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Chapter 14 Part 2


I rushed out, almost running into a woman at the door. I apologized to her and lashed out of there.

“Jessica!” Both were calling my name. I ignored them. I was so mad and furious that tears came to my eyes. I was simply stunned, shocked, and very disappointed in both of them as my best friend.

I stopped and looked at both of them, “When? How?”

Both were equally terrified.

“I’m sorry you had to find out like this.” Alice started.

I shook my head. “This is what friendship is all about, huh? I looked at Sage and said. “I’m so disappointed with both of you, especially with you.” I pointed at Alice and wiped my tears.

“Jess, we are very sorry.” Sage and Alice kept apologizing, but a sentiment of rage and frustration took over me, and I ignored them and kept walking away. Both of them have betrayed their friendship with me.

'Am I no one to them anymore? Do they think I won’t accept them now that they’ve turned more than friends? Why did they hide it from me? ME.

Sage was my best friend, but Alice--she was like my sister.

I stopped and turned around to face them. “How long?”

“Jessie, maybe we should go back to the hotel and talk,” Alice suggested.

“HOW. LONG?” I demanded.

Sage took hold of Alice’s hand and replied, “T—two months.”

“Oh my god!” I staggered back and covered my mouth with my hand. Tears flowed out of my eyes. “Jess...” Alice whimpered. Sage started to cry, as well.

“I need to get out of here.” I turned on my heel to walk away from them again.

“Jess, we were goi...,” Alice was trying to tell me something.

“No,” I cut her short. “I cannot even look at you two right now. Please leave me alone.” Sniffling and gasping, I left. I was so mad, and my face turned red and hot—almost melting my makeup off.


I completely lost control of my tears; when I came outside the building, I felt that all the passing eyes were judging me, though they didn’t know the quarrel I had. I wanted to run away, as far as I could from here.

Amid all the griefs and struggles, I saw Aaron. The only familiar face I know in the sin city at the moment was him.

"Jessica?" He saw me and walked towards me.

Without any thoughts or any kind of understanding, I hung myself onto him, pressed on his hard chest. Startled by the sudden show of my affection, he didn’t make any move and remained still.

“Are you okay?” He said there was concern laced to his voice, but he still held himself firm even though my arms had circled his neck. I wondered if he was still upset with me or just too stubborn to reciprocate.

“I need this. I need you.” I formally asked after a prolonged silence. He filled me in his arms and held me close to him.

“Is it me? Did I do this to you?” He asked, almost nervously. I shook my head, and his body relaxed a bit against mine.

“I'm sorry and thank you for this, I needed one,” I said and rolled back to leave his body. He, too, released me from his hugging arms.

For a moment, there was companionable silence; neither of us knows what to say to the other.

“So.. um... Bye,” I said to him and came up with a smile.

“I can drop you off at the hotel?” He said promptly.

“No. I-I’m leaving, going home, going to the airport.”

“Alone? Where are your friends?”

“We just had a small fight, so I’m abandoning them.”

“Oh,” he bobbed his head in understanding my situation. I didn’t have to explain it to him. "Then, let me drive you to the airport, at least.”

“No. I don’t want to give you any trouble. I’ll take Uber.” I said and fished out my phone from the handbag.

“Maybe I can be your Uber driver? Pay me.” He questioned, making a suggestion itself.

‘O, his dimple just makes him look so adorable.’ I smiled at his comment.

“My dad always said, don’t get in the car with a stranger..”

“Your Dad taught you well. I respect that,” he said. “Well... then... Hi, my name is Aaron, Aaron Fort. Nice to see you again.” He held his hand out. He was trying to be funny now.

“Jessica Skyy," I shook his hand. "And still, my answer is no,” I told him and was above to walk away.

“Jess, wait... I already feel bad about making a cheap comment earlier, and for that, I am very sorry.” He apologized again. “Let me make it up to you, please.” He took one step closer to me, “and if you go with me, I know you’ve forgiven me.”

“I-I don’t know, Aaron?” I was hesitant.

“Okay. How about you drive the car, then can you trust me?” He was persistent, not accepting my refusal.

“Fine,” I said. Aaron was a little surprised. I, too, surprised myself on how easily I caved in.

“There’s my car.” He pointed at his car that was waiting for him at the valet. “Come on.” He just walked toward the car and held the door open wide for me.

“Holy car! I always wanted to drive one of these.” I said excitedly.

“You know this car?” He asked, his eyes narrowed in confusion.

“Are you kidding? It’s Lykan Hypersport, one of the most expensive cars in the world—twin-turbo, six engines, hose power of nine seventy, or was it seven seventy?” I was so excited, I forgot. “I’d only seen the pictures of it in a car magazine,” I informed him.

His mouth was ajar. “I’m so completely blown away, right now.” He sounded so surprised.

“Here you go.” He throws the car key at me.

I caught the key. “Really! You trust me with this.”

“No doubts with you.” He held an intense gaze with mine. Something clicked inside me with the way he said and the way he was now staring at me. I had to blink to break the gaze and looked away.

“No. I can’t. I want to, but I can’t. You drive.” I handed the key back to him.

“Are you sure?” He teased me by dangling the key in front of my face.

“Yes, it’s for your own safety.”

He raised his eyebrows. “For my safety, huh?” He laughed, and I reciprocated.

Once we settled in the car, I checked out the interior, saying, WOW!

“What’s your dream car?” He asked me.

“Lighting Mcqueen, obviously,” I said.

He laughed out loud that made him look so adorable. “I wasn’t expecting that answer.”

“The car can talk. Nothing beats that.” I said.

He laughed again, showing his pearly whites. “True.”


Once we were on the road. I became worried about how I left them, but they deserve it, which I felt right now.

“Did you eat?” Aaron peeked at me.


“Maybe we can grab something to eat first?” He accelerated the car.


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