Blissful Aftermath [ROMANCE]

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December 31st 2018

In true Darius fashion, he had pulled out all the stops and his New Year’s party was absolutely wild. Since his apartment on the top floor had filled up to maximum capacity, the party had spilled over onto the roof above and Audrey joined them as she walked up the stairs and through the fire escape.

Joe had been working at the diner so he had called her earlier to say that he would be arriving slightly later than initially anticipated, but would definitely be in time to welcome the New Year with her. She had no doubt that he would, but just in case, she was ready to leave at any moment.

As long as she got to kiss him as soon as the clock struck midnight, she didn’t care where they were.

Darius had texted her earlier that their group had moved up to the roof so once she got there, she glanced around and worked her way through the crowd, looking for her friends.

When her eyes landed on two familiar people who made an unfamiliar, yet not completely unwelcomed couple, her lips twisted up into a large smile as she approached them, genuinely happy for the both of them.

“How are you two love birds doing?” Audrey asked with a teasing smile, her eyes glancing between both Lucas and Sabrina whom were holding hands and sending lingering looks towards each other when they thought no one was looking.

Sweet, puppy love.

A laugh sounded behind her and Tobias clapped a hand on her shoulder, a chuckle sounding from Sapphire whom had her head rested on his shoulder.

“Lucas was telling us how you played Cupid.” He hummed, a knowing glint in his eyes.

“It appears so.” Audrey grinned proudly, her eyes lingering on her two friends. “But I can’t take credit for everything. Sabrina was the one who had been pining over Lucas for a year now. I merely pointed him in the right direction.”

Sabrina’s face heated and she looked away, but she didn’t let go of Lucas’ hand. When he leaned in and pressed a kiss to her forehead, a round of coos and chuckles sounded from their group of friends, already fond of the new couple.

“Can I get you a drink, Audrey?” Harley asked with a grin, his arm wound around his new flavour of the month. Except this one was lucky enough to be able to bring in the New Year with him.

When she shook her head, all her friends turned to stare at her with weird look in their faces. She didn’t blame them. It wasn’t like Audrey to turn down a drink, especially at a party as great as this one. Actually, this was the first time that she had turned down a drink, so she understood why they were curious.

Just that thought alone brought on a huge grin on her face.

“Is everything okay?” Sabrina asked, her eyebrows furrowed together as she watched her friend suspiciously.

Out of all of them, it appeared as if she was the only one who seemed to understand what was going on; either that, or she was just the first one to catch on. When her grin merely grew larger in size, now taking up most of her face, Sabrina’s eyes widened and her eyes zeroed in on her stomach where she pressed her hand subtly and upon instinct.

Sabrina’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened, seemingly shocked with what she had just realised.

In her state of shock, Darius beat her to it.

“You’re pregnant!” He announced, not at all concerned with keeping his voice down. It was his party after all.

Audrey laughed and nodded her head frantically, relieved that she wasn’t keep this a secret from them.

The old Audrey would have worried what these people – her friends – would think of, and she would fear being on the receiving end of their judgement but this new and improved Audrey was confident that her friends would be supportive and present every step of the way, just as they had been for the past year when they accepted not knowing a thing of her secretive past.

As soon as she got them all together again after the party, she would tell them everything. From now on, there wouldn’t be any more secrets between them.

Just as she had hoped and predicted, they all chimed in with excitement and glee before taking turns to feel her stomach. She had mentioned that she was probably only a few weeks along but that didn’t stop them. As weird as it was to have a line of people waiting to feel her stomach, she couldn’t help but revel in the feeling of it all.

Not once did any of them berate her for not being careful or ask her how she was going to handle things. They were ever so supportive and she couldn’t be happier with their reactions. It was then that Audrey realised she had gone through life calling people friends, yet not a single one of them held even a candle light up to all these people around her, genuinely happy and congratulating her for her good news.

These people were not just her friends but rather, they were family.

When her phone rang, she momentarily excused herself and walked over to a quiet corner of the roof to pick up the call, having already guessed who it was.

“Babe, where are you?” She answered, not even glancing down at the caller ID, still craning her neck to glance around the rooftop in search of him.

Instead of answering, all she heard was quiet breathing on the other end and before she could call out for him again in question, a set of muscular arms wrapped around her middle and pulled her back flush against their front.

Audrey would have screamed if she didn’t recognise him and instead, she turned off her phone and turned around in his arms, a wide grin on her face, an endearing look taking over her face.

And just in time too as there was only a few minutes left before it was midnight.

“I was starting to think that you weren’t going to come.” She murmured quietly, her hands sliding up his shirt to tug at the collar.

“And miss kissing you?” He questioned with a teasing smile. “I don’t think so.”

She smoothed a hand down his dress shirt and glanced down at his attire, very fond of the way the shirt stretched over his chest.

“You look really handsome.” Audrey hummed quietly before looking up at him again, her eyes misty with love and desire.

“And you’re glowing.”

“Thanks to you.” She murmured quietly and nuzzled her face further into his chest. His chest vibrated as he chuckled, having caught onto her joke about her glowing because he had gotten her pregnant.

When the countdown began, Joe grinned down at her and as the numbers reduced, his mouth descended down on hers until finally, his lips brushed against hers in a soft caress which promised much more to come.

“Happy New Year!” He mumbled against her mouth before gently sucking on her bottom lip, his arms wound tightly around her, refusing to let up or let go any time soon, not that she would want him to.

“Happy New Year.” Audrey grinned back at him and cupped his face, bringing him down for another kiss.

Oh, how different this New Year’s had begun in comparison to the last. Last year, she had been crying her eyes out at midnight as Calvin had posted a story of him kissing some girl at midnight. She was sat in her sweats on her mattress on the floor, working her way through her second tub of ice cream and this year, she was in the arms of the love of her life, his hands gently caressing her stomach where their child resided.

She couldn’t wait to spend the rest of her life with him.


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