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As soon as I landed in Vegas, I notified Aaron of my safe landing, and he replied to me with some very emotional messages. Then I got into a cab. I couldn’t wait to see Sage and Alice—my best friends.

I entered the hotel and marched towards the suite. I knocked, and Sage opened the door, I was expecting myself to be happy to see them both, but it pained me how I’d treated them. I could see both of them worried and a little annoyed. “I’m so sorry,” I said.

“No. I’m so sorry, Jess. I kept it from you.” Alice rushed to the door.

“Me too, Jessie. We wanted to tell you, but we didn’t understand how? We both were still confused, trying to figure out.” Sage said.

“Still, you should have come to me no matter what?” I scowled at both of them, pointing my accusing finger at them.

“We wanted to tell you, Jess. I made several attempts to express myself in various ways but was afraid of how you might react to my coming out. I told Sage I needed a little more time. I was figuring out myself if this is who I really Am and not just a phase?” Weary as she was, tears rolled down Alice’s cheeks. “I was afraid that you’d hate me or feel disgusted, and you left me; you did. You left me; I was crushed and hurt.” She continued.

I lunged over and hugged her. “I was upset. You kept me in the dark. I felt betrayed. I was angry, but never will I hate you both of you. You guys are my best friends.” I wiped her tears while mine was rolling down. “I love you two.”

“You put us both at hell, Jessie.” Sage broke into a cry, and we hugged and cried even more.


Having not eaten on a flight, I called room service, we ordered great food and drank.

“Where the hell had you been all this time?” Alice fired up.

“Do you even know how worried we both were? We even almost called your Mom.” Sage said.

I gasped. My eyes went big. “You didn’t call Mom, did you?” Terrified, I asked her. It wasn’t like I was scared of my Mom. My Mom is super cool, but me gone missing in Vegas would’ve worried her—any parents would.

“No, but we were going to call the cops. Then Sage said that they don’t consider a person missing until after 24 hours of disappearing.” Alice answered.

“Thank goodness; you made it back three hours before we could make a phone call to the police.” There was sarcasm laced to Sage’s tone.

“Where the hell were you anyway?” Alice asked again.

“Um... I-I was with Aaron.”

“Aaron!” Conjointly they asked.

“The douche, you hated so much.” Alice expressed.

“In spite, he turned out a great novel hero. And I-I flew with him—to New York.”

“New York!” They both exclaimed in surprise. Their expression was even more surprised.

“Where an adventure took one big leap into Romance." I covered my face with my hands.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! H-how? Wh-How did that happen? You were so angry with him in the club. You even hated his face. I mean. How?” Sage was still trying to wrap her head around.

“So you achieved the big milestone of your life,” Alice said, she couldn’t believe it finally happened.

I showed them Aaron’s picture I took earlier, and it was all praises for the man in the frame.

We ate and drank a lot. We talked a lot. After they shared their story, how? And where? The entire night, we shared the tales of our Romance, and my conversation—began with Aaron and ended with Aaron.


The roaring sound of a hairdryer woke me up. “Jess, wake up, we are going dancing,” Alice shook me, trying to wake me up.

“What time is' it?” I moaned with squinty eyes.

“It’s seven in the evening... you'd slept the whole afternoon. Now come on, get ready.” Alice said annoyingly. Dreaded, I got out of bed and got ready.

We were in the club. I swung a couple of dance moves, then rested at the bar to recover my energy. In between the flashing glitz sequence—a tall, heartthrob face emerged, making headway in my direction. Like a panther, he walked towards me, holding a majestic gaze— weaving through the circle of bodies on the dance floor.

His kiss, I still reminisce.

His scent still held in my breath,

His touch, I still feel connected.


“Jess...” Aaron spoke, but it sounded like Alice’s voice.

’What the—? I suspected.

“Jess... Wake up.” Aaron’s lips moved, but it was still Alice’s voice—again.

And when I did open my eyes, I found Alice and Sage gawking at me.

“Kiss? Touch? Are you dreaming about him?” Alice asked, holding a hairdryer in her hand.

“Aww...” Sage came and flopped on the bed next to me. "So cute."

“Are we going dancing?” I asked since, in my dream, Alice was holding a dryer in her hand. I only marveled—if my dream could become real.

“Dancing? We are going for breakfast.” Sage corrected.

“And then shopping!” Alice sounded excited.

“Uhg.” I groaned and went back under the cover.

I missed Aaron. I miss him a lot.


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