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On the merger’s success and in honor of Robert Keen made partner, the firm hosted a lavish gala dinner.


In the evening, on the night of the Gala.

I made my entrances and gazed at the formation of this assembly. A beautiful crystal chandelier, like a giant diamond pendant–dangling from above, in the middle of the hall–making itself stand out and very important, putting every other jewelry to humble.

The crowd mingled. I nodded at the people I knew and smiled.

I found Robert, who was ecstatic to be named partner, and he deserved it. Then I saw Patricia, who was in a grey silver dress. “Oh, darling, look at you.” She complimented me, and us air-kissed.

Then comes a familiar acquaintance to my sight, and he looked dapper in his tux and a bow tie.

He was talking with two gentlemen. When he caught a glimpse of me, he excused himself from the conversation with them. He steadily made his way towards me as the pianist playing the music, and the effects around him blurred, bringing only him to my focus.

He’d locked my eyes, with those sharp looks and chiseled face. His messy curls that made him stand aside from the rest was now in true gentleman’s style and slick. I took my eyes off of him because he just looked so sexy made me feel hot.

He said he liked me, and we didn’t get to talk since we got interrupted by Robert, who came looking for Sam to deliver the good news about the merger.

I intended to move and got myself a flute of bubbly off the tray that flew by me.

“Miss. Skyy,” Sam called.

I pressed my lips with annoyance and turned around to look at him.

“Good evening, Sir,” I said.

“You look even more beautiful, and you make that dress look more graceful.” He said it so genuinely that I couldn’t deny but to blush.

“And now you’re blushing.” He pointed out with a sly smile, causing me to blush even brightly. I turned around to look away and tried my hardest to flatten my smile, but the grin remained wide.

“Did you know they’ve got a tulip garden, or was it a rose garden? Care to find out?” He smiled and stuck his elbow out.

“Sure.” I hooked my arm in his.


We started a leisure stroll through the beautiful colored rose bushes bloomed on either side of the path, whisking their rosy fragrances in the air. The crescent smile of the moon, peeking at us from behind the passing clouds.

I wondered if he brought me here to carry out the conversation, to which we never got to talk further?

“I knew they were Roses.” He confessed.

“And I know that you knew,” I said, aware of his harmless lie.

“Did you come with a date?” He asked, straight off. I wouldn’t have wanted him prying into my personal life, but it was only a matter of fact after all the intimacy we’d shared. Besides, I think he was only making sure I was alone.

“No,” I said without hesitation.

“How is a beautiful girl like you—detached.” He said these words slowly, without emphasizing the word alone or single. He asked in willingness to learn more about me.

“It’s none of your business.”

“Ahh... You found someone, but I’m guessing it didn’t last.” He said.

I remain quiet for some movement, thinking of Aaron, and strangely this was the first time I thought of Aaron while I was with Sam. “Yes. I did, but distance tore us apart.”

“You are hurt. I can feel it.” He said. It chafes me inside that my pain was easily giving evidence.

“Would you go back to him if he returns to you?” He asked, and I’d close my eyes to bring the picture of Aaron and me together.

‘Would I?’

My thoughts cling to Aaron’s tangible memory, and his every little gesture and those moments, the time we’d spent together.

‘Wait. Why was Sam asking me these questions?’

Immersed in thoughts, I almost tripped; my shoe got entangled with the hem of my gown somehow. Thankfully Sam caught me just in time and clutched me to his chest.

“Are you okay?” He said, clearing the hair away from my face. I only nodded, barely registering the world around me, as I found myself getting lost in his eyes. I couldn’t help but embraced him back. His hands roamed over my complete open back, and the fondness only grew.

“I like you, Jessica. I like you very much.” He said, and slowly, his soft lips touched mine. I gasped, and my body went still. I tried to push him, but he bit my lower lip lightly, and in response, I opened my mouth, and he let himself in, swirling his tongue.

I moaned.

The passions, the magic—prevailed over on all the other emotions.

We slowed down, our lips were apart, but our forehead remained touched. Everything at this moment felt so right.

‘How does he always manage to leave me with a breathless mess?’

“W-we should go.” I eased out from his care; I couldn’t meet his eyes because ‘I think I started to like him too.’


I looked up at him, feeling excited.

“I’m just a stumbling block in your way. You should know that.”

Just when you think the feelings of hope were getting better, his phantasm never changes; the flow of words is always an eternal torment.

“You know Sam, you say you’ll break my heart, and yet you always manage to do so after every kiss,” I told him and then rush out of sight, getting away from him. Tears were rolling down my face.

He called my name, but I turned a deaf ear.


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