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A knock on my door distracted my sleep. I struggled to open my eyes.

“Jessica.” Aaron’s voice made me fully awake, and I jolted up.

“Just a minute,” I said and heaved out of bed.

I grabbed my pouch-using Aarons given name for my Gucci. In it were the five essentials and must-have items every woman needs. I fetched out my mascara, lip gloss, pressed powder, breath freshener, and a mini comb. I brushed my hair neatly with a couple of strokes of mascara and lipgloss.

I opened the door. “Hi.”

“Good morning!” He said, eyeballing at the clothes I was wearing—his boxers and his shirt. His smile touched the eyes.

“We are about to land...” he trailed off, scanning me from toe to head. “We’re going for a hike, ... and you don’t have any activewear. Hmm.. and you’ll need sneakers too.” He turned on his heel.

I was perplexed by his words. “Hike? I don’t hike, Aaron. I never have.” I ran behind him.

He was barely even listening to me—mumbling something to himself.

“Stacy,” Aaron gave her a call.

“Yes, sir,” Stacy attended quickly. She took a quick scan of my attire. “Good morning Miss. Skyy.”

“Morning, Stacy,” I greeted her-shyly.

“Stacy, do you have your running shoes here with you now?” Aaron asked. Stacy was about the same size and height as me, just a little older than me.

“Yes. Yes, I do, sir,” She replied. “I always carry my activewear when I travel, to get my daily exercise... obesity runs in my family. Plus, my grandfather has diabetes, so I’ve to take care of myself since it skips a generation.” She went on, oversharing her knowledge.

“Well... Stacy, but can Jessica borrow them?” he asked, cutting her short—politely.

“Yes, sir, I’ll get them to you.” She replied. Then looking at me, she asked, “Can I get you tea or coffee, Miss. Skyy?”

“Yes, black coffee, no sugar.”

“Right away,” Stacy said and left.

“So, you never went hiking before?” Aaron turned around to talk to me.

“Not never. It’s just... it’s been a while.” I sat down and opened the window to look outside.

“Aaron, it’s still dark outside. Where are we even going for a hike?”

“To Mars Hill. To watch the first sunrise in America.”

“Really!” I gawped.

Stacy brought my coffee. I took the cup from her hand and mouthed ‘thank you’ to her.

“A fun fact I never knew. Now I’m very excited.”

After drinking another cup of caffeine, I was now fully charged to hike my way to the damn mountain.

Stacy came back with her neatly folded, activewear, and shoes for me. They smelled fresh and clean. I’ve never worn any other women used clothes, except for Alice or Sage, but desperate time calls for desperate measures.


We started hiking to the top of the mountain under the flat grey sky.

Aaron was athletic, hiking over rocky, steep climbs. I loved how virile he was—so fit, muscular, and was striding efficiently. Me, on the other hand, I climbed, but I was huffing and puffing.

“Are you okay, Jess?”

“Yes. Splendid.” I wiped the sweat off of my face. He flashed a grin at me.

My point of fun was only to catch up with him. At some points, I even sat on the spot, then walked again and joined him. I didn’t work out any of these details in my mind for the Five am Hike. I thought that it would be as easy as walking. But here I was with him, hiking on uneven, hilly terrain. Heck, I never knew that it takes a lot of strength to climb a mountain.

After two hours since we'd started, the sky filled with soft glowing light, showing that morning was on its way.

“You know if you brought me here to kill me, you might want to do it now.” I joked while catching my breath. “Because I’m getting tired.”

“Come on. We are almost there.” He said, encouraging me.

When we finally made it to the top. Aaron spread open his arms and took a breath of fresh air. Looking at his watch, he exclaimed, “Perfect! Six minutes to the sunrise.”

“Come, sit down and smell the grass,” he said.

“Okay,” I smirked and sat down beside him on the wet grass.

The sky was blending with a combination of alluring orange and yellow hues, a cool breeze was flowing, and the air was smelling so fresh.

It was a memorable experience! He’d opened up this different world to me and showed me what I was missing. I was trying to capture every view of the scenery around us.

“I had never been out in the open so early, and it feels amazing, Aaron.” I plucked some grass and brought it to my nose to inhale the grassy smell.

“I love everything about nature—the earth, the ocean, and the Skyy.” I smiled at the way he said my last name. As I saw Aaron, he expressed altogether with a different personality, high-spirited, and full of life.

“You proved me wrong from back at the club. I’m sorry the way I acted with you.” I looked down at the shoe covered in dirt. Stacy’s is not going to be happy about it when she’ll receive them.

“No, actually, I disrespected you, and again I’m sorry for my behavior.” He said. “Although you should know you’re the first girl to reject me. I felt bad, but I was also impressed.” He changed his position and moved closer.

“You’re the first girl to travel with me alone. You’re the first girl I’ve been myself and shared my life’s tragic, my life’s experiences...” he said and cupped my cheeks in his hands. “You’re a kind of a girl that I need to be with, Jess.”

I felt the vibe and the magic of his words. His eyes fell on my lips. I knew what was coming. As I was getting pulled toward him, I saw the sun’s first rays pierced through the clouds behind him.

With excitement, I whispered, “I see the sun coming out.”

“And I see your lips that I’m about to kiss...” He murmured and brought his mouth closer.

The growing desire made me weak. With my eyes closed and lips apart, I became breathless as his fingers glided in my hair. I wrapped my arms around his middle for support. His shirt was moist from the sweat he broke from all the climbing.

Our lips touched. Aaron’s cold lips warmed up to be so demanding. All our feelings dwelt inside of us, for so long—exploded like fireworks. Aaron kissed me in such a devouring hunger. I couldn’t resist myself. I slowly went low, sleeping in the grass; he never breaks the kiss as he tops me.

“Your lips are very delicate, like two flower petals,” he breathed the words against my lips. I kissed him back, enjoying his lips. My hand slid up to hold his neck to deepen the kiss. He pierced his tongue, dividing my lips —playing with mine. Every sensual movement made my toes curl. The smooches intensified, we sank right into each other, forgetting the whole world around us as we kissed for long.


After the kiss, the sweetness was still rolling over my tongue. We watched the sunrise quietly, holding hands, relishing the sweet moment.

Aaron drove on our way back to his jet, but he never let go of my hand even while driving.

Looking out at the scenery, I couldn’t stop smiling from the delicious kiss we’d just shared. I was missing Alice and Sage. I wanted to talk to them, share my beautiful amour ‘Aaron.’

Suddenly I spotted a big red bullseye’s sign at a distance. “Can we make a quick stop at Target?” I needed new clothes and not to mention underwear.

“Sure.” He’d to release my hand to steer to make a left turn.

At Target, I bought what I needed. Aaron also bought something for himself. I wonder what?

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