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Chapter 10 Part 3

“A-Aaron! H-hi,” I said to him, wiping my tears and sitting upright. I remembered he was going to visit me before leaving for New York.

He smiled and sat next to me. I feel so stupid right now. I wish I could have fixed myself up before I let him see me in the mess I was.

“Hey...We brought your favorite—bagels with cream cheese and bacon.” Alice and Sage walk in after Aaron.

“Wow!” Aaron prompted.

We all peered at him.

“That’s like a heart attack on a plate.” He said.

“And that’s okay because she has not eaten anything for two days. It will be worthwhile,” Alice explained herself to Aaron with a peculiar expression on her face.

“Thanks,” I said to the girls. Both left us to be alone.

“So, what’s next?” He asked. What he wanted to know was if I could be trusted to look after myself.

“I don’t know. Any ideas?”

“Hmm... No ideas, just advice. Try to be around people, and don’t try to kill yourself.”

I gave out a small chuckle. “I’ll remember that.”

“If you must, then see a therapist,” Aaron suggested.

“Therapists are for the people who are exhausted or have given up in their life. I’m just injured, Aaron.”

Sensing the sudden tension, he circled his arms around me. “I know, I’m only worried, baby.”

My heart swelled up on his hug. When I’m in his arms, it always feels right. “I can always stay if you need me here.” Somehow one way or the other, Aaron has coincidently been there for me during times of my blues.

“I’ll be fine.” I squeezed him tight.

“Okay, but if you need me, I’m only a phone call away and five hours in flight.” He adds sarcastically, looking at me. He just knows very well how to bring a smile to me.

“I want to see you happy again. I want that spark in your eyes back, that keen smile on your lips. I want my Jessica back.”

‘My’ His phrase made me smile.

“Right there,” He points. “That’s what I’m talking about, bring that sexy back.”

I giggled, “You’re so cute.” I spoke without reason. My feelings, showing affection. I took a thoughtful pause and bit my lower lip.

“I feel like I need to fleet away from here from everything. I want to escape. Too many memories, haunting--causing too much pain,” I expressed.

“Then come with me.” He said.

“Yeah, right.” I laughed sarcastically at his comment.

“I’m not kidding, Jess,” He said with all seriousness.

“I’ve got a house in the Hamptons and a Penthouse in the city. You can live anywhere, and as long as you like.”

“Aaron, do you even understand what I’m going through right now. I’m not looking for shelter or love or a desire for petty concerns from anyone.” My tone was an attempt, kind of confronting.

“I get it, you’re mourning, but by running away, you’re not going to find any peace you’re looking for in the dark. You’re just going to end up being more depressed.” He could snarl more terribly, but he kept it very subtle.

He pointed at his own chest, “I know this because I’ve been there and done that.” There was a sad tone to his voice and even worry of an expression on his face. “This world is ruthless, Jess, from inside and out. You’ll only hurt yourselves and to those who love you.”

He touched my face, “If you want to be happy, then do something meaningful with your life, and listen carefully to your heart, and when you are ready, call me.” His phrase, though, is not just a collection of words; they were intriguing. However, his last words sort of interpreted to me; ‘When you’re ready for love, call me.’

Aaron caressed my cheek with his thumb; the way he was looking at me, I couldn’t deny what was coming next; he advanced and kissed me.

There is something about him that makes my nerves tingle with excitement. The interest is there, but it wasn’t as intense as it usually is when I’m with him. And that was all I could allow myself to feel for him at this moment. I cannot feel anything different from that. I won’t allow myself to at this point.

I didn’t push him, nor did I stop him. I allowed him to do so. It was what even I needed--a tender touch of affection. He kept it short, and it was just perfect.

He said goodbye and then left. Part of me wanted to stop him from going—leaving me.


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