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The doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone. I glanced at the phone screen, and it read Eight: forty-seven.

‘Who could that be?’

I looked through the peephole and answered the door.

“Hi.” Sam was standing at my door. “I’m sorry I should have called you before coming...” He trailed off, his curious eyes rolled over me, and made me realize—I was missing my pants.

I pulled my shirt down, and that exposed my cleavage on top.

“E-excuse me,” I said even before I had a chance to form a question. I ran into my closet and scrambled through my clothes, finding my skinny jeans.

I glanced at myself in the mirror. I was a total mess.

It dawned on me that I’d left him at the door, never welcomed him inside, nor greeted him. And my dinner was in the oven. I was praying that he would not get burned and dinner not to leave. Ugg! You know what I mean.

I’ve started my day right. I’d a system, everything was going well—by order, suddenly he showed up at my door, and everything went to a holy mess.

I needed a minute or two to get myself calm and collected.

I took a deep breath and then—another one before walking out to the living room.

Sam has made himself comfortable in the kitchen, tasting the sauce; there was a dab on his cheek to prove.

He was unshaven, his messy curly hair; he’d them bounce freely on his muscular persona. His striking grey eyes, straight nose, that devilish smile, this was the first time I explored his beauty so genuinely. He notices my presence with a second look.

A burning smell distracted me from my admiration “O. My god.” I grabbed my mittens and removed the tray from the oven, and left on the counter. Dreadfully, I’ve lost my dinner.

“Hmm... We should order take out.” He said.

‘Take out? Is he staying for dinner?’

The sauce was still there on his face. I giggled.

“What?” He gave me a look of puzzlement.

“You got sauce on your cheek.” I pointed that out.


“Here, let me get that for you,” I wiped it off with my finger, and Sam grabbed my wrist, and before I knew it, my finger was in his mouth. The feel of his tongue, the teasing bite from his teeth, the moist—the wetness of his whole mouth, it only suggested a delighted spur of sensation, tingling throughout my body and there.

He extracted a slow lick. A moan got locked in my throat when he sucked tight, with a long pull. I try to conceal my evident feelings.

“Yum,” he grinned back.

I reminded myself to breathe. Sam was scaring me with the change he was bringing inside me. I couldn’t stare into his eyes; my eyelashes dropped.

Sam lifted my chin and made me look at him. “Too much?” he smirked.

‘Oh, this man.’ He knew it. He knew what he was doing? He was just rash about his act.

“Do you like Thai food?” He asked. I nodded.

“Ok, I’ll order in.” He took his phone out.

While he was making a call to place an order for food, I cleaned the kitchen and set the table for two.

“Hmm...” Sam hummed, standing next to me.

“What?” I looked at him quizzically.

“The food will be here in thirty to forty minutes.” He announced. “So in the meantime... What to do? What can WE do?” He said, tapping his index finger on his lips, indicating a suggestion. Sam came behind me and snaked his arms around me; his lips crawled across my neck, slid up from my cheek, brushing it softly, sending a swarm of butterflies in my stomach.

Slowly I turned, to look at him and stared into his dark eyes.

“I love your lips. I love kissing them. God, I wanted to take a bite of your lower lip. The first time I saw you.”

I giggled.

The sparkle in his eyes dimmed. He cupped my face. “I’m leaving, Jess,” Sam said, almost sadly.

“What?! But you just order dinner-”

“No, no... I’m going away, and I’m not coming back.” He said, explaining.

I now understood the intended purpose. Why was Sam maintaining such distances? The hidden meaning of ‘heartbreak.’ He was only making sure that it is useless to dream of a sure hope between us.

I was too shocked for words.

“Jess, say something.”

“Don’t go.” I hugged him dearly. Tears welled in my eyes.

We were in a tight embrace. There was a complete peacefulness between us. No sound, just two hearts—beating.

“Hey, no tears, I’m not leaving, yet.” Sam wiped my tears away with his fingers. He’d a smile on his beautiful, somber face. Sam bowed his head and pressed his lip on my forehead, which was trembling slightly.

“Do you have wine?” He asked. I nodded.

~Why does the separation have to befall between us?~

~Just now we met,~

~Just now I began to like you,~

~And we’ve already set to wandered,~

~This season of love was ending before it even began.~

I guess love is not in my favor.

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