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~Slowly and steadily, I become part of his story, and he became my entire tale.~

~ Love was destined to happen with Aaron.~


There were gossip and whispering throughout the office. Some girls on my floor were giggling and oohing instead of getting with their work.

“Hey, Donna, what’s going on?” I asked her.

“They all are talking about the man sitting in your office.”

“A man in my office, who?”

“Your boyfriend.”

“Aaron’s here?” It was past lunchtime, and I wonder what he’s even doing here?

“Could you please take these reports to Michael and these contracts need to be signed by Davis.”

“Sure,” Donna said.

“Thanks, Donna,” I said and made my way to my small office.

I took my time to observe him. This morning he’d tie and a blazer, dress for his meeting with investors—an elegant and formal man. Now he seemed relaxed, open collar, his shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbow, exposing his forearms, holding a picture frame in his hand.

“I love that picture of you and Mimi,” I interrupted.

“It’s a beautiful click,” he added.

“So, what can I do for you, Mr. Fort?” I asked in regard since he was visiting my office.

“I’m taking you on a trip?” He puts the picture frame in its place, where it belonged on my desk. “And we’re leaving now,” he added.

“Trip? Where?”

“Does it matter?” He asked with a raised brow.

“No. But it’s nice to know what’s the weather?” I asked, being reasonable.


“Why cold?”

“So I can keep you warm.” Ahh, the things this man says. I blushed, biting off my lip.

“And Mimi?” I asked.

“Your Mom and David are here to take care of Mimi. The only question is, are you ready?”

“Yeah, I am,” I said and blushed.


Together we walk out of the office, hand in hand. Almost all the girls were envious of me, so I gave them another reason to be jealous--I kissed Aaron. Right there in front of everyone, I claimed him. He was mine.

“Have a great long weekend, Jessica.” Donna winks at me.

“You too, Donna.”


We flew that same night to Alaska. It was cold for November, between thirty-seven and forty-four degrees Fahrenheit, but we roamed Alaska. I asked him— again. Why cold and not somewhere warmer?

He replied; The cold will keep us together and close. And boy did he keep his end of the bargain.

We saw northern lights, sipping hot tea, and bourbon. It was magical to see the band of color floating above us in the sky swaying around.

The heater in the room was comfortable. The morning rose, and I did too. Aaron was relaxing on the chair next to the bed, more like waiting for me. He smiled at me, almost mysteriously.

He came close and kissed me. I held his face in my hand, and I jolted up, almost clucked our heads in the process.

“Aaron, this... Aaron what..? I stammered. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There was a ring on my finger, and it was significant as if he’d pluck the north star out of the sky and placed it on my finger. I gazed over to Aaron.

“So. Do you like it?” He asked.

“That’s what you wanted to know if I like the ring?”

“Well, I have never purchased a piece of jewelry before, so I was just curio—”


He chuckled and got down on his knees and took my hand. There was a delighted spark in his eyes and salty liquid in mine.

“Jessica, when I first thought of making you mine, I never had a second thought, because Jess with you, everything feels right, and you’re the person I want to spend my entire life with.”

“Marry me, Jessica.” He held my hands near his lips and kissed my knuckles.

“Don’t you think it’s too soon?” I asked.

“Jess, since I met you, I regret not meeting you sooner. So no, it’s not too soon. It’s too late.” He answered admirably. He was making me fall in love again with him.

“Since when did you decide all of this?” I asked.

“Since ever.” He said and frowned and tilted his head to one side. “Jess. You haven’t answered my question yet?”

I slid down the bed, towards him, to his eye level. “To the outside world, my parents were known for their fairy tale love and happy marriage. They did love each other, but there were many issues between them like any other married couple.”

“She was a nurse, and her job was demanding. Sometimes she would work late at night. Dad, however, wanted her to quit her job and travel around the world with him. Growing up, I witnessed their fights; they fought a lot. It changed my panorama view on marriages’ love is a dream, but marriage is a harsh reality. I did not ever want to waste my life in marriage,” I paused. I realized I’ve never spoken about this out loud to anyone.

“What are you saying, Jess?” Aaron asked nervously.

I placed my lips on his lips to make him silent.

“Very quickly, I learned that marriage is like a slow poison, it kills love over time, and it only leads to fights and brings issues and pulls apart from one another.”

Aaron’s eyes were observing me. Fear was clearly evident on his face.

I crawled over him, weakly and slowly making him lay on his back.

“But you, you made it seem easy, very easy, and changed my view.”

Strong desires sparked inside me. The words were trembling on my lips.

“I already have the ring on my finger, Aaron Fort.” I pampered him with kisses all over his face, scooting down to his body to take his hard penis and forced inside me, making him weep a moan.

“I want all of you. Inside and out.” I place my right hand on his heart and bend down, “Yes, I’ll marry you,” I said softly against his lips.


~My life was destined to happen with you, Aaron.~

~And thus, we became two bodies and one heart.~


“Be mine forever.” He said and placed this band, a promise of love in my finger.

Jessica’s Vows:

“When we first met, I asked him if he ever found love?

He said no, but I found my Jess.

You’re my beautiful experience of first love.

You’ve filled me with great happiness, hopes, and colorful dreams.

And until there is life in this body.

I promise to you, my beloved,

I am for you, and you are for me.”


Aarons Vows:

You’re my first love,

My golden one, you’re the light of my life,

And you gave me the world, even a little girl, our daughter Mimi, and I’ve no wishes left in me now. Except, except to fulfill all of yours.

I’ll give you all my happiness, darling, and I will take all your sorrows.

You’re my destiny; You’re my dream, my love, my beating heart.

I promise I am yours for life.

~: THE END: ~

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