Blissful Aftermath [ROMANCE]

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August 21st 2020

Again? She couldn’t help but think to herself as she eyed the little stick in her hands, unable to tear her eyes away from it, both disbelief and excitement washing over her.

Well, that explained all her cravings as of late, not to mention her increased libido in the bedroom, not that either one of them could complain about that.

A smile graced her lips and she shook her head as placed the cap back on it before proceeding to wash her hands. Sure, it was soon and they would have to push back a lot of things they had planned however, she wouldn’t change a single thing about her life.

Stepping out of the bathroom, she headed into the bathroom and changed out of her skirt and blouse which she had donned for the office early that morning, for some pyjama pants and one of Joe’s shirts which absolutely swamped her, but she didn’t care.

Comfort was key and right now, after having learnt such big news, comfort was all she desired.

Audrey had felt poorly all day and when it didn’t get better, she left an hour early and headed home, but intuition got the better of her and she had made sure to swing by the drug store, and what a good idea that had been, especially since this sickly feeling had been following her around for the better half of the past two weeks.

Since her two men were not back yet, she decided to get an early start on dinner even if she wasn’t the designated chef of the house. Some steamed vegetables and chicken strips for her little man, and grilled chicken breast with an assortment of vegetables for herself and Joe.

Their little Jaden had turned one just last month and he loved going into work with his dad every day, even when Audrey was working from home. As much as it she pretended it bothered her, she loved her son’s wholesome and pure relationship with his father.

When she was just about done with dinner, only about five minutes left on the timer, the door to their apartment opened and both the Darcy men walked in.

When the father-son duo finally arrived home after a long day at work, Jaden holding his Joe’s hand and walking ahead, giving off the illusion that he was dragging his father behind him, she couldn’t help but throw her head back and laugh.

While Joe and Audrey liked to believe that they were pretty calm and mellow in nature, their son was the complete opposite. He was so cheerful and full of life and energy, always stealing everyone’s attention whenever he walked into a room.

“Mama.” Jaden called out for immediately when he spotted her behind the stove.

“Oh, my little boy.” Audrey wiped her hands on a dish cloth before rushing towards him and lifting him into the air.

Her son may be a daddy’s boy, but there was no doubt who his mother was as he looked just like her, especially with his auburn curls atop his head, unruly and impossible to tame, just like hers.

“I missed you so much.” She grinned and smothered his face in kisses, her heart soaring at his little giggles and chubby hands which pulled on her hair. She normally scolded him for pulling on her hair – especially since he seemed to have started doing it more when she asked him to stop – but she hadn’t seen him all day.

Audrey pressed another kiss to his cheek and cradled her baby against her chest, suddenly feeling so calm and serene now that he was back in her arms.

Even though he was already one, he still wasn’t completely weaned off her breast milk yet. As much as she tried to feed him both from her breast and formula milk, her son preferred the real thing over the artificial nipple and seeing as he often spent the day with his father, she couldn’t help but worry that he would become fussy when Joe would give him a bottle before his afternoon nap.

On more than one occasion, Audrey had rushed over to Darcy’s Diner during her lunch break to give him a feed. The fact that she got a delicious meal out of it from her fiancé and baby daddy was just an added bonus.

“I’m starting to feel left out here.”

Audrey glanced up and laughed as her eyes settled on Joe, the love of her life. She hummed and pressed another kiss to her son’s chubby cheeks before walking into her fiancé’s awaiting arms. Her eyes closed and she released a sigh of relief as she felt herself melt into him. Her head laid on his chest as their son remained in his arms, his attention now turned to the necklace around her neck, blabbering quietly to himself.

“How was he today?” She glanced up and asked Joe. “Did he have his milk before his nap?”

“He only drank about half of it.” He said and sighed, his arms tightening around his little family. “But he slept fine.” He was quick to add in hopes of easing her worries.

It didn’t help.

Audrey frowned and glanced down at her son, but he was no preoccupied with the buttons on his father’s shirt now due to his short attention span.

She laughed softly and slipped out of her lover’s arms before retreating back to the kitchen. She placed Jaden down on his high chair before plating up his dinner. They soon followed and once they were done, she gave their son a bath while Joe cleaned up.

When he was finished with the dishes and the small mess that Jaden had made on the floor by playing with his food, he headed towards what used to be the guest bedroom which they had now turned into a nursery.

He leaned against the doorframe and watched as Audrey nursed their son who was more than eager to drink from her, having been unsatisfied with the bottle earlier that day.

“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to come in?”

Joe chuckled quietly before he walked into the room, immediately dropping himself by Audrey’s feet and rested his head on her knees, his hand reaching out for his son’s. He played with his fingers and when Jaden had finally fallen asleep, he lifted his son from her arms and put him down in his cot, gently tucking him in.

Audrey and Joe watched over their son asleep for a few minutes before they quietly let themselves out of the room, careful not to wake him. He was usually quite good with not waking up during the night however, they dared not risk it by waking him, especially by accident.

Once they settled into their bed, Joe handed her a glass of wine and reached for the remote, ready to flick through Netflix but not really watch anything as what ended up happening most nights.

