The Cartel leader's Daughter

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the Daughter of a cartel leader what can go wrong. follow Victora on her journey of love trying and mystery as she finds her way.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *BEEEEEEEEEEEP*

Ok I am up. Why do I have to hear that every signal morning?”

“I guess I will just go take a long shower.”

*15 minutes later*

Well, I guess I should tell you about myself. I am Victoria-Cristina Sullivan. Yes, the one and only 😉. I am one of five kids with me being the youngest and the only girl. I have four older brothers by the names of Christian Alejandro Sullivan JR. who is the oldest at the age 22 and let me tell you he is the cockiest of all of them.

Then comes Carlos Rodrigo Sullivan he is 21 he is my best friend. Then comes Cruz Alexander Sullivan 20 and the wildest of all my brothers but no one beet my wild ness. And last but not least of the boys is Cristofer Alvars Sullivan 19 and let me just say he is the pain in the butt in this house (next to me of course).

And then me Victoria-Christina Sullivan 18 and the wild child but as I look at myself in the mirror, I see a beautiful and strong girl staring back at me. With long black curly hair from my dad and a height of 5’4, tan skin from my mom with freckles just on my nose a cheeks. Pink plumb lips my aunt says it is form her, but I know it is not 😉.
“Victoria can you please come down you have school in one hour.”

And there goes Christian.

“Fine just let me get out my outfit.”

And with that I got out black skinny jeans with a long purple long sleeve shirt with black Kneehigh boots. When it comes to picking out my outfits I always look like a queen. *Flips hair* Yes, I am so dramatic.

“Well, if it ant’ the queen of sleep. She is up my friends.”

“Yes, I am up and the world has not fallen yet so I think were good my dear brother. By the way were is Carlos?”

“Bye see you later Mia. Hola mi her…” *Goes in for a hug*

Don’t even try. I do not need one night fucking shit on me.”

Look I love my brothers so much but I don’t sleep around but them thank god they don’t have any STDs.

“Fine but I see a man coming out for your room I swear…”

“I know I know look I have to get to school ok love you all bye.”

Well what can I say this is how we are.

*End of chapter 1*
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