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Chapter 4 Part 3

After he left, my brain finally processed the situation, and his action emphasized his clean deed. He didn't plan this, and it seemed hardly his fault; his intentions had been right, or at least not wrong.

"O. God. What did I do?" I sat depleted on the sofa.

I gazed immensely at the ceiling, feeling guilty for hurting his feelings, based on my hasty judgment, before considering all the facts.

I sank low.

Then I glanced around, taking in my surroundings of his house—the arts on the wall, the modern furniture, the long windows. The luxury penthouse was picture-perfect, like something that would be in a movie. I turned my attention to the pool and made my way to the terrace.

I took my heels off, set them on the side of the pool, gathered my dress in a ball from the hem, scrunched high, and sat down and dipped my aching feet in the warm water. The relaxation released distress from my legs; however, I was suffering from guiltiness.

I laid back on the surface--on the ground; the stony cold bit at my naked back.

I gazed upon the starry sky.

The aftermath of this event left me full of regrets. My foolish mistakes. The blame, the doubts. All these thoughts were swirling in my mind. However, the best I could do now was not to leave until seeing Sam and apologizing to him. The last experience had me on edge, and I was still down in the dumps about it.

Eventually, I got up; the cold chilled my bones, and my skin was numb from the coldness. I collected my shoes and went inside the house. The dress felt unbearable, and I desperately wanted to get out of it and to be in something very comfortable. I walked further inside the house and discovered Sam's bedroom. I stopped and stared at the bed.

'How many tales have been slumbered here?' If only it could talk. I shook my thoughts from my head.

Moving on, I went up to his bathroom, which was conventionally attached to the closet. I took off my form-fitting dress and looked around for something comfortable.

"Perfect," I said to myself, finding his sweatshirt, boxer, and a pair of socks.

Then I headed to the bathroom. The countertop had accessorized with masculine lotions, cologne, and potions. I searched the counter drawers and found a spare new toothbrush. I cleaned my makeup off, removed the set of mink eyelashes and covered in a tissue, and set aside.

Once I finished, I moved to the living room. I glanced at the clock and noticed it read eleven. I restlessly sat on the couch, scrolling through my phone.

To stay awake--waiting for Sam to return. I stayed for as long as I could, so I decided to watch some tv.


I sense of being carried, and in motion, the musky cologne made me aware of Sam. He'd held me in his strong arms. I smiled weakly and snuggled into his warm embrace, taking in his scent.

"Where did you go? I was so worried," my voice was lazy from the sleep. I grasp his shoulder for support.

He clutched me in even close, then I was put gently on the bed, tucked under the cover, my eyes shut, into a blissful sleep.


Bright sunlight hit my eye, made me squint, and made me aware that morning had come. My memory of going into bed last night was hazy, suddenly gaining my consciousness from the sleep, a mere existence spread out before my eyes. I found myself resting on Sam's shoulder; one leg bent over him. I felt awkward with my body lying half over him and a half on the bed. But at the same time--How cozy I felt under the covers with him.

My eyes went wide when I realized my palm was on his heart—under his shirt, and his hand was resting flat against mine. He was holding on to it as he didn't want to let go.

'What does this mean?'

I think I knew what it meant but still refused to let myself believe that he could be anything more than just an experience. The supple power of his body around me, and I couldn't stop myself but to relax into it.

I found it scary how right it felt to have him so close to me. It felt as though my loneliness had finally found a bright company.

I twitched and wiggled my hand resting on his chest; however, my fingers brushed over his nipple, he moaned, and I gasped. Sam's sleepy eyes flew open, then he saw me.

"Good morning," I greeted him.

He smiled warmly, then he did this long stretch, and I let my hand free from his possession.

Sam turned on his side, facing me. We laid in silence under the same warm covers. I wasn't sure if he was still upset.

No matter what, I still need to say, "I'm sorry for last night. I doubted you."

"No. You don't have to, Jess," he immediately assured me, "I realized how you must have felt but put this in your mind, I won't do any such things that will make you uncomfortable."

At that very moment, I knew everything was going to be fine between us.

Then he asked, "What made you stay?"

I inhaled, not sure how to answer him, "I don't know. It was the only way I could show you that I'm not a crazy person." I said truthfully.

He chuckled at my comment.

"Last night, things got out of control over a misunderstanding between us, and I didn't want them to be like that." I made a self-acknowledgment. "And also I wanted to make sure you were no longer angry with me. So I waited for you to come home."

His eyes were staring at me in admiration. Then they fell on my lips.

'No, not again.' I'm not going to let him affect me even though he looked irresistible.

My heart was pounding, my breathing was shaky, and before anything could happen.

"I should get ready. I've to be somewhere." I rolled out to remove myself from the bed, and he groans a little. I looked back at him from the corner of my eye, his face, his handsome face was now, cheerless.

I rushed to the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror. I was pink with arousal. I wanted to go back and kiss Sam, and, maybe...

'Shit.' I splashed my face and neck with the cold water to calm myself down.

I got dressed quickly, wearing my gown again. I brushed my hair and coiled into a bun and made my way to the living room, where Sam was already sipping his coffee, by the long glass window. He looked stunning.

'I wonder how he could be a single man?'

"You've got the most beautiful view of the city." I stood next to him.

His gaze slid over me, "I think so too." His mouth curved a little.

"Hmm..." he knitted his eyebrow, looking at me.

"What? Is there something on my face?" I got conscious of how he hummed--something he disliked in me, or was I still flushed.

"You'd all your hair up." He said.

"Yeah.., so?" I smooth my hair and tuck the loose end in place.

He moved so quickly; his fingers were in my hair. I closed my eyes, feeling amazing how his fingers moved around in my scalp. He made sure to lose all my hair from the knot. They all fell over my shoulder.

Sam grasped the back of my head and brought near his face, "I like them loose and down." He said, then stared gazing at me. The motive was becoming very clear.

"Say it." He said and let himself bury his face in my neck. He was messing with me because he knows how he was affecting me.

I gulped. "S-say what?"

"Say my name." His breath was hot. He likes the way I take his name, which triggers his secret kink. I wanted his lips on mine too. I've been secretly craving it.

"Oh, Sam," I whispered sexily, and he just lost it.


Sam drove me home.

We even made a real conversation on the way, and he was such a sweet man.

"Let's go eat breakfast."

"Um...I think I'll pass."

"Okay." He seemed okay with all my decisions.

"I'm only skipping breakfast because I've other plans. I'm meeting my girlfriends for lunch." I felt the need to explain it to him.

"Jess, you don't have to give me a reason; I understand if you have to go."

"Okay. Good." I said with a relieved sigh.

He then dropped me off, leaving with a hug and a peck on my cheek.

There were no negative words at the end of our kiss. It ended like happily ever after.


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