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Chapter 4 Part 2

In the assemblage:

The honored guests gave their speeches. The ceremony began with the awards. Now and then, I found Sam stealing furtive glances at me.

After the win, the banquet got served with the sound of music.

When the banquet ended, the floor cleared for dancing, and music filled the evening.

One by one, couples came in on the dance floor, dancing to the slow dance as the orchestra played.

I was at the bar and saw the bimbos surrounded Sam. They were all laughing, probably some joke he made, one of them was stroking his arms; more than anything, it amused him. Sam made them all very interested in him. Just then, a third skank joined for entertainment.

“Typical,” I scoffed and took a swig of my drink.

“I think you need another drink.” A tall man said, with a wicked smile, holding two glasses of drinks in his hand.

“No, thanks,” I ignored the tall man.

“Your ex, I’m guessing.” He was still talking.

I saw Sam, still engaged with those girls. They all were so close to him, giggling and touching him—touching the man who just kissed me earlier and said he likes me. I felt my heart tightened at the sight of them, making me I groaned and took the damn drink off his hand, undesirably permitting him to sit next to me.

I took a swig of it, and it burned my throat. “Hell, what is this drink?”

“Bruichladdich.” He said.

“I don’t know what you just said, but that was very strong.” The sting from that drink was still burning down to my stomach.

“Here, you can have mine too.” He forwards his glass to me.

I glance at Sam. He was still crowded.

“Sure, why not?” I accepted and poured it in my throat. This time I like the damn burn.

“Woh! my kinda girl.” He said and placed his hand on my thigh. I immediately felt uncomfortable. I wanted to end before he could get more advantage of me.

“Thanks for the drink..” I didn’t even want to know his name.

“Oh, come on, we are just getting warmed up.” His hand went up a little higher.

“No, I think I want to go now,” I spoke with a firm tone of voice and stood up.

“Woh.” I staggered back a little. I got a head rush from getting up too fast.

“Okay, let’s go. I have a room here.” He stood and put his hand on my small back, actually a little lower--over my ass.

“Don’t touch me,” I snarled at him.

“Alright, pal,” Sam set his open palm on the man’s chest. The fingers were so widely spread on him. Sam was aggressive that the man got scared away.

Sam looked at me, and he looked pissed.

“Let’s go. Now.” Sam caught my hand. His pull was stubborn, and his grip was so angry, the ring on my finger dug ached my bone.

“What are you doing? I was handling him myself.” I told him. His grip got tight now.

He dominated me. His stride was so hurried we were already outside. He threw something at the valet person.

“I can take care of myself, Sam. I’m a big girl.” I wiggled my hand out of his control.

“That fucker was getting you drunk, and you were the one encouraging him to do so.” He was right, already proving he was watching over me. Bravo, I must say.

“You were the one—”

“Your car, sir.” The valet person interrupted me. Sam thanked him and gave him a tip.

“Get in.” He said with frustration. I didn’t move a muscle. I, too, was furious at him.

“You’re drunk, and you need to go home—now?” He demanded and swung open the door of his white open hood Bentley.

“No, I don’t want to go home.” I cross my hands over my chest.

Sam tossed my purse on the back seat covered in red leather.

‘When did he get my purse? Strange, how I failed to take a single notice of his other hand this whole time.’

“Get in the car, Jess,” he said sternly.

“No. I’m not.” I countered, apparently holding my ground.

“Don’t test me, Jess, or else?” He made a threat.

“I’m not scared of you.” ‘O, but I was.’

“I won’t give a shit who’s watching? I’ll shove you inside that car if I have to.” He was getting furious.

“You wouldn’t dare.” Shit, why did I’ve to challenge him?

He scoffed. “Fine, you asked for it.” He charged towards me.

‘Fuck! he wasn’t kidding.’

“Okay...okay.” I groaned and then got inside the car. Sam raked his hair with frustration.

I can’t believe he could boss me around like this. I mean, he was my boss technically but not literally. ‘I think I’m drunk.’

He came around the car and took his seat.

“You should put your seatbelt on.” He reminded me.

I was still mad at him for treating me like I was a child, but I still need to buckle my seatbelt, so I went to pull, but it was tight. I gave one more try, yet, it was stuck.

My rush of anger and frustration matched. I yanked at the belt, but it was stubborn. He saw me exercise with failure.

“Let me help you,” he said and angled towards me.

He extended his arm and pulled the belt, but his forearm grazed against my boobs. I inhaled on the contact—and exhaled the hot air on his neck; he closed his eyes briefly; he was trying his hardest to stay in control. I could sense it. Then gently, he stretched the belt with ease and connected to the clip.


The ride was silent; I didn’t make any conversation from the streaming annoyance for fifteen minutes.

“I didn’t mean to upset you, Jessica.” He said, breaking the silence.

“I could have handled him,” I repeated the words yet again from before.

“His hand was on your...” he paused, “he was touching you, and I didn’t like that at all.” His jaw tightened. I scoffed.

“And what about you? You were surrounded by all those dumb girls, touching you, giggling at your silly jokes.”

“So you were watching me?” He smiled smugly.

“I... No. I.. you’re blocking my view, from the window behind you.” I lied.

He smiled broadly, “Jess; there was no window or view behind me.”

Sam burst out into laughter. I stared in shock, watching as he leaned back against his seat and continued to laugh.

“Oh, shut up,” I grumbled under my breath and turned my face to the window to cover my humiliation.

Silence fell over us for the second time.

“This route doesn’t go home? Where are we going?” I asked.

Sam steer the wheel, making a sharp turn—and ingress inside the garage of a building.

“You said you don’t want to go home, so I brought you here... to my house.” He parked the car and cut the engine off.

“You live here?” I free myself from the seatbelt.

“Always,” he replied, unfastened his seat belt, and he got out of the car and held the car door open for me.

An evening with a man who said he likes her breaks her heart, yet she was going with him.

I don’t know what was going on with me lately, but I was drifting with the wind, winding unpredictable like the river as it flowed, to see what sort of mysterious things this man had me so tangled in.

Sam removed a small black fob and waived at the device on the door frame, and the elevator door opened slowly.

“After you.” He gestured.

The elevator car whisked us high, and the door opened up to a large foyer, which leads to a living space area. It was semi-dark, cold, quiet, adding an eerie feel to this luxury place.

I followed him into his dwelling, which I immediately realized was the penthouse. And the one-eighty degrees view, behind the glass wall, the scene of the city so uncanny.

The blue glow of a swimming pool on the terrace, releasing the steamy vapors in the cold. It was enhancing.

‘Wow! It was so beautiful.’ I got goosebumps all over my arms.

“Are you cold?” Sam asked; he was already out of his suit jacket. He pressed a button on the remote control, making the fireplace come alive.

“Can I interest you with anything?” He opened his bow tie and undid his shirt collar and more of his shirt buttons.

‘Why is he getting naked?’

“Jess, are you feeling okay? Do you need to lie down? Let me show you my bedroom.” He took a step forward. His presence became an ominous threat.

“Why did you bring me here, Sam?” I took a step back and did not spare another thought, “If you think something is going to happen between us tonite, then you’re wrong?” I said suspiciously.


“I trusted you...Sam, and you--I can’t believe you’d think of me so cheap?”

Sam looked at me with a mixture of confusion and shock, but he remained quiet.

Every instinct became focused, became disgraced.

“I want to leave. Now.” I demanded and advanced towards the door.

Sam grasped my hand, “No, you stay. I’ll leave.” He said and turned on his heel and stormed to the far side of the living room to the direction where we came in. He left me confused and alone in his own home.

“What just happened?”

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