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Chapter 17 Part 3


I felt terrible like I was abandoning both of them—again. I’ve to make sure if both were okay with me—going with Aaron.

With the change of plans, both Sage and Alice looked displeased. Alice, who seemed to be more bothered—since all her ideas for my birthday didn’t go as planned.

“He’s charming for sure,” Alice commented. “Look, Jess, I think you’re getting too involved with his rendezvous. In the end, there is only disappointment.”

Sage and Alice were both worried about me.

“I know,” I said as my eyes fell on the ground—discouraged. “But I may never see Aaron again, and I can’t seem to quit when he is so close to me right now.”

Sage came close and hugged me. “We’ll be here for you to help you get over him.”

“With a pint of ice-cream.” Alice wrapped her arms from the other side.

I’m so lucky to have friends like them.

“If you still don’t want me to go, I can stay, and I’m sure Aaron will understand.” I still gave them a choice, making my own choice.

“No, that’s okay, Jess. It is the last time you’ll see him anyway, so go and have fun. But be careful.” Sage spoke kind words. “Besides, now that you know about us, I can actually hold Alice’s hand and date her openly,” she added.

Looking at their love for each other and warm smiles, I already felt relieved. Their secret desire to be alone with each other assured me that they both are okay with me being in Aaron’s company. That made me giddy with happiness.

“And that works for me. I’m so happy for you guys.” I hugged them oh so dearly and strode outside the hotel.

Aaron was holding two helmets standing next to the parked motorcycle bike.

“That! We are riding on that thing?” I pointed.

“Thing?” he grimaced. “This baby is the SUV of motorcycles and runs on a single-cylinder—”

“Aaron, I loved it.” I cut him short and peck a kiss on his lips, then took a helmet off of his hand. “So, where are we going?” I asked, wearing my helmet.

“Vegas, baby!” He was in a high spirit. “You probably have seen Vegas before, but you need to feel Vegas.” He pumped his fist in an encouraging gesture.

I smiled at his enthusiasm.

Aaron touched his helmet lightly on mine. “Only you could persuade me of doing this.” He pecked a kiss on my lips. “Shall we?” He climbed on the bike and lent his hand out for me to jump.

“Gladly.” I leaped over and sat behind him. Aaron had suggested for me to wear pants earlier. I was confused about why he’d told me to do so, and now I know, and I’m glad I listened.

“Hold me tight and don’t let go.” He spoke loudly, as the engine made a loud roaring sound.

I latched my arms around his taut abs, taking full advantage—while I can.

He accelerated the engine twice. “You ready?” he shouted.

“Yes,” I squeezed him.

“Here we go.” And we set out.

I kept stealing Aaron’s glimpse from the side view mirror, and I caught him doing the same.

Aaron drove the bike at ease with full control. He showed me the familiar landmarks and their features along the way. I learned how Vegas incorporated historical sites and modern buildings to form a popular attraction.

Aaron also introduced his several ongoing work projects and how he kept referring to ‘OUR new work on this site.’ instead of ‘MY new work on this site.’

'Dose dream come true?'

We were waiting for the green signal.

“So, how fast can this go?” I said, looking at his reflection in the mirror.

“Are you trying to get me in trouble, Jess?” He smirked. He stared through the mirror.

“Hold on tight and sway with me on the curves,” he said, and I clung on to him. He was prepared and ready—Aaron pulsed the engine and accelerated.

“Whoa!...” I yelped.

Aaron began to spur his bike into a high-speed gear. The breaths of wind were flowing fast. We almost left the strip behind us—faraway. Plunging at breakneck speed, we flashed and passed the vehicles on the road—like a jet ski, tearing the wind. A fearless rider that he was, his influence significantly grew, and the speed increased above my expectations. The blood was pumping through my veins, heart-pounding. Aaron revved the engine with high velocity--speeding as if the bad guys have chased us just like you see in the movies. I almost cheered hooray.

The storm began to subside. The tidal wave of progress, once repulsed, mellowed down. Aaron gradually slowed down, taking with it the speed of the bike. He stopped. Parked and briskly got off the bike and removed his helmet and yelled ‘Woohoo...’ in the open night, arms out and wide. I took off my helmet and admired his enthusiasm.

‘Madness absolute madness.’

He spontaneously turned to me and said, “You are bad...influence on me, Jessica.”

“Me? I just asked you how fast it can go? You took it as a dare and made it into an adventure.” I coyly tried to blame him.

Aaron picked me out of my seat and dipped me for the celebratory kiss. I felt his adrenaline pumping through his body as the kiss became more wild and fiery. His erection was very well obvious. I plunged my tongue inside his mouth and meddled with his.

A car honked at us. “Get a room!” A man yelled from his car window when he passed by us. We laughed in triumph. Aaron pecked two-three kisses on my lips.

“I’ll never forget this time I spent with you.”

“Speaking of time.” He checked his wristwatch and said, “We should go now.”

That made me sad, but I tried to keep my spirit up. I knew Aaron wasn’t going to leave now.

As we both hopped back on the motorcycle, “Aaron, this was crazy. How fast do you think we were going?”

“Dangerously fast,” he answered, wearing his helmet. “Now, two things I can scratch off from my bucket list.”

I giggled and snuggled my arms around him.


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