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Chapter 14 Part 3


We sat at the bar while waiting to be seated.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” A round figure man, average height, and dressed in a well-fitted designer suite, carrying a dog in his hand, approached us. His leering gaze made me a little uncomfortable.

“Rob Garrison.” Aaron greeted him with a cold tone.

“And where did you find her?” Rob’s tone made me feel uneasy.

Aaron’s blues were now blazing fire but still maintained his cool “You better tuck your tail between your legs Rob, now shoo.” Aaron warned him.

“Whoa, I just came to praise the beauty,” Rob said as he turned his eyes on me, lingering over my cleavage. “You haven’t changed a bit, Fort. Still using the great service for entertainment?”

Aaron’s jaw was tight, he looked like he was threatening to strike, but he remained calm, knowing that sophisticated people were dining here in the restaurant.

“Rob! Get the hell out.” Aaron stood tall, some six feet in height, making Rob look miniature less than five feet tall. However, Rob seemed to antagonize Aaron deliberately.

“Sweetheart, what is the name of your service provider?” He continued and didn’t buy Aaron’s warning and put his hand on my shoulder. From his statement, as I understood, Rob had presumed that I was a--call girl.

Aaron swung a punch at Rob, who flung over the empty table in the blink of an eye. The dog squealed and ran off. The crowd had a moment of gasp.

I lurched out of my chair and clasped my mouth with one hand. Rob was knocked out, but Aaron never flinched nor gave a damn about what just happened. He straightened his leather jacket sleeves, then yanked out a couple of hundred dollar bills from his wallet and flung them on the table.

“Let’s go,” He said and took hold of my hand. Aaron had an athletic build, a muscular man with strong arms, but he made sure to be gentle with me. He didn’t drag me either. He led me out with dignity.

Every eye in the restaurant chased us, leaving their mouths to gossip as we exited. Aaron had this authoritative air surrounding him. No one bothered or questioned him; even the hotel manager stayed back and closed his mouth shut.

His nonchalance annoyed me a little. ′How could he be so cool while I was so agitated?′

He opened the car door for me and waited until I was seated comfortably. He closed the door and pulled out his phone. I watched him talking on his phone. Keeping the conversation brief, he went around the car and took his seat.

While driving, Aaron kept his eye on the road; his eyes were hard and intense.

“Driving with anger can lead to a disaster,” I uttered to calm the tense situation down, not because he might turn rash.

“It bothered me when he touched you.” His knuckles turned white like the way he’d held the steering wheel in a threatening grip.

“How dare he touch you?” He snapped and slammed his hand on the wheel. I could see he was furious and concerned. After less than a convincing start, he’d surprisingly changed my view about him–from being a jerk to caring.

It seemed hard for him to calm down, so I took his right hand off the steering wheel into mine. “You need to cool off. Maybe we can take a short walk.” I made a suggestion, and he listened. Aaron slowed down and parked the car at the curb of a road.

We went on foot—at a slow pace. Our fingers interlaced together; he seemed to feel a little better, but he was still slightly irritated.

We walked towards the quiet side of the road. Aaron pulled me in closer. Ignoring those around us, he cupped my face and said, “I’m sorry.” His gaze was low with shame. “I’m so sorry that you had to experience this because of my heinous sins. I’ll never forgive myself for this, Jessica.” He closed his eyes. He was deeply affected, drenched in his misery. I felt his emotions.

Aaron dropped his forehead on my chest. “I am sorry, Jess. I’m truly sorry. You don’t deserve this.” He was talking to me, but unconsciously he was apologizing to my heart.

I encircled him. “I hope you won’t get into any trouble for that?”

“I don’t care, Jess.” He coiled me in his muscle so tight that one of my vertebrates crackled. Aaron dragged his face, his lips, his subtle-- from my chest, along my neck.

“Jess...” He hissed a moan in my ear. My finger fisted the material of his clothes. Oh god, the warm sensation was arousing, making me tingle to the places I wanted to be touched. I felt his impassion, that mirrored mine. He placed his forehead on mine, and I gulped.

From the way, we were in an embrace with each other, eye to eye, and lips to lips. I knew what he was thinking.

Both—breathing more heavily now. Aaron inched to make his move for a kiss, and my lips parted without my consent.

“Get a room.” Someone passing by us giggled and said. Thus the spell was broken—unfortunately.

“We should probably head back,” he said and compromised a smile.


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