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Chapter 7 Part 2

Sam moisten my finger with his saliva; the moist sensation nearly aroused me, the first time he’d done it before in my kitchen.

I dropped the veil of shyness and committed to giving myself the guilty pleasure. I do it to myself when I’m alone or feel alone.

I breathed freely and penetrated my finger inside me. The walls of my vagina slowly began to expand. It wasn’t exactly a movement of the innocent, but I didn’t care and began to perform with the natural grace of movement.

Sam was observing me--carefully, watching my every move, listening to my every breath.

I would have been afraid of such an encounter. Still, Sam made me feel comfortable. His real—unadulterated, genuine down to earth personality; who gave me enormous confidence enough to expose my sexiness. That’s how intimate I felt with Sam.

I endow myself--eternally, with no fear, no shame. I enjoyed my femininity—like becoming a butterfly, emerging from its cocoon of womanhood, which was beautiful to see.

“Jess, you look so beautiful, baby.” Sam’s faintest touch; his breath on my neck, his hands on my body. I could only articulate the sound of affection.

He was gently creeping up my thigh, underneath from behind. He slightly parts the lips of my sex. Teasing my clit, and smear adroitly over my clitoris, slowly, he penetrated his middle finger through, and I’d lost all my rationality over-arousal. My finger with his finger mingled.

He began to pump himself. And we both moaned in unison.

“Jess, if you cum, I’m still going to fuck you.” He warned me.

I gasped. This man was definitely dangerous.

My sex ached with arousal. My legs melted—both of us engage in masturbation—respectfully—As a companion.

I moan with his name that only encouraged him to go even deeper, pulsing in and out, making his objective to go long and elaborate with his finger.

Sam stroking his throbbing cock. While he’d hex my pleasure spot wisely, thus bringing the amount of bliss—evoking chock full of arousal.

“Jess, I’m getting close.” He was huffing, jacking himself off. “Cum with me, baby.” Sam had fastened my back to his firm muscular chest.

I was at the edge of glory—the pleasure sensation gusts down my spine.

“Sam...” we came together.

I tilt my head on the side to see him; that pleasant smile had never left his lips since I’d begun.

“I’m completely crazy about your graceful affectation.” His eyes were brimming with desire. “I love you, Jess. I’m crazy about you.” His words seducing my heart. We indulge in kissing passionately, with every last drop of desire left in me.


His piercing grey—beholds—over my nakedness, “God, you’re beautiful.” Sam’s voice was peachy keen, and I shied away.

The man toppled his masculine body on me and began to romance me kissing me generously; he found my breast and handled them with freehand, his mouth traveled down on my neck and nipped my nipples with his lips. I slipped into the trance of our lovemaking.

His wet mouth was on my sex—evoking arousal. My heart began to surge faster in my veins as he uses his tongue to lap my privacy and exploits me.

I curve my back. “O!” I groaned and seized the bedsheet, untuck them loose. His silver tongue had possessed me.

Sam sprung up and, “Top me,” he said. He laid flat on his back. I climbed on top of him and placed my hands on his chest. Slowly spreading my legs and slick on the base of his hard cock.

Sam’s mouth praised—‘O.’

As my moist muscle began to grind against his pubic bone.

Everything inside became alive. I rock, up and down.

Sam was enjoying the sight of my breast as they bounced. He met my gaze, and in one smooth motion, he swung over me. I yelped.

I felt a nudge between my thighs. He got inside me, and Sam leaps into waves. I clawed his back and hooked my legs on him. He made it faster and more concentrated. I clenched my pussy around his rugged stroke of genius. I cried his name in triumph. “Aahh... SAM.”

His urge boosted, going more in-depth on every call of his name.

My flesh grew hot—tingling and began to throb with pleasure, with an explosive of orgasm that left me glorified.

His skin perspires from ongoing tension and force while I fight for breath.

Sam growled animalistic over the intense sexual climax and ejaculated the warm nectar inside me into the rubber.

He dropped his body weight on me.

“Now, I could die in your arms.” Sam gazed at me when he said that. He made our lips connected once more.

I was lightheaded, and my body was thoroughly exhausted and caused me to fall into a swoon.

“Hey, you’re sleeping? Don’t you wanna eat?” Sam’s voice fades, but I manage to answer, “Yes.” I responded to both questions but fainted into sleep.


Searching him on the bed, I found myself alone. I switched the night lamp, finding his shirt I wore it and left it unbuttoned.

I went looking for him and followed the glimpses of light coming from his office—I found him working on his laptop.

When he saw me standing at the door, he leaned back in his chair.

I took small steps towards him.

His mouth curved in amuse, and backs his chair to the wall behind him, making a definite suggestion.

I smiled and shook my head.

The shirt slips from my shoulder, exposing my boob; I went to pull up to cover.

“Don’t,” he insisted, his eyes lingering on my breast—as they bounced on my every step.

I blushed, letting it fall shamelessly.

I climbed and curled up on his lap. He placed a kiss on my bare shoulder, I laid my cheek against his neck, and he fondles my boob.

“Jess, I want to take you someplace nice next weekend. We can leave on Friday after work.”

“I can’t. I’m planning to visit Mom; my aunt is visiting with her family.”

Thinking on the subject, I’ve already gotten yelled at by Alice and Sage. It’s been a while. I’ve not spent any time with them. And they both are mad at me for keeping out on the details of him and me.

My eyes went to the clock sitting on his desk. It was eleven o’clock, at night time.

“You should eat something. I’d door dashed Indian food,” Sam said. “Why don’t you go and eat? I’ve got a few more emails to answer.” He placed a kiss on my hair.



“So, where are you going? Different state or an entirely different country?” I asked the undesirable question. “And when are you planning to leave?”

The moment I finished my sentences, Sam had stopped playing with my boob. He was quiet too.

“Please don’t start sulking if you don’t want to answer me right now,” I look up at him with guilty eyes. I didn’t want to spoil his mood, and I think I just did.

He took in a long hard breath and pleated his laptop to close. He then picked me up and began to walk out of his office, heading towards his bedroom. I clutch at his body, taking in his scent. I felt his hold on me get tighter as if saying, ′I’ll never let you go.′

He settles me in the bed gently and crotch down to my eye level.

“Jess, you’re the one person I wish never to break your beautiful heart,” he said.

“Then, don’t go. Stay here with me, Sam.” I grabbed his face.

“I can’t. I can’t change my fate. It’s beyond my control.”

“What do you mean?” I asked with confusion.

He remained quiet for a few seconds, took my hand in his.

“Jess, I’m sick, and I’m dying.”

I think I was above to faint. I felt dizzy.


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