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With the merger being right at the corner, work was getting hectic. Tuesday evening, I got back home from work and found a brown box sitting outside my door. I don’t remember ordering anything online, a mail carrier must have made a mistake, but it had my name and address on it?


I carried it with me inside and opened the brown box. In between the foam popcorn, there was another small velvet box tucked inside. On opening the velvet box, I found a cylinder shape, stick, covered with rhinestone. It looked like a lipstick and was personalized with my initials ‘JS’ on it.

“A lipstick taser?” The question was, “And just who’d sent me this?”

Curiously I dug inside the big box for more information and found a note that said:

‘For your security. Carry it with you at all times.’


“Oh my god, he didn’t.” I looked at it again. “He did.” I smiled.

“I can’t believe he did that.” I smiled again.

I stared at my phone. I don’t have his digits, but I could easily get his phone number from the firm profile, then I thought I should thank him personally.

But I never saw Sam again for three days, so I never got a chance.


I found out Regan was attending a meeting in a conference room B. Sadly, I was not involved. I wanted to see him, only because I wanted to thank him personally for the gift he’d sent but missed my chance. Unfortunately, the day was almost over, and we didn’t see each other all day.

Robert had told me to take some of the files out of his office and to put them in conference room B. As I walked in, I stumbled into Sam.

“Jessica.” He sounded a little surprised. “You still here?” He said, checking his wristwatch.

“And so are you?” I smiled.

“I’d missed you--” I began, but he suddenly spoke and cut me off.

“You did?!” He’d a look of stunned surprise on his face. I think he misunderstood what I was going to say.

“All day, I wanted to say thank you for the taser. It was very thoughtful of you.” I clarified.

“Aah..that.” He sounded a little disappointed.

“No problem,” he said and went back to work. The pose he was sitting in said it all ‘DO NOT BOTHER ME ANYMORE.’

“Yup.” I took the cue to leave him alone.

I got ready to leave with my keys out in my hand, waiting for an elevator to pick me up. When the door opened, it revealed Regan standing inside, with two other gentlemen in an elevator. I just stood outside, standing, deciding what to do next? His eyes fell on my keys and formed the most delightful smile on his face. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Are you going down?” One of the men standing among them asked.

“Yeah,” I stepped in and pressed the lobby button. I'd started parking my car at the curbside; the garage still frights me. The other two men got off on the twelfth floor.

As soon as the door closed, my keys were gently snatched from my hands by him, which made me turn to see him. He was slowly feeling the device with his finger.

“I like how small it is and conveniently fits with my other keys,” I said.

“I’m glad to see you have it ready. I hope you never used it on me.” He joked and laughed too. I liked him when he laughed so genuinely, that made him look more human than a stone.

“I hope not.” I teased.

“If your boyfriend finds out you kissed another man, what would he think of you?” That was so unexpected what he just asked.

He held the keys out for me to grab them.

“If only I’d one...” I shrugged and took the keys from him.

“Why did you kiss me?” Again unexpected and sudden. I knew he would ask me that burning question sometime, and today so be it. I looked at the tiny screen showing the floor countdown, nine more floors to go.

“I-I don’t know,” I spoke softly. “I don’t even remember the kiss...” I trailed off, looking down at the floor.

Suddenly the elevator bounced and had stopped. I gasped as fear washed through me. I looked up and saw Sam’s hand was on the red ‘STOP’ button. He’d made the elevator to halt in place.

“You don’t remember the kiss... at all?” He asked. I shook my head and gulped. “You don’t have any recollection of how it felt?” He was shocked by my reply. It bothered him, I can tell. “Do you even know how much the kiss has affected me?”

“I-I’m sorry, I should have never kissed you.” I apologized. God, I wanted to run away and hide.

He stood with his eyes wide in disbelief. Was probably wondering how could that be even possible?

His fists clenched. “How could you not remember the kiss? How could you pretend as nothing happened, when the feelings, the emotions were all there.” He took a couple of steps towards me, making me backed up to the wall.

I didn’t know what to say or what could I say?

“Well, if you don’t remember that, maybe you’ll remember this.” He said, closing the gap between us.

“What?!” My heart hammered against my chest, adrenaline-rushed through me when he brought his face so close to mine.

“I’m very attracted to you, Jess.” He whispered almost toxically, sending shivers down my spine. His breath brushed my face softly.

“S-sam...” I breathed his name. It lured him, and he grabbed my face and smashed his lips on me. My eyes went wide at the touch of his lips.

His lips moved like a river flowing in endless sinuous curves, and everything became too hazy and uncertain in my mind at this point. My eyes closed, my hands grasped at his suit lapel.

There it was. The one thing I had never felt when we first kissed, the feeling which I never found came pouring down on me.

I moaned, and he pressed his body on me; his leg went in between mine, grinding his bulge on me--igniting a hot erotic pleasure. His tongue parted my lips, asking me to submit, and I did. Our tongues got the taste of each other. The moist kiss ran the length of a full-fledged make-out session. I didn’t remember the first time we kissed, but I was certainly going to remember this kiss--by heart. It was full of passion, intimate, intense, and impossible to ignore. He was making sure this time, I won’t forget.

Sam left my lips and pressed his parted lips on my neck. His hands were searching for an opening of my shirt, desperate to touch my body’s bare skin.

“Sam, wait,” I said. He paid no heed and pulled my neatly tucked shirt out of my skirt.

“Please stop.” I put intense pressure on his chest, and that forced him to yield.

He was panting heavily. “I’m sorry I got carried away.” He smiled. He wasn’t even sorry, I could tell with that amused grin plastered on his face. Stepping back, Sam reached for the red stopped button, which allowed the elevator to move again.

I wiped my wet mouth.

‘What the hell just happened?’

We just shared a steamy, passionate kiss.


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