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I woke up from the horror vision in the middle of the sleep and couldn’t go back to sleep, even after trying my hardest.

Again with Aaron, the story was repeating itself with the heartbreak in the end, and this time I could feel--I could never let go of him.

‘What sort of game is this fate playing with me?’

‘What am I doing here?’

‘How did I get here?’


Full of renewed hopes, the days were not like before, nor were the nights the same anymore. All scenes and sights were changing—fewer nightmares. Pleasant sleep. Happy moments. Aaron made everything easy. I realized how caring and attentive he was with me.

We started to build up new little habits. We would eat breakfast and make phone calls to each other.

In the evenings, we’d talked about our day at work while enjoying the meal and then sitting in the living room to watch some tv. I was happy and at peace whenever he was around the house.


One evening after work. Chef Dave had called in sick, and we both decided to cook–together.

“How does shrimp and scallop, in white wine with garlic butter spaghetti, sound for dinner?”

“Made my stomach growled and mouth to water.” He said.

We both began cooking. I love cooking with music, so I mentioned it to Aaron; he requested the virtual assistant to play songs. The soft hiss of white noise from the surround–sound speakers comes to life. The song, the music was flowing through the air.

“What would you like to do over the weekend?” He asked casually.

“Apartment hunting and then shopping. I need to shop for new clothes. I’ve only packed for two weeks since all my stuff is in storage in San Diego.” I rolled my eyes from remembering my own mistake.

Silence took over, peeking up under my lashes. I saw Aaron. He was chopping cucumber, which had slowed down. “Are you not comfortable living here with me?” He asked, almost sadly.

“You know it’s not that, Aaron. I eventually I’ve to go.” I said, looking down at the pot full of water boiling with spaghetti in it.

The tension was brewing. Both of us pretending to focus on the task at hand.

“I’m going on a business trip,” he said, breaking the tension.

“You’re? For how many days?” I asked.

“Three maybe four days.”

“Oh.” I went back, looking at the boiling pasta. Already I wouldn’t say I liked that he was going away, leaving me. I don’t. I now understood what he must feel when I said I was going.


We sat at the table. The evening was sweet-smelling with food, wine, and seduction. It wasn’t a date, although it felt like one.

“You can drive any car you like to go shopping.” He said.

“No, I can take Uber or a cab?”

“Don’t be silly, Jess. Then I’ll take you wherever you want to go.”

A smile formed on my lips.

“So, have you been dating?” I ask, twirling my spaghetti with a fork.

“Yup. Two terrible dates.” He chuckled while shaking his head.

“Why? What happened?” I was intrigued to know how terrible was it.

“The first date started with awkward silences, had disagreement conversations; it was very uncomfortable. The entire time I only wished for the evening to end. On the second date, I found her pleasant, she was nice, but I didn’t like her.” He shrugged and picked up his wine glass and took a sip.

“Okay,” I said. “What kind of girl do you want?”

He cast his gaze at me, “I’m looking at her.” O, this man and his words, making my heart flutter. A blush crawled its way up to my cheeks. I tried my best, but I couldn’t block my emotions. I felt weak, looking in his gaze and averted them from him.

“No one could come close to the way you make me feel, Jess. You make me feel comfortable like I can talk to you freely, right about anything, and you won’t judge me. You’re sort of a girl who ditched heels to walk with me in the dirt. You bring this adventure out of me. I feel I can conquer anything when you’re with me.” He moved closer.

“You’re sexy as hell, kind, understanding, loving, shy, sweet--”

“Stop Aaron... just stop.” My core swelled with affection. His words were strong enough to melt the damn iceberg, compared to my little heart.

“I’m not the one,” I told him. “I’m a waste of your time, Aaron. You deserve someone better.” I look down at my plate.

He reached out and took my hand in his. I slowly lifted my eyes until we were staring at each other--speechless. My heart pounded as he slowly leaned and kissed me. Surprisingly I don’t pull back or stopped him. A low moan escapes my throat as we kiss. Aaron moved us out of the chair, carried me to the sofa.

“What are you doing?” I whispered as I grabbed hold of his shoulder. Aaron sat on the couch and kept me on his lap.

“From the moment I first met you, when you were desperately trying to get in my suite,” he said, recalling that tiny event and a giggle left my throat, making my cheek heat up with embarrassment.

“It was the first time I got excited about meeting someone. None of the girls come close to you. I compared them with you, and I find a reason to reject them because I don’t want them,” he defined, “I want you, Jessica Skyy... only you.” He emphasizes. I looked at him thoughtfully as my eyes began to water.

I cupped his face before leaning down until my forehead rested against his. “You’re a madman, Mr. Fort.”

Sam is my love story, but Aaron is my unforgettable Romance.


Day by day. Little by little, my attraction for Aaron was only growing, and it was killing me physically and emotionally. He wasn’t making it easy, either.

One evening, we sat on the sofa. I was shopping online on my phone while Aaron was working on his laptop. The tv was playing in the background. His arm brushed mine, and I felt like something awakened in me. It was impossible not to feel his presence. His scent was filling me, making me fully aware he was sitting beside me and close. I wanted to climb into his lap like a cat and purred. I tried to focus on the tv show, but then he leaned very close, and I almost forgot to breathe.

“Jess, are you cold?” Before I could say anything, he wrapped his arm around me.

I found myself very comfortable in his warmth. I let my mind focus on the tv. Absentmindedly I was playing with his pajama bottoms strings.

“Jess...” he almost moaned. “You’re making me hard.... to concentrate.” His lips brushed on my ear, which sent the goosebumps all over me. He leaned closer, and like a magnet, I was getting pulled to him. It was tempting. All logic and sense swept away from my mind when his hands went inside my shirt. The brush of his hard erection on my lower body and his mouth moved from my ear down to my neck.

The body and breath were heated. It may have been my hormones; that was making my heart flutter with excitement. Our mouths were impossibly close now. A strange feeling came over me, and I quickly snapped out of the temptation and backed away.

“I’m sorry, Aaron, I-I can’t.” I pushed myself out, jumped out of the sofa, and ran into my bedroom, and closed the door.

‘What the hell I’m doing?’

A knock came on the door, “Jess,” he softly whispered my name from the other side. “Is everything okay?” He asked, there was concern in his voice.

I leaned against the door that kept us apart.

“I’m leaving tomorrow, and I’ll be back in three days.” He said softly.

I was quiet and stood still in front of the closed door of my bedroom. I heard his footsteps descending away from the door. I rested my forehead on the wood and sighed with despair. Sadness flooded my eyes.

I was hurting him.


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