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Chapter 16 Part 4


“Jess.” I heard Aaron calling my name. He was caressing my cheek gently. I was still in half-sleep, so I didn’t respond.

“Jessica.” He called again, and I rolled over on my back, stretching languidly on the soft bed. My stretch made the blanket slide, and it uncovered my breasts. Aaron was sitting next to me, watching and perhaps smiling at my naked sight. His cold hand fondled one of my breasts. I purred in response to his touch.

“We’ll be landing... soon.”

“Five more minutes, please,” I whined.

"Alright." There was a hint of disappointment in his voice. I flipped over to see his face. He was dressed and looked so fresh and handsome. It annoyed me that even after all the activities we have done, I was a hot mess, and he didn’t have the grace to look tired.

He leaned, sleeping next to my side gently.

Aaron cuddled me, and his fingers were gliding up and down my back softly. I could sense, he was affected by his thoughts. He was thinking something unpleasant, “What is it?” I asked.

“If only I could expand our time together.” He breathed into my neck.

I move away from his body to look at him. We both stared at each other, bearing in mind our deep sorrow and being fully aware that our time together is critically limited. I moved close to him to experience another moment of closeness.

“Will you remember me in your dream... Jess?”

“Maybe. Maybe not.” I teased him with an attitude.

He managed a pained smile as he looked despondent. “'Heart forgets when someone is forgotten’” He quotes.

I rose from the bed, sat on him, and bowed down to plant a kiss on his lips. “Never... I’ll never forget you, Aaron. You’ll always hold a special place in my heart. Always.”

He still didn’t look convinced.

I cupped his face in my hands. “You’ll always be remembered as my First Love. My BELOVED.” I kissed him again.

Aaron took me by surprise, and in one smooth swing, he was on top of me.

“I like you, Jessica.” His words soothed my mourning heart.

“I like you too.”

The spark of love ignited again, and we both acquired another taste to indulge each other.

'This season of love won’t turn back.

This time won’t come back.

I know our paths are different,

but let’s stay together, for a little longer, soon we’ll be far apart from each other.′

I got ready. When I came out of the room, Aaron glanced at me with appreciative eyes. “You look beautiful.”

Mesmerized, I was unable to look away from him.

“Do you believe in fate?” I asked him.

“If you’ll stay with me, then yes, I will believe in it.”

“You know I can’t stay. I’ve already prepared myself, so don’t make me feel bad or weak.” I told him.

“I have a strong feeling we’ll meet again.” I put my arms around his neck. His arms came around my waist.

“Amen!” He touched his forehead on mine.

“Come on. We are landing.” He said, and I followed him.

Stacy served a quick breakfast; I ate quickly as I was famished.


“What happened with your friends, if you don’t mind me asking?” He cocked his head to the left, looking at me thoughtfully.

“I found them kissing each other. They both hid it from me. We’d made plans for my birthday, and they ruined it. So I abandoned them.” I said half-heartedly.

“Jess, are you a homophobe?”

“What? No!”

“So you ditch them because they express love for each other? They’re your best friend, Jess, and you need to show your support for their happiness.”

“Oh, my god.” I hid my face in the palms of my hands. “You’re right. I ruined it. No wait, they ruined it, and I made it worse. Oh god, they must think I’m prejudiced against homosexuals.” I sighed with a guilty expression on my face.

“I need to call them and apologize to both.” I fished my phone and tapped my thumb on the screen to unlock my phone. Then I realized I needed to ask for their forgiveness in person, but before I do that—I glanced up at Aaron and studied him, I knew I’d have to upset him.

“Aaron, I’m sorry, but I can’t stay here with you in New York. I’ve got to go back to Vegas. I need to see Sage and Alice. I miss them so much. More importantly, I need to fix our friendship. And you’re right. I need to be there to support them—they’re my best friends. I shouldn’t have left. Oh, they must hate me.”

Aaron was unhappy with my decision, he didn’t even try to hide it, but I convinced him. He decided to see me off at the departure gate.

Aaron insisted on taking his chartered plane to go back to Vegas. I refused and denied his offer.

Hand in hand, fingers weaved together, we came to a standstill at the gate.

“We still have some time, do you want coffee?” He asked.

“No. Just you.” I clung tighter onto his arm.

After a few moments, he broke the silence and mentioned,

“By the way, I woke up when you kissed me, right before you bundled me in the blanket last night.” He smiled softly, and my eyes went wide.

I gasped, “Y-you... knew?” To cover my embarrassment, I buried my face on his chest. “You were not supposed to know that it was for my memory, as a keepsake.”

His chest was vibrating when he laughed at my comment. “I liked that you cared,” he enveloped me in a hug. “And now we both could cherish the memory.”

We took a seat at the furthest corner. Shamelessly, I sat on Aaron’s lap and cuddled into him tenderly. I moved even closer, resting my head on his shoulder. I let my eyes close, making the feelings that upset me and worry me to slip away for a moment. I couldn’t resist looking up at him. I knew instantly he could see the pain in my eyes.

“I’ll miss you,” I said. Aaron didn’t say anything; he pressed his lips against my head. He maintained a calmness to his great advantage, but beneath it all, he retained his feelings—the intensity of separation.

The boarding announcement began, and my heart dropped in my stomach, and emotional torment splurged. The tension was mounting. This swelled Aaron’s fear and showed the gloom on his face.

The atmosphere was hushed, and words deserted—neither one of us spoke—it was now time to go. I felt a strange desire in me, drawing me to him. I found myself wishing if only he could stay with me longer. But I couldn’t find a way to tell him to hold me and comfort me longer.

I plucked up the courage and began to set in motion—our fingers untangled, and the gap between us grew. One step back, then two, then another, and Aaron pulled me back into his arms.

“I hate goodbyes,” Aaron’s squeezed me in tightly.

“This is harder than I thought.” I sobbed silently.

We stayed there, wrapped in each other’s arms for a few burning seconds until I heard the final boarding announcement. I took in shattered breaths, gathering all the strength I need.

“I have to go,” I said. Aaron sewed his lips with mine and kissed me madly. I kissed him back with everything I’d in me.

Though we met as a stranger, I hesitated to give myself to you, but now you feel like my own.

You were kind to me and generous with me, and now that we’ve walked a few steps together, the reality still holds the harsh truth.

We didn’t even come together, and now we already have to get separated.

I shall treasure the moments and never forget what we’ve shared.

I turned and looked at Aaron one last time before the doors closed. He’d his eyes covered behind his sunglasses. I mouthed the word ‘Bye,’ and the door sealed shut.

All the emotions flooded into tears.



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