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I broke the news to my Mom about my pregnancy, and Aaron was there the whole time, holding my hands, supporting me. Alice and Sage were shocked to death but were thrilled to be aunties.

A LOT of things changed in one year.

Dating Aaron was amazing, and I moved to New York with Aaron, got a job at a small firm. I had a cute tiny baby girl named Sami Regan. She was Aaron’s little angel; he called her Mimi, with love.

Aaron carried sleepy Mimi towards her bedroom. I followed them to go to our bedroom, and before I turned around the corner all of a sudden, I heard humming. It was Aaron singing the lullaby. I waited outside. I don’t want to walk in and interrupt him.

~Tiny are you, tiny is your heart, ~

~but you’re my whole world, always remember that.~

~When you cry, I’ll sing for you.~

~When you’re scared, I’ll keep you safe.~

~When you’re hurt, I’ll carry you, always.~

~ You’ll always be my little girl,

And I’ll always be your dad, always remember that.~

“Night, night... my angel.” He kissed her goodnight and pulled the blanket over her.

Oh, my poor, weak little heart couldn’t withhold so much happiness, and it flowed through my eyes.


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