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Chapter 3 Part 2

Saturday morning, my idle morning, I began mixing flour, eggs, milk, and sugar. I thought of visiting Mom and surprised her at her workplace. Most doctors would take a day off on weekends and let the on-call doctor handle the situation, but my Mom will go to the hospital to see her patients. Unless otherwise, I tell her, I wanted to spend time, and she would take that weekend off for me.

That afternoon I visited Dr. Skyy. Waiting in her office, she was making her rounds.

“Sharon.” A man with a knock on the door entered.

“Jessica?” He looked surprised to find me instead of Mom.

He was a perfect looking man, salt and pepper hair, tall, strong sculpted jaw. Even in his doctor suit, he seemed robust.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think we’ve met before?” I said.

“Your pictures are all over her office wall.” He points to the wall.

“Right.” I left dumbfounded. “Mom is doing her rounds,” I told him.

He looked at his wristwatch. “She should be back any minute now.”

“Cupcake, doctor..?” I offered him a box of chocolate and pink lemon vanilla.

“David Steller.” He introduced himself and stretched his hand out at me.

“Nice to meet you.” I shook his hand.

“You look so much like her, and I bet Sharon was beautiful at your age. Not that she is now. She is beautiful and even more graceful.” David said and chose the chocolate cupcake, one from the middle.

“What does she like, your mother? What interests her?” He asked in a very intrusively manner.

O, he likes my mommy, I giggled.

“I think you should ask her and get to know each other.” I tend to simplify.

“You’re a smart kid.” He said and took a bite of the cupcake. “Hmm...very moist and rich.. so creamy.” He made a compliment.

“Jessie makes the best cupcakes,” Mom announced as she entered her office.

She walks in and hugs me, then turns her attention to David. “What can I do for you, David?”

“These reports just came in; you can look at it later.” David handed out the purple file folder to my Mom.

“You didn’t have to come all way down here, David. You’d send it with the nurse.”

“Well, I’m glad I did.” He raised his half-eaten cupcake in the air. “Jessica, it was very nice to meet you.”

“Same here.” I blushed.

“Later, gator.” He winked and exited.

“There are three left in the box for you, Mom.” I slid the box towards her.

“Why didn’t you call before? We could have met for lunch, Jessie.”

“Yeah, but I already ate a big breakfast,” I said, pointing at the cupcakes. “So, David seems nice. How old do you think he is?” I said suggestively.

“Old enough to be your father.” Her eyes narrowed, she said with a rude tone, and with that tone, I knew better to stop. So I laid it down and straight.

“Exactly, Mom.”

She furrowed her brow even deeper.“What are you implying?” She asked, with that look on her face.

“I’m saying you should go on a date when he asks you?” I explain without stepping on her toe--Hopefully.

“Jessica, I’m not interested—”

“But he does. Having one meal and a conversation, even as a friend, won’t hurt.” I picked up my handbag, “It’s been a very long time, and it’s okay, Mom.” I assured her, I don’t have a problem with her dating either David or anyone else.

I walk out the door, leaving her with a decision to make. Then I waited just for a couple of seconds and swung back, and ducked in. She was reading the file David had handed her earlier, sitting behind her desk.


She glanced up to look at me.

“You should wear your red and white dress,” I suggest tentatively.

Her smile gave me a look of adoration.

It felt nice.

After all these years, she’d fulfilled the role of being both parents—single-handedly. She was strict and strong like fathers were, but at the same time, caring and nurturing. She was somewhat like me in a way, or maybe I was like her—trying to tackle all the problems by ourselves without asking for help or pity.

She’d nourished me with endless love, and I valued that, but now, burden off her shoulder, all I want to see my mother be happy. There was one thing in her life missing, which she needed to have in her life.

I was waiting for an elevator when I heard my name called from behind.


“Ethan, Hi.” We hugged.

(Dr. Ethan Chang: Alice’s ex, they were dating and were living together for five years.)

“So how are you?” It was awkward to run into him like this since they were not together anymore. And I was trying to do small talk.

“Ya, just working.” He looked tired. The dark circles under his eyes showed how deeply he was hurt.

“How have you been?” He asked.

“Good, and you?”

“How is Alice?” He asked instead of answering my question. He was still very much in love with Alice.

“She’s trying her best.”

“I miss her. I do.” He sounded sad and pathetic.

I let the moment pass. “Ethane, you’re a good person, but sometimes things just don’t work the way we always wanted.”

“I proposed to her Jess, and she just ran away.”

Ugh, god, it was getting awkward by the moment. ‘O, Alice.’

“You can’t tie up anyone and make them love you. It was always one-sided, Ethane. Alice has found her bliss, and you need to accept that.”

“I know. It’s just hard to get over someone you love for so long,” Ethane paused, and I took that opportunity to console him with a hug.

The elevator arrived. “You take care now,” I said and stepped in.

“Hey, and if you’re in the city, maybe we can have lunch sometime,” I said and waved him bye.

I was coming out of the building, walking towards my car. I jiggled my keys out of my purse. Every time I see this damn taser, I think of Sam and the image of us kissing, repeating by itself over and over in my head.

Then my phone pinged. I got a text from Alice and Sage. ‘Let meet at Jaws tonight.’

I replied, ‘Yes.’


On my arrival, I parked my car outside of the sports bar. The place was packed but manageable. The crowd was a mix of youngsters, local bikers, and husbands who desperately wanted to get out of the house to watch the game on the big screen and hang out with their buddies. I can’t say that I love it, but it made me feel welcome.

It wasn’t deafening. But to my wildest surprise, guess who was behind the bar—Sam Regan, he was bartending.

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