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Chapter 15 Part 3


“Er... The first time I brought a girl on a plane and I ruined the evening.” He said, criticizing himself.

‘Really? The first girl ever?’ I thought.

“So Tarzan hasn’t found his ‘Jane’ yet?” I teased and fastened the seatbelt.

“I don’t know about Jane. But I found Jess.” He said without a hitch. I blushed.

“Me? The girl you barely know for a few hours. What if I was a psycho?”

“The girl who carries her tiny pouch.” He joked.

“Pouch. It’s Gucci.” I protested. “What if I’m a gold digger?”

“Then I’ll happily surrender everything to you, and in return, ask for the promise never to leave me.” He said so effortlessly. I was speechless, sitting there in complete disbelief. This was the most heartening answer I’ve ever heard.

“You’re a madman.” After a brief moment of silence, the words came out of my mouth. “Moving on, how did you become who you’re now?” I asked him because I was curious—intrusive yet again.

He smiled, showing his dimple.

‘Aww. I can get used to that smile.’

“Lottery.” He said.

“Lottery. Really?”

“It’s not what you think. I was nineteen, working as a clerk at the gas station. Every week I bought scratchers in the hope of winning big in millions, but that never happened. Of course, winning one of those can be surreal, but I kept on buying them, and one day I won three hundred grand on a Monopoly scratcher.”

“Minus the taxes and other fees, with the remaining money I made a partnership with the owner of this small restaurant I was working parttime. We remodeled it and made it better. I went back to school and got my master’s degree in business. One restaurant became two. Then Nightclubs and Golf clubs. After Graduation, I became more interested in the construction business, and now here I am.”

“Wow! Amazing. I love happy beginnings.” I praised him.

“‘Happy Beginnings.’ I liked that.” He smiled.

It was fascinating to think about how? An abandoned child today has everything in abundance and plenty of where it came. He was smart, sexy, very handsome, he could get any girl, but what happened in that restaurant got me all uneasy and troubled in my mind. I felt it was none of my business to pry into his personal life, but someone thought I was a prostitute when I was with him.

“Jess, there’s something I need to tell you,” All of a sudden, his smile turned down to a frown. “And I think you already know, but I feel I need to clarify the whole situation from the restaurant.” At this point, Aaron was trying his best to avoid my gaze.

“I... I hire escorts for my pleasure,” he shot straight and true, like a bullet.

Despite making an effort to hide my surprise, my jaw dropped. I could feel my stomach tightening as the feelings of panic and disgust came rushing at the gospel truth.

“Why are you telling me this, Aaron?” I was indeed shocked by his confession—to Me. The girl he just met.

“Because it seemed to bother you.” He took a deep breath and exhaled it out. “I don’t waste my time behind a girl when I can buy the pleasure.” He shrugged.

It wasn’t the turbulence that made me tighten my grip on the armrest, and Aaron figured it out. “I know you’re disgusted by me, Jess.”

The Captain turned the seat belt sign off. Aaron got out of his chair, “You should go and take a rest now.” He said to me in a tone that I felt he was disappointed, defeated, and losing his confidence.

“Yes, it’s disgusting.” I unbuckled myself and stood up.

“You’ve been alone your whole life, and you are scared to believe in something more because if you do and lose it, you’ll find yourself alone again, and you don’t want to get hurt again. That’s your inner insecurity, why you rent love.” I told him, which he so rightly deserves to hear the truth.

Aaron was standing there and listening. I wonder what he was thinking while staring at me with such intense eyes.

“Although I admire your sincerity and honesty,” I began.

“You’re a nice man, and I believe in you.” I try to soothed his worries, providing him with the words to make him feel better about himself and not for what he does. “Don’t be afraid to try, when a love comes to you. I know there is someone special for you—waiting.”

He only stared immensely. I was feeling goosebumps. Our lips were sealed, but our eyes were talking.

‘I think I like you, Jess, very much. Do you like me?’

‘I feel there’s a special connection between us, Aaron.’

‘I feel it too, and it’s powerful.’

‘Stop looking at me like that, Aaron. I’m melting under your gaze.’

I could feel becoming lured under his undeniable charm. “I think I’ll go now. Goodnight, Aaron.”

“Yeah, good night, Jessica.” His eyes glowed warmly.


I asked Stacy for a toothbrush and went to the bedroom. I realized I’d no clothes to wear, and now I regretted leaving my suitcase at the hotel. ‘Damn, I should have bought it with me when Aaron asked me.’

So I looked around and found Aarons clothes in a cupboard stacked neatly. I chose Aaron’s white shirt, socks, and boxer shorts, and went to bed.

Though I was suppose to be with my friends and enjoying. This experiences was truly something. I was still enjoying every moment of it.


The turbulence woke me up, and I rubbed my eyes. I don’t know what time it was, but we were still in the air. I decided to try and go back to sleep, but I couldn’t. I just laid there for a minute. Then I thought to check on Aaron since I was already up.

I found him fallen asleep on the recliner chair with his laptop fallen on his side. He looked overworked. It made me wonder how long he’d been working? I gently removed the computer, set it on the table next to the recliner, and then spread a blanket to cover him.

I sat and admired his beautiful face, while he was asleep, my heart went out of my control, and I raked his hair with my fingers, but he slept through it. My eyes fell on his lips, and I couldn’t resist a new impulse within, and spontaneously, I leaned towards him, lightly caressed his cheek. I was close to his face, so close, our breath mingled.

Light as a butterfly, I placed a kiss on his lips.

‘Though we met as acquainted strangers, my feelings for you will be like this forever, and yet you will remain unaware of this kiss.’


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