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Chapter 16 Part 2


(Eight hours flight she'd say nothing to do so she was thinking of Aaron deeply...) 😅

We reached the airport. Aaron freed himself from the seatbelt and came around to get my door and lend me a hand.

Aaron led me towards the bedroom. He opened the door and pulled me closer to him. I searched his eyes, trying to read his expression. He held my face in his hand as he leaned and imprinted a kiss on my lips—again with full passion.

Kissing was the natural part.

Usually, I would stop right here; with Aaron, I found myself in a sea of affection; I could see myself going beyond physical with him.

There was persuasion in his kiss—warning me.

Aaron broke the kiss. “Jess, I can’t restrain myself any longer,” he said in a husky voice. “I want you... I want to touch you, feel you, and do sexy things with you.”

My heart was now racing if only he could hear it.

“A-Aaron,” I said softly. “I–I’ve never, umm... I-it’s my f-first time.” I was beyond nervous. Aaron was indeed a master in sex. Imagine my glum after telling him.

“Oh, Jess.” He touched his forehead to mine. “Having you here in front of me and not love you will be my misfortune.”

My heart started pounding on his words.

I took his face in my hands and gazed into his blue eyes, “I made a wish today, and it’s you.”

“It will be my honor to fulfill your wish.” Aaron’s words made me feel special. “I’m the luckiest man on earth.” He said as he leaned and enlightened me with a powerful hot smooch, he lifted me for a more intimate kiss. I took the support of his body and kissed him back—fiercely.

He halts the kiss, “Are you sure about this, Jess?” He was panting.

“More than anything,” I said breathlessly.

“Let’s go shower.” He closed the door behind him.

He went for my clothes and instantly stripped me out of them—except for my very sexy lace thong. As for him, he was stark naked. I blushed, feeling privileged to see the growing erection. I was ready and willingly stood under the cascading water. He looked at my body with his spearing gaze and lunged forward for a kiss. His steady hand cupped my breast, pinching and tugging my nipple.

Aaron tipped his head on the side and quickly moved his hot mouth over my rosy nipple and sucked on it. I moaned softly on the pleasure I was gaining.

His hand slipped down slowly. “I can’t wait to touch you more.” He said while holding his burning gaze on me. His hand moved in front of my thigh. I struggled to understand what was happening, and then he inserted his finger inside me, and I whimpered on the sudden intrusion.

“AAAhhhh... Aaron.” I screamed. My head fell on his shoulder. My hands were latched on his arms for support as my body trembled.

The second finger went deep inside me. I arched against his fingers. I’d done this with my puny fingers, but his finger-length, texture, and size correlations were holding pleasure.

I have never gone beyond the waist on a man’s body, nor have I ever given a blowjob. I had only kissed and swiped under the shirt of a man’s body, but with Aaron—I wanted to touch him, so I started running my hand down from his chest. My fingers felt the hardness of his muscles, the ridges of his abs. I hesitated—and stopped going down.

Aaron gently withdrew his fingers out of my tender flesh and placed them inside his mouth and sucked the sweetness, “Delicious!”

It was unbelievable and sexy to watch that he did that. Aaron was absorbing my expression. He reached for my hand and placed my palm on his thick shaft. It was hard as a stone. He groaned, “Touch me.”

My timidness did not fail to escape from his notice. His full attention was on me.

“Don’t be shy, Jess,” he said while tracing his tongue over my lips.

This was out of my comfort zones. But discovering how much Aaron may like it? And how much he wanted me to touch him? I curled my fingers around his rigid cock and squeezed him with eagerness. He was so hard and so hot.

He began to stroke back and forth, using my hand under his direction and control. He then removed his hand and gave the full power to me.

Inexperienced as I was, I moved down and aimed to wet his crown top with my tongue. With the mouth open wide, I took him in and slurped.

“Ahh...” Aaron’s head fell back. “Jess....” His breath hissed out between clenched teeth.

I stroked his entire length as fast as I could—in and out, back and forth—again and again. His hand remained fixed on the glass wall. He grunted, “Fuck God! ” He was out of breath. That only encouraged me to go faster. I stroked him with my hand and then again slurping, sucking on his full crest.

I rolled his balls with my tongue and popped them in and out—individually.

I changed my direction and traced his pelvic with my tongue, went near his groin, licking him—gladly.

“AHH...” he moaned—earnestly.

I went back to his penis, and got greedy and sucked him long and hard—in and out.

“Fuck, Jess...Stop.”

I still went on and on and didn’t stop.

He couldn’t tolerate it anymore. “Jess, I don’t want to cum in your mouth,” he begged. Aaron gripped my head and pulled himself out of my mouth and squirt all over my face. I arched to look at his face, and a little spark went through me as our eyes met.

Breathing heavily, he stared at me in wonder. He brought me up to his eye level and took my mouth once again for a brief kiss.

“I want to play with you,” he said with a mischievous grin and lifted me over his shoulder.

I yelped.

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