She chuckled awkwardly and placed it down on the bedside cabinet. She didn’t drink much as it was because she was still breast-feeding Jaden but now, she would need to cut it out completely at least for the next year or so.

“You don’t like that one?” He asked curiously. “I think we have a different bottle in the fridge. You in the mood for red?”

Before he could get up to get her something different to drink, she reached out and placed her hand on his bicep. His sexy, muscly bicep.

She shook her head quickly.

Now was not the time for those types of thoughts. Those types of thoughts were the reason why she was in this position. For the second time in two years, too.

Naturally, she blamed him but she couldn’t bring herself to complain. Instead, she was very excited and her gut feeling told her he would too.

“There’s nothing wrong with the wine.” Audrey murmured quietly, her lips turning up at the corners into a small smile, albeit a tiny bit nervous.

“Then what is it?” He asked and reached over to place his glass of wine on his bedside cabinet, sensing that she wanted to talk about something. “Is everything okay?”

Audrey grinned and instead of answering him, she reached out to her bedside cabinet and pulled open the top drawer where she had hidden the stick earlier.

He glanced over her shoulder curiously, trying to see what she held in her hand. All was revealed when she moved her fingers and held it up in front of her and in his line of sight.

Joe’s eyes zeroed in on the two lines on the pregnancy test.

“Again?” He asked excitedly, still looking at the test with a wide grin on his face. “You’re pregnant again?”

She nodded and quickly placed the test back on the bedside table a second before he leaped at her and wrapped his arms around her tightly, pulling her into his chest.

“You’re pregnant?” He asked again, almost as if he couldn’t believe it.

Audrey couldn’t barely get her response out as she laughed and looped her arms around his neck when he tilted her chin up to seal her mouth with his.

“I can’t believe you’re pregnant.” He murmured against her mouth between kisses, toying with her tongue before sucking her bottom lip into his mouth. “Again.” He smiled so wide that they had to break the kiss, resorting to small pecks as the information settled in.

Joe lifted her shirt and splayed his hand against her stomach, caressing their second child that she was now carrying.

“How far along are you?” He asked quietly, pressing the words into her ear as he nuzzled his face in her neck, a content sigh passing his lips.

“I’m not sure. I haven’t made an appointment with the doctor. I only took the test today.” She explained. “At least five weeks I would say.” Her voice trailed off, wondering when her last period had been.

“We should make one tomorrow.”

She threw her head back and laughed at how eager he was, not that she had expected anything different from him. Joe had mentioned several times that he wanted a handful of kids, but what they hadn’t expected was that it would happen so soon.

But it wasn’t like Audrey and Joe to wait for things to happen to them, as they had quickly learnt.

“We’re going to need a bigger place, especially since we’re planning on having many more children.”

“We are?” She grinned and cocked a questioning brow. “That’s news to me.”

Joe chuckled and lay on his back, curling an around her waist before pulling her to lay on his chest; where she belonged.

“If we keep this up, we’ll have five kids by your thirtieth birthday.”

She snorted. “That’s not happening. My vagina needs a break.”

He chuckled and the vibrations of his chest rumbled deliciously underneath her as he ran a hand down her back, his hand having slipped under her shirt.

“That’s what you said last time too.”

She groaned loudly and buried her face in his chest.

“What do you want to do about the wedding?”

Audrey lifted her face and rested her chin against his chest, her eyes locking with his.

“We either get married sooner, or we put it off till next year.” She frowned, not really sure what to make of the decision. On one hand, they had already sent out the invites for their December wedding but on the other hand, she didn’t want to wait that long anymore.

“It’s completely up to you.” He hummed quietly and brushed the hair away from her eyes. Either way, he ended up married to her and he wanted nothing more than that; an eternity with Audrey being the ultimate goal.

But if she wanted to get married as soon as possible, who was he to deny his beautiful fiancé her wishes?

“I feel like, if we keep putting it off, we’re just going to making up excuses and before we know it, Jaden’s going to get married before us.” A small frown played on her lips as she thought over her words, growing concerned.

Joe laughed whole-heartedly and ran a hand down his face, struggling to hold up his composure when she was like this.

“That’s a bit dramatic but I see what you mean.” He chuckled happily, his eyes twinkling at the prospect of marrying the love of her life sooner than he had initially hoped to.

Originally, they had planned to get married towards the end of December however, seeing as she had missed her last period and they suspected she was already over five or six weeks pregnant, she would be about five months pregnant by December. Since Audrey was determined in actually being able to fit into her wedding dress, the sooner the better.

“How do you feel about getting married in a courthouse? Possible sometime in the next few weeks?” She asked thoughtfully, a slow smile taking over her face when she spotted the agreeance in his eyes.

“I don’t care where we get married as long as we do.” His hand still gently stroking her back. “As long as we end up together in the end, nothing else matters.”

It was a good thing that they hadn’t planned too much for the wedding so far, but they probably wouldn’t get their deposit back on the venue they had book months ago when he had proposed however, neither of them seemed too bothered by that.

“So, we’re doing this?”

He grinned and pulled her down for a kiss.

“You bet we are, pretty lady.”


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