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Chapter 2 Part 2

At the office, I didn't see him at all. I assumed he'd left. The clock read Six fifteen, and I was ready to go home. I got in the elevator, and as per habit, I pressed P* for garage parking.

The garage was isolated and silent. My heels were the only sound that was echoing in the half-empty garage. I fished out the car key from my handbag, and I started to look for my car. I couldn't seem to locate where I'd parked. I tried to remember, and then I remembered; I'd never brought my car to work today. I groaned in frustration at my carelessness. I turned to walk towards the elevator, but I wasn't alone anymore. There was a man in a blue hoodie.

I walked past the guy in the hoodie.

I felt he was following me, so I began to walk a little faster, focusing on quickly reaching the elevator. It was chilly and cold, and I was scared and nervous.

All I'd with me was my keys and my weapon of choice.

I took a turn over the corner, a few more steps, and I'll be inside the elevator. I didn't know if I would be safe or not, but the camera can capture everything.

"Excuse me. Miss," a deep male voice came from the back. I heard him, but I pretended I didn't. He got close to me and poked me on my side. I felt a sharp point. I knew then it wasn't a gun and that I was about to be robbed or worse.

He covered my mouth so I wouldn't shout for help and crushed me against the wall. I didn't have anywhere to run. It was an enclosed private garage.

My handbag dropped from my shoulder onto my forearm.

"Give me your handbag." He mandated and put a strain on the spine with his stiff muscles. He stank of marijuana on him.

"Please don't hurt me," I mumble through his hand. That made him annoyed, and he pricks the sharp point going through my skin.

"Give me the bag, bitch," he began to snatch off my handbag from my forehand.

"Let her go." A loud voice—rolled over me with relief. "LET. HER. GO." He repeated every word in a stern tone.

The mugger went to stab or fight him, but the man moved quickly to the side and caught the mugger's hand with the knife, and pulled him to drive him away from me. Then punched the monster in his ribs. He fell to the ground holding his side. He groaned in pain. I was free to run away, but I didn't understand what to do in a situation like this? Since never have I been in one.

"Are you okay?" The bold man, his familiar face, had dissolved some of my anxiety, and tears started to flow, releasing the emotions. The mugger came running for a fight, "Behind you." I warned him.

He fought any attempt to oust him. I slowly seeped down on the ground. He and the mugger started to fight again. I covered my head in my legs with arms around and shut my eyes. "No... no..." I was, crying and sweating.

I heard commotion between them, and I didn't know what was going on, but I heard him yell. "Fucking bastard!"

I heard one shoe running away and another coming towards me.

"Hey... it's okay... I got you." The savior sheltered me under his body. His heart was beating faster than mine.

I couldn't stop crying, and in between my sob, I tried to speak. "I-I was s-so s-scared. I thought I was going to.." I was unstable and frightened.

"Shh..." He breathed. "Christ, you are shaking." He cradles me into his warmth a little tighter. "You're safe now." I was slowly beginning to relax in his embrace. There was a feeling of coziness. His fingers gently stroke up and down on my back. His short facial hair was brushing against my cheek to my ear. There was so much movement between us.

In stress-filled breathing, through the gentle massage, to the heat from his warm body, what then was the nature of these movements. The two sensual soft flesh touched, lightly at first. Then the slow action improved into a frenzy. It'd soothe my nerves, and all the stress was lulled by this surge of wetness, nibbling, and sucking. It also released heat and more passion. The rush of adrenaline was circulating, surging, and pumping in the heat of the moment. His tongue swirled. The contact of his tongue came in touch with mine, and the taste woke my senses.

'Why the hell is he kissing me?'

"Get off of me... you..." I shoved him hard, out of the way, pushed him to the ground, and stood up—disgusted.

"How dare you kiss me? How could you even think of kissing me in my vulnerable state." I stared at him in shock for a moment, hardly—not to say nervy to believe someone who can protect and then use the opportunity to gain something for his 'own' advantage.

He looked over at me, recovering quickly from the push, There was a look of utter shock on his face, but he didn't even seem to feel insulted. He scoffed a smile.

I gathered my stuff, "Shame on you." I muttered. "And stay away from me." I hissed at him and waited for the elevator to arrive. "God, such a loser." I stepped in, and as the door was closing in.

"Excuse me." He waved his hand in between the door to re-open. He stood in front of me with his arms wide open, holding the door from closing in. It was Mr. VP. Samuel Regan.

I stepped back, the cold rail behind me hit my small back.

"It was never my intention to do more than comfort you. It came as a shock to me, but it was YOU who'd started it. I was completely lead on." He concluded and stepped back, "You kissed me," he said, and with those last words, I watched him walk away as the door closed in.

'Did I?' I realized the error I made with my judgment. My thoughts were flitting about Regan's loyalty and virtues of kindness. I pouted and sulked throughout the ride home in a cab.


I swigged at the vodka. ′You kissed me,′ his words echoed in my ears. I took another shot of vodka. I dialed to call Alice; she didn't answer her phone, then I dialed to contact Sage.

"I almost got mugged, and I kissed the VP of my firm."

"Holy fuck! I'm coming over." Sage hangs up the call.

Alice called after seeing my missed call, and "Oh fuck! I'm on my way." She said.

In thirty minutes, one by one came in.

"You kissed your boss's boss?" Sage said when I opened the door.

"Yeah," I grimace.

"Alice is on her way," I told her and closed the door.

"I can't believe you kissed your Boss's boss." Alice made the same comment when I opened the door.

"Ugh.." I shut the door with irritation.

I told them everything, what had happened to me while eating chips and salsa and getting drunk.

Sage sighed, "I'm telling you, no place on earth is safe anymore."

