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Chapter 14 Part 4


I looked out the car window, and my mind recalled the last scene—He was going to kiss me, and I was going to let him. It was such a heated moment.

‘Although, how would he taste?’

I distracted myself and thought about Alice and Sage and how I left them alone? And how can I forgive them for what they did? It hurts so bad. Unknowingly, tears pooled in my eyes.

“I’m not a good listener. But I’m an excellent listener.” He said, humoring me with an indulgent smile. “if you want to talk, I’m here, Jess.”

“Thanks.” I looked at him; just this time, our gaze caught and held for that very brief second.

There was silence in the car for a moment.

“Music?” he asked.

“If you want,” I replied weakly.

“Any preferences?” I know he was trying to make me comfortable to lighten my mood.

“Anything is fine.”

“We should get something to eat,” he suggested.

“No worries, I’ll grab something at the airport. I’m not very hungry anyway.”

“Are you sure?” He confirmed once again. I nodded.

Then there was silence again.

I started watching people walking on the footpath and the decorative flashy glittering lights. In a way, it consoled me. But everything inside me was still twisted into a mess of anger and anxiety. I’d left my friends, and I had no idea what I was doing here with Aaron? For some reason, this evening felt long.

I saw his phone that was sitting in a holder and smiled. If it weren’t for our cell phones, we would have never met.

You said your name last name was Skyy?" He asked, and I nodded.

“Skyy? Where have I heard that before?” He said, trying to remember.

“How do you know so much about cars?” He asked me as he entered the highway.

“My Dad... He loved all these fancy cars. All he ever talked about was cars.”

“Daddy’s girl, huh?” he chuckled.


“I still remember, on my eighth birthday, he was so excited to throw away my booster seat because I could legally ride in the passenger seat. We then went for a long drive and ate four sundaes, just him and me alone.” I instantly went back in time. “Boy, I remembered being nauseated after that. My stomach hurt, and it made me so sick that he’d to pull the car on the highway shoulder for me to throw up.” I grimaced.

“I’m sorry I just started blabbering all of a sudden,” I said apologetically.

I forgot the last time I shared any story with anyone. I never talked about my Dad with anyone.

“No, it’s not,” Aaron looked at me with curiosity. “Skyy? You’re the daughter of the great race car driver Martine Skyy?” He asked, remembering from earlier.

I nodded.

“Tragic death, though.” He said, and I felt the old sadness grew in me, hearing that word. I swallowed hard with a painful exhale.

“Yes.” Tears immediately flooded my eyes.

A racecar collided with another car, rolled five times. Glass shattered into a million pieces in the air and rained down. The crowd gasped in horror.

“He crashed and died in his passion ...” Tears began to fall. I covered my face. “I miss him. I miss him so much. The hidden, deep-seated pain in my chest triggered bitter tears.

The excitement took a slide into sorrow. Aaron skidded the car from a four-lane highway and stopped on the shoulder; he turned the emergency flashers, freed himself from the seat belt, ran to open my door, and kneeled next to my seat. He then unleashed my seat belt, “Come here.” He snuggled me in his arms, and I cried my heart out on his shoulder.

We remained silent for a moment, still hugging. Aaron brushed my hair, soothing me; it helped me to calm down.

“At least you’ve memories.” He mutters the words, but it didn’t fail to fall on my ear.

“What?” I asked him as I came out of his caress and wiped my tears.

There was a worried frown on his face. He never answered my question.

“Jessica, I cannot let you go alone. I never told you, but I was heading to the airport. My chartered plane is ready. Fly with me.” He took my hand in his.

I looked in his gaze, “No, Aaron, I-I can’t.”

“Look, you’re already leaving, so just come with me. Alone you’ll be miserable. Be miserable with me. Besides, I could use your company. It gets lonely up there.” He added the last part.

“I don’t know.” I couldn’t decide how I should excuse myself out of this. It wasn’t often that this happened, but it was the naked truth of my friends that had me feeling so down and low, and remembering my Dad, I felt emotionally drained.

“Jess, I understand, it is an unknown city and unknown evening with a stranger, but now it feels like we know each other a little more than before.” He looked at me with sad eyes and said, “Spend this evening with me, Jessica.” His words reflected at me like bright dawn from the shade of night.

There was a certain kind of confidence between us.

“Where are you flying to?” I asked.

“New york.”

“New york! I’m going to San Francisco, and it is completely the opposite direction.”

He shut his eyes in despair and racked his silky strands. “Shit... I’ve to be in New york. I have got a meeting, and it’s too late now to even postpone.” Aaron’s sad blue eyes were waiting for a glimpse of hope.

“Even if I were to go with you, what would I do in New York. You’ve to work?” I questioned, making him realize the plan is no good.

“While I attend my meetings, you can go shopping. And when I become free, we can paint the city red.” He smiled as he stood up. There was a hint of a devilish grin playing on his lips.

‘Have you know that feeling when you’re emotional and find yourself making a bad decision?’ This one seemed so wrong, and I still wanted to go with him anyway.

‘Would it be that bad going away with him?’ I mean, he was sweet to me and made me feel comfortable. He’d been honest and upfront about everything with me, and he’d been such a caring person. ‘I don’t think he can be a psycho or a murderer, right?’


Besides, who knows when we’ll meet again? Who knows what will happen next?

“Okay, I’ll go.”

His whole face lit up. He took his phone out of his jeans pocket and made a quick phone call.

Meanwhile, I ignored my phone that had been blowing up with Alice and Sage’s messages and phone calls. I put my phone on airplane mode.

“Besides, I could use some time out from all the drama.” I shoved my phone back in my purse.

“What about your luggage?” He asked.

“Don’t bother about it.” At that point, I could care less about my luggage. Perhaps it wasn’t the best plan of action but whatever.


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