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Chapter 8 Part 2

Sam had left little to no time to live, so instead of spending the entire season in gloom and crying, I decided to make memories and happy ones with Sam.

I requested Kathy. I need her studio for one night and will close the studio after, on her behalf.

I’d asked Sam earlier to pick me up from the studio.

Like a good boyfriend, he came and texted me he was waiting for me in the car.

I wanted him to come upstairs since I’d a surprise plan for him. I texted him I’d sprained my ankle, and now he’d to come upstairs to get me.

I was ready and waiting for him to enter through the door, and when he did, he froze in his tracks. He saw the starlight dance floor in a stunning gloss with hundreds of dazzling lights underneath my feet.

I grabbed his hand and led him into the room, towards the chair I’d placed in the floor’s middle. Then I made him sit and bend down.

“Don’t take your eyes off me,” I spoke against his lips and lingered for a second. I was teasing him with my lips.

“And don’t be tempted to touch me, either.” I dared him. I wanted to see how long he could restrain himself from touching me. I want to test his limit. He angled forward for a kiss, but I put my hand on his chest, stopping him from coming close to me.


The song of Beyonce ( naughty girl) began to play, and the music took over me.

I love to love you, baby. I love to love you, baby.

I’m feelin’ sexy. I wanna hear you say, my name, boy if you can reach me. You can feel my burning flame.

I’m feeling kind of n—a—s—t—y. I just might take you home with me. Baby, the minute I feel your energy. Your vibe’s just taken over me. Start feeling so crazy, babe. Lately, I feel the funk coming over me. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. The rhythm’s got me feeling so crazy, babe.

I spin around, put my hands on his knees, sway my hips around, and then dipped into a sexy squat between his legs and arch my back and flip my hair, slowly sliding my hands on the curve of my body.

Holding his gaze, I crawled up, then sat on his lap and grind on him--slightly. Arching my back seductively, trying to make him hot and hard.

“Please, Jess, let me touch you.” His urging words made me want to tease him even more.

The intensity of feelings and the music the power pulsing around us.

A smile tugs at my lips, seeing his reaction swelled in his slack. My beau wanted me so badly now, and he couldn’t keep his hands off me.


I removed his hands and walked away from him with the sexy catwalk. I dance with my moves, swaying my hips and spreading my legs on the floor. Sliding my hands up to go over my head, and I touch myself to the places I know he would like to do it himself.

I never felt so sensual, showing him my sexy side dancing for the man I loved.

I got close to him and went to the back of the chair. I throw my leg over his shoulder from behind and place it in between his legs. Sam grazed his hands up my leg and kissed my thigh, and bit me lightly. I let him, for his own peace of mind.

I bend down to blow hot breath on his neck, then nibbled at his ear lobe while running my hand on his chest and pinched his nipple lightly. He moans.

I came around to his side and grabbed his head, and sway my upper body like a snake, trying to rub my boobs on his face. But I don’t”t let him get too close to them. I move on to the other side and squat, barely sitting on him, and give him bootylicious twerk and swing my hair.

Sam’s hands fly on my hip. He began to feel me, feel the curves of my cheeks with his hands, and kissed my ass.


I come around and face him, then part his legs more thoroughly, looking at him suggestively. I rub inside his thighs, bring my face close to his crotch, teasing him with my mouth, and rub my mouth on his pants. His eyes went dark with excitement and lust. But I suddenly walked out of his reach to tease him even more.

I could see the frustration was growing inside him.

“Fuck!” He groaned when I walked away from him. It was high time, but I was having so much fun.

Now it was the time for the most epic move that would drive him crazy. He was watching me, checking me out as I rolled on the floor like a snake and coiled at his feet.

Slowly I moved my body to get up from the floor and shake my booty and bend down and laid my hands on the ground and look at him from behind, while I sway my hips in the air, rock my hips erotically, and run my hands from my heel, go up to my inner thigh, and brush my finger over my sex.

“Fuck, Jess...” Sam was getting sexually aroused and frustrated. A growl escaped his throat as he ran his fingers in his hair.

I closed my eyes, feeling the music, dancing, and swaying.

Suddenly, Sam grasped me and crashed his lips on mine. He picked me up and pinned me to the wall. We both melted in a scorching kiss.“Fuck, I can’t hold it any longer, baby, I need you, NOW.” Tearing away mine and himself out of the clothes while the song was still playing in the background.

I’d prepared a foam pad covered with a clean sheet that I brought from home. And for Sam, a pack of the condom.

We both burned the floor with desire with our lovemaking to ashes.

My striptease was a great surprise--he said.


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