"So how was the kiss? Did he kiss you back?" Alice's curious question made me think.

"Actually... that's the thing. I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know, you were the one who kissed him?" Sage said, and they both were staring at me now.

"One might think. He said I kissed him first," I took another swig of my drink. "I don't remember what exactly happened, and How did it happen? But when I realized what was going on. I shoved him, scolded him, and I called him a loser."

"You told him that." Alice's eyes went wide.

"I'm so fired." I groaned and caught my head in my hands.

"Or sued for sexual harassment," Alice said.

"FUCK!" I snapped my head up. "Fuck!" I took the vodka bottle out of Sage's hand and gulped down, and God did that burned my throat. I'm so going to regret this in the morning.

"Do you think you kissed him thinking of Aaron?" Alice's question caused an alarm and made me think.

'Did I?'

"Even if she didn't, at least she got her rebound kiss." Sage hi-fived with Alice at the comment. I think we are drunk now.

"You should apologize to your boss," Sage suggested, "and demand your job back."

"Hell no. I'm not ever going to see him again, and I'm going to quit my job first thing tomorrow in the morning." I think I'm a little drunk for a rash decision.

"You can't do that; every job requires you to give two weeks' notice." Alice was right.

"And the reason for leaving would be, To whom it may concern, I kissed our firm's VP." Alice laughed, literally rolling on the floor.

"And I don't even remember it," Sage added and laughed hysterically and now rolled with Alice.

"Damn," I said, and then we laughed aloud.

We laughed so much, and Sage said she had to go to pee.

We had so much fun together after so long, and I didn't want to end. I was bumped to wrap up our little nonsense party to get sober. Though I asked them to stay over, they both said no because we all had to work the next day.

I didn't go to the grocery to get tomatoes for Mrs. Hicks. I felt bad. Thankfully I have a couple of them in my refrigerator and gave them to her.


Three days have passed. I still have my job. The VP had left the same night I...kis... mugged, mugged sounds better.

However, there was no mention of this incident. It was an eerie feeling, too quiet for an accusation. Just like the calm before the storm, and that was making me worried. I was itching to contact Regan and apologized for my impulsive, erratic behavior.

My office phone rang, and I picked up to answer, "Hello."

"Jessica." It was Robert.

"What can I do for you?"

"Can you come to my office right away?" He ordered.

"Sure," I said.

The glass window of Robert's office was never frosted. However, today it was.

"Robert." I knocked on the wooden door.

"Come in, Jess," Robert said.

I entered, and As always, I was expecting Robert, sitting in his chair. Instead, I found Mr. VP sitting right there. Our eyes met, and I gulped. I now became very nervous. I looked away to see Robert, who was sitting on the sofa.

"What is she doing here?" Samuel Regan's tone was hurtful, and his words were unkind, his expression deadly. I instantly felt insulted, slightly shocked, and offended.

"I can leave," I said and was above to step back and close the door when Robert spoke. "Wait, Jessica."

"Regan, the reason I bring Jessica with me, into meetings and courts, because she's good, even though she started working here as a law assistant, I see big potential in her." Robert's kind and encouraging words brought my defused spirit to light.

"Fine. Whatever." He said roughly.

"Actually, can I speak with Jessica privately before we begin? If you don't mind, Robert." Regan requested. I could feel my heart racing.

Robert looked confused; he looked at me, then at him.

"O-okay." Robert stood up and buttoned his suit jacket, and closed the door behind him.

As soon as he left, "Take a seat, Jessica."

"Sir, before you begin, I would like to say something. I love my job here," I took in a deep, shaky breath, "and if I were to get fired for the thing that happened, which you've every right to do so. It was reckless on my part, and I don't want to drag anyone into this or involve the firm and would rather settle the matter privately."

"Okay." He said.

"O-okay?" I looked at him. Previously when speaking, I avoided looking into his eyes directly.

"Let's settle between us the next time I'm in the city." He said.

"Great!" I smiled. But when I saw his furrowed brow. "I mean, I'll find a good mediator to handle--."

"No need, we can just do it over dinner." He said abruptly, cutting me short.


"Jessica, can you kindly let Robert in? We need to get this meeting going. We've already wasted quite some time here."

"Y-yes, sir."

All through the meeting, he was very attentive, focused. He didn't meet my eyes or didn't even spare a glance my way when I was sharing my opinion. He'd entirely avoided me as if I was a gosht. It bothered me, all right, it shouldn't have, but it did. Why? I wish I'd an explanation.

After the meeting got over, I found him standing in front of the elevator, waiting for it to arrive; he was busy tapping on his phone. When the elevator came, he stepped in; I followed suit and faced the closing door in front of me.

While I ignored him in the elevator, he seemed to be getting annoyed, and it bothered me again—just the two of us in an empty bin. I felt him coming close to me from behind.

I glanced from the corner of my eye and saw his hand was coming in my direction.

"Do you mind? You're in my way." Rudely he passed his hand by me to press a button on the panel, which I failed to do so myself. I chewed on my bottom lip, then pressed three on the panel board for my floor.

We stayed quiet the entire ride.

The elevator stops, the door opens wide. I stepped out and turned to the elevator, "I'm really sorry for that day," I said.

"Whatever." He said without much eye contact.

"What's your problem? Why are you so arrogant?" I complained angrily.

"Do you want to know what my problem is, Jess?" He took a couple of steps forward. "You're so, goddamn beautiful, and I can't stop thinking of the kiss."

And the elevator door started to close in, while we both just stared into each other eyes.

I can't believe I yelled at my boss's boss.

I can't believe I called him arrogant.

And above all, I can't believe he said that.


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