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Sam came to pick me right on the dot.

The moment his eyes laid on me. “Wow!” He gazed immensely and bent down to peck a kiss on my lips.

“I think I’m falling in love with you even deeper,” he said, making me speechless.

‘O, the audacity of this man.’

I don’t know why I am still doing this, going on a date with him, doing things that will hurt me in the end. Maybe I can change his mind, ask him to stay here with me.


We were riding in the car, and Sam was taking me to a restaurant for dinner.

At the red light, our eyes met. Sam’s eyes fell on my lips, and as if on cue, I bit my bottom lip.

Our silence was opening thousands of secrets. There was a storm in my breaths, my desires becoming restless. Sam, too shifted in his seat. I clenched my knees together. My perfume, his cologne, intermixed, stimulating, releasing sexual pheromones in the air. Even the darkness in the car couldn’t hide our lust.

“Jess.” He initiated.

“I’m not hungry anymore, Sam.”

He accelerated the car, smart enough to captivate my fancy; even more miraculously, he felt the same. Sam steered the vehicle towards the freeway. I didn’t even have to look at his smile; it has to be devilish.


I stepped in the elevator, and Sam tackled me from behind, making my little gold clutch fell on the floor in the process. He’d pressed himself firmly on me, swiped my long hair away from my back for better access. His soft lips playfully attacked my neck. I snuggled further into his body. His breath was hot on my neck, and I was a breathless mess. His one hand interlock with mine, then brought above my head while his other hand slipped in my dress, curved over my leg, going inside of my thigh... playing with my sex with his fingers.

I think I lost all my sanity.

“I’ve been hard ever since I left this morning.” He said, grinds on my behind for evidence, making my heart instantly thudded in my chest. A small giggled escaped my lips.

His finger spiraled on my back and slowly began to unzip my little black dress. Sliding his hand to the opening, he found my breast and began to caress with them. I arched into him—my butt connected with his crotch.

Sam made my spaghetti dress strap fall off my shoulders, turned me around, and crashed his lips over mine.

I slipped my hands inside his jacket over his shoulder, making his leather jacket fall on the floor while my dress slip piled at my heel.

Sam retook my mouth and slid his hand on my ass, and lifted me. I didn’t even realize the elevator had stopped, and the door was open. He walks me to his couch and places me on it. I was already half-dressed, in my black lacy bra and underwear, and now it was Sam’s turn to get naked.


Our lips connected again on his bed. The fantasy came into existence; every part of my body sizzled under his touch.

“I wanted to fuck you the first I saw you,” his language was vulgar. “In the restaurant, when you sat next to me, every time our skin came into contact, fuck... I wanted to swipe the things off the table and throw you on it and have my way with you, right there and then.”

‘Holy fuck! did he just said that?’

I think I lost my respect for him as my boss now. I giggled at the thought in my mind.

This man was my boss... talking--dirty. I never saw Sam as my boss, even though he is still my boss, and I was above to have sex with my boss.

“Do you want to know what turns me on, Jess?” He whispered in my ear. I looked at him in wonderment.

“What?” I asked.

“I want to see you give pleasure to yourself. Touch yourself.”

My jaw fell ajar. I was horrified. He wanted me to perform live while he watches me.

His eyes stared back at me. A smile curved his mouth as he searched my features.

Masturbating is a private activity, and doing it in front of this god and stimulate one’s sexual pleasure—′Fuck that was Sexy.′

“Would you?” He asked huskily. The contentment in his eyes blazed with lust. My heart beating with thousands of beat at a time.

I was debating in my mind, ‘Should I or should I not?’ Then I thought Sam was leaving, and this night could be my one-time opportunity, and I wanted him to be a memory he will never forget.

I gulped and caved in.

Sam’s eyes went wide, and he kissed me aggressively.


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