs, she parted her mouth. Almost immediately, his tongue stroked hers and when the taste of her became overwhelmingly unbearable, he resorted to gently sucking it into his mouth.

When he pulled back, he brushed a stray curl away from her face and tipped her chin up to place another kiss to her mouth, this one shorter and more chaste than the first, yet her toes still curled and she moaned into his mouth, drunk on the taste of him.

Seeing as she wouldn’t be able to drink for the most part of the next year or so, he would just have to feed her addiction.

When their lungs started to burn and they both panted heavily, Joe pulled away from her mouth but his lips did not leave her skin. Instead, he peppered kisses all over her face. Her forehead, eyes, nose and cheek before he returned to her mouth and finally declared to her the violent nature of his love and affections.

“I love you, too, pretty lady.”


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