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Chapter 5 Part 2

Sam was leaving; he'd made his decision. There was nothing I could do to stop him.

My fate just won't let me be happy...


'Dissension leads to depression.’ So for the interruption, I took over extra work.

Monday, at the office, I worked hard.


I buried myself at work.


I agree to go with Robert and Patricia for meetings in LA, leaving tomorrow.


We arrived in LA. Attended meetings and now heading to the restaurant for lunch.


Our waiter served us the food we all ordered and vacated.

“Here, taste this,” Patricia said, holding her half meatball in front of my mouth.

“Oh!!” I said and opened my mouth, but it fell.

“Oh my god, Jess, your blouse.. the sauce on your...”

“Oh, no! My blouse,” I cried.

“Don’t rub on it. Here take this bleach pen and go clean it before the stain sets.” She haste, fetching me the pen from her purse.

I rushed to the bathroom and almost ran it to the busboy carrying the dirty dishes. “Whoa!! slow down; where’s the fire?” He called loudly.

I glanced up; all eyes in the restaurant were on me; as though I was embarrassed about that, I hurried to the ladies’ room.

I step out, rubbing off the wet patch on my blouse. I saw a pair of black men’s shoes waiting outside the door.

I slowly looked up and gasped. “Aaron!” My heart just skipped a beat, and the floor under my feet was trembling—′No the ground was literally shaking’.

“Fuck, an earthquake!” He yanked me into his body frame. His body felt hard than I remembered, still magnificent as he’d been when we met in Vegas.

I was stunned the whole time, just staring at him as we both stood under the doorsill.

‘Is this real? Or am I dreaming?’

Seeing Aaron here brought the waves of memories, the most fantastic time we’d spent together. All those special moments we were together, I could never forget them.

I’d thought about him so many times, dreamed about a day to come, and it has.

Finally finding my voice, “What are you doing here?”

Aaron cupped my face, and his fingers were in my hair; his grip was tight yet gentle.

“Jess, I cannot believe it, it’s you... here.” He hugged me again.

“Me too,” my voice low. I hugged back.

Aaron leaned away to look at me. “Are you seeing anyone? Do you have a boyfriend?” His eyes were searching for denial in my eyes.

Gazing at him, panting softly, “No, b—”

And before I could finish my sentences. Aaron’s lips were on mine. The passion of his appeal, I couldn’t restrain his warmth. My body was reacting without my permission, just being near him, kissing him—’Oh, the kiss.′ I recollected from the first time we kissed watching the sunrise. His thick lips softly nibbled on mine. I seemed to be eagerly enjoying the present moment. The heat triggered a chemical reaction, and my fingers weaved in his hair, and I slipped smoothly into a trance of desire.

“God, I’ve missed you,” he mumbled. His words aroused me; the blood was pumping hot in my vein. Just touching him again flooded me with affection that I was practically drowning in them.

Aaron licked my lower lip and parting my lips open for him, giving him the way in his tongue went deep inside me, swirling skillfully. The taste of his tongue came into my contact and reminded me of the flavor. I moaned in his mouth and kissed him back with fierce excitement.

His hands traveled over my thigh, cupping my behind; he lifted me.

My back was against the wall. Aaron had clung his mouth on me, kissing me even more profoundly. The intensity of such supreme feeling—temporarily blinded me with his love. It was the single most significant event of my life.

I can’t describe what it felt like, but everything about Aaron and kissing him felt enlightened. I needed this passion because it was the only thing that made any sense to me right now.

But in the very next moment, the pleasurable kiss unexpectedly became wrongdoing.

Sam’s face flashed in this muddled mess.

That made me aware of being dishonest to—Him. But Why? It shouldn’t have to matter, but it did—‘Big time.’

I opened my eyes and saw Aaron possessed in a smooch. My pause made him realize, and he opened his eyes, “Hey,” his voice was genial soft.

My feet touch the ground. And slowly, I remove myself away from Aaron. He looked confused and misled.

I looked around and realized we were standing inside the restroom. “How did we get in here?” I asked.

He gave me a wicked smile and pulled me closer to him again. “Spend this day. Spend the night with me, Jess.”

It was Aaron, my first love, my beloved. His lips on my cheek, then dragging down to my neck, he took a bite at my neck, and like the sugar dissolved in the liquid. My response was fit to melt; “Yes...” I said, with no strength left in me.

“Jessica!” That was Patricia, who was calling me.

“Pat,” without thinking, I stepped out of the restroom.

“Jess, there was an earthquake,” Patricia paused for a nanosecond. “Wait a minute, did you just come out of the men’s restroom?” She saw Aaron coming out of there.

“Hi,” Aaron said and stood next to me.

“Well, it looks like you are safe now.” She said, looking at both of us with a cheeky grin.

I introduced both, and then I told her I would catch another flight.

“See you tomorrow at work, and I want all the details,” She whispered the last part before leaving.

“Bye, Pat.” I waved at her.


I pulled my underwear up while Aaron was smiling down on me.

“I’ve to leave,” I said sadly.

“Why are you so far from me, Jess?” There was a pain evident in his voice. “The next time I meet you, Skyy. I’ll sweep you off your feet, far away from here. Just be prepared.” He kissed me, and I kissed him deeply.

‘Difficult are the rituals of Life.’

Which cannot be express,

But it was necessary to love, to complete our longing desires.

As well as, it was necessary to depart from one another.

This distance was always there between us.

And this distance will always be there between us.

‘Could it be possible... that I Jessica Skyy... was in love with two different men? At the same time?’

I know it’s controversial.

But, yes, I was, in fact, in love with two men at the same time. I couldn’t deny that any more than I already had.

If Aaron was my strength, Sam was my weakness.


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