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Chapter 17 Part 4


Love was in the air. As I was under Aaron’s spell and feeling the passion, the song from Luis Demetrio and Pablo Beltrán Ruiz came to my mind.

When marimba rhythms start to play.

Dance with me, make me sway.

Like a lazy ocean, hugs the shore.

Hold me close, sway me more.

I can hear the sounds of the violins.

Long before it begins.

Make me thrill as only you know-how.

Sway me smooth, sway me now.

Other dancers may be on the floor. Dear, but my eyes will see only you.

Only you have that magic technique. When we sway, I go weak.

The song enchanted this evening. As I was singing this song in my mind, I slid my hand under Aaron’s shirt and cupped his pecs. His chest expanded, and he moaned. I liked that response from him. I glanced at the bike mirror, and Aaron gave me a sexy grin.

Naughtiness began with him a little. I slowly grazed my other hand on his inner thigh and revealed my motive, my goal to reach and caress his— Well, I can’t help it, his wide-open legs was a wide-open invitation. But before I could get to his exotic area, Aaron took my hand to his lips and kissed my knuckles. “Not here,” He mumbled in his helmet.

“Fine,” I pouted at him.

I was having so much fun despite knowing that this one-night love story was going to end soon. I was longing for the path never to end, and hoping the night would never sleep.

Aaron stopped the bike outside the Bellagio and tossed the keys to a man waiting at the curbside, and he drove off. This man had planned everything.

We then stood in front of the fountain waiting for the show to begin.

“It should start any moment now,” he said, rechecking his wristwatch. Aaron concealed me in his muscular physique, and I took the support of his body, resting my head and my back on his chest. Savoring the tender moment, but still, a question lingered on my mind, and I asked, “Aaron, why did you come here?”

Jets of water shot high in the sky, and the Titanic song began, pausing our ongoing conversation. The mist from the fountain was mesmerizing. The crowd presented ‘oohs...’ and ‘aahs...’ with compliments. Then the hush carried forward as the water danced in the air, and the show progressed. With that, my question remained unanswered—at least for now.

As the show continued, more and more people gathered around, leaving little to no room for movement. Aaron comforted me by carefully holding me in his arms.

“Let’s go. It’s getting crowded here.” He suggested, and we went on foot.

“So, you flew from New York just to wish me a happy birthday?” I asked.

He looked at me and said, “Yes, and I wanted to see you again.” He took me under his arm.

We strolled along the way leading to the hotel. I looked at the watch, and there was still an hour and a half remaining to meet the girls. ‘Why are we going towards the hotel? Did he decide to leave now? Is this a farewell?’ I began to sulk, and I started to dread.

“Relax, Jess, I’m not leaving you—just yet.” He answered as if he read my mind.

“There’s a limo waiting for us,” he continued.

“Limo? Where are we going?”

“To watch fireworks.”

“Man with a plan, huh?”

“You know it.”

A chauffeur was waiting for us, holding the door open of a limousine.

I sat facing Aaron. Two flutes of champagne were ready inside for us.

“Happy birthday Jess!” He raised his champagne, and we enjoyed the cheers.

“Aaron, you didn’t have to do all this. It’s way too much.”

“Your simplicity is very pleasing, Jess.” He smiles with admiration and takes a seat next to me. “But it’s your birthday, and I wanted to make it memorable.”

“I loved the flowers; they were lovely and—tall,” I said. “I also loved your note and ate the sundae for lunch.” Thanks to Alice, she’d stored it in the freezer, part of a luxury that came with the suite.

“I’m glad to know you enjoyed all of it.” He kept his champagne away. “I never felt so close to anyone before you, and I feel I can conquer anything with you. I come alive and become this different person, and I like this guy when I’m with you.” His eyes sparkled. He got closer to me, “I just wish—”

“Don’t say it. I-I’ll start crying.” I put my finger on his lips to restrict him from speaking further. He angled down, and we kissed.


The Limo came to a complete stop. “You ready?” Aaron asked me, and the limo driver opened the door. Aaron climbed out and lent me his open palm. I gave him my hand and stepped out, and found—

“Oh... My...God...!” I went into a state of amazement at the sight of a standing helicopter. The blades began spinning once we stepped out of the Limo.

“So many exciting things—the bike ride, the Limo, now the helicopter. It’s too much excitement for one night. Aaron, you’re freaking crazy.”

“I can’t help it. All I’ve got is one night with you, so I’m using all my resources. Now come on.” He gently pulled me towards him, grasped my hand tight, and led me to the helicopter.

We securely strapped ourselves and sat comfortably with each other. The helicopter lifted off the ground, and I pressed Aaron’s hand firmly. I began to fidgetit was my first helicopter ride. He responded to my grip and smiled at me. That made my tense body relaxed.

The helicopter moved out towards the city. The view of Vegas was even more breathtaking from the sky. From the sky, all of Vegas’s landmarks can be identified from above in one aspect, as you see on the map. I could only express my excitement, with a mixture of thrill and wonder.

The fireworks began. The helicopter dawdled in a prominent position to view the full display of bursting lights. In my personal opinion, the fireworks were a better visualization from the earth than from the sky.

Each burst of fireworks was massive, magnified by several hundred times.

“So close! I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life!” I exclaimed. I was utterly in awe of this admirable event. After fifteen minutes, the fireworks stopped. Though the colorful performance faded in the sky, the sparks inside of me—intensified.

In the Limo, I showered Aaron with warm affection and passion. I unzipped him.

“Jess, we are not alone.” He said between breaths and panting—referring to the limo driver.

“I don’t care,” I said as I cupped his face in my hands. Besides, the driver was behind the screen and couldn’t see us. “I want to love you, Aaron, before this night ends and before we go apart—forever.”

He agreed and devoured me.


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