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Chapter 17 Part 6


~I pleaded for time to stop so that we could freeze this moment. So I can show him that I’d acquired a taste of his kind heart and tell him to keep me in his arms and never let go. But the dark clouds came back with misery, to ruin what we’d left with each other.~

Sage and Alice said their goodbyes to Aaron. Alice hugged him and thanked him for the enjoyable evening. I was stunned by her gesture, and she finally liked him.

“See you upstairs, Jess,” Sage brushed my arm.

“Jess...” Alice pressed her lips together into a thin line, expressing her concerns.

Both expressed a modest apologetic smile at me, then departed from the lobby, leaving us alone.

Aaron and I were quietly ambling towards the elevator. I knew Aaron was leaving today, and now, or less, why aren’t we rushing to get to the elevator? The atmosphere felt heavy, and we both knew this was it, the time has come for us to say goodbye—once again.

’How beautiful was the world of desires. The time spent together. How splendid! ‘What does that world of desires have to say now?’

It was as if time was mocking me, laughing at me.

I pressed the button to call the elevator. “I’d such a good time with you, Aaron.” My heart was breaking. “Even the girls had a lot of fun tonight.” I was speaking, but it was getting harder; I continued to talk to keep myself distracted.

“Every moment was adventurous—the bike, the helicopter ride.” I wanted to cry but tried to hold my tears back so that they won’t fall. “The sunrise—I told the girls the fun fact that the first sunrise in the USA happens....”

“Come here.” He took me in his arms, and then tears sped out of my eyes. Why? Why does it have to end like this?

“Since I’ve met you, I’ve been carrying this dagger in my heart, and today it has twisted so deep—it hurts, Jess...”

I clutched him to my heart.

The elevator bell went ‘ding,’ and the door opened wide. I can’t handle this. It was too painful. I shrugged myself out of his possessiveness. “I need to go.”

But Aaron drew me in his arms again and buried his nose under my ears. “Don’t leave me alone in this misery, Jess.”

I couldn’t let go of him either. Every second passing by was grief-stricken. We both were miserable and suffocating inside and out.

“Aaron,” I gazed into his wet eyes, “I’ve lived every girl’s fantasy. You’ve given me treasure full of happiness.” I took hold of his hand. “These four moments of love I spent with you... I’ll always cherish them as long as I live, my beloved.”

He instantly pulled me even closer. I could feel his hot breath on my lips.

“You are an innocent killer. You know that.” His lips pressed against mine for that one last goodbye kiss. He dragged me inside the elevator, and the elevator went up, carrying two heavy hearts—kissing each other.

The elevator comes to a full stop. I realized that if I don’t leave Aaron now, I would never let go of him–ever. A little tightness appeared in my chest at the idea of not seeing him again. So I separated myself from him, I gazed at him for a second and stepped out of the elevator.

“Please don’t follow me, I won’t be able to handle it.” A stray tear rolled down my cheek.

The separation was tearing him inside. I could feel his emotions as our fingers were separating. It was impossible to miss the pain in his eyes, but he listened to me and waited inside the elevator.

‘Why is life so unfair?’

If I had never met him, I would have been happy with my old life. I wanted to do something. But what? There was nothing else left to do—only to walk away, away from him—forever. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t imagine any scenario of us staying together as a logical possibility.

“I’ll miss you, Aaron Fort.” I hugged him one last time, then walked away from him. I kept walking forward, never looking back. Throughout those first few steps, our beautiful memories flashed in my mind, in my eyes. I praised and appraised each one of them as they occurred in a full circle. A tear of goodbye was now becoming a fresh reminder of emotional, painful memories of us parting away, making it difficult for me to take another step further.

I didn’t want to leave and to hold him.

“Jess!” I heard my name, and his voice halted my feet to the ground.

Before any thought could enter my mind, I turned around and ran towards him. He had his arms flared out, and I dived into his fully opened arms. Our bodies crashed with each other. I felt elevated, and I showered him with kisses all over his face—forehead, both his eyes, cheeks, chin, nose, and neck. Then our lips mingled in a heated smooch that continued for quite some time— we only broke in between to fill our lungs with air.


We sat quietly on the ground in a corridor. I sat between his legs, and Aaron wrapped his arm around me, and I rested my head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat. He rested his head on the wall, eyes shut. I slipped my hand under his shirt and traced my fingers all over his flesh.

He moaned lightly.

“When do you have to leave?” I asked the most crucial question.

“Not yet,” he whispered in my hair.

There was nothing more I could say or ask.

He lived in New York. He has no business in California, except for a short outlined visit.

Gradually my eyes were closing on me. I tucked my knees under my body and curled up against Aaron’s chest. He made me very comfortable.

Slowly, slowly, the night of separation kept burning.

And slowly, slowly, I drifted off into sleep.


I woke up and found myself in a bed, in the suite—all alone. I clasped my mouth and shed bitter tears. They streamed down my chest. Sage and Alice came hastily and flopped in the bed with me. I cried my heart out while they embraced me.

He was gone. Just like a dream. Gone...

No matter how much we wanted to be together, these miles of distance will always be there between us.




I'd written Aaron's and Jessica's Vegas love affair in the beginning, then continued writing about Sam and Jess. But in the end, I switched it.

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