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Mia is a typical 16 year old *thinks about boys,music and herself* her life was doing okay until a letter arrived from her father who has been missing for 6 months!! Now.....this is tough,right?

Romance / Poetry
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Perfect day

Do you ever think about your day when you lie in your bed?

I do. I think about the whole day,kind of a lonely feeling if I am true to myself and ofcourse to you.

My days usually started and ended with me. Iwas never the popular girl and I was noth the typical nerd. So teachers didnt consider me and students bullied me.

Not all students. My friend, Advait stands up for me. He is a popular guy himself but somehow,he still remembers how we used to be in kindergarten and middle school. Advait is the only thing that makes me wake up every single morning.

And I hate the days where I have to be in his football practice. Its just so bad that I want to crawl under something that protec5s me from the stares. The deadly stares of Amanda bill.

Amanda is someone no one messes with. She is the typical "cheerleading/A grade student /pretty/just PERFECT girl" and yes, she likes advait as you would have guessed by now.
Basically I get it. He is cute and she is pretty !! But Amanda thinks that I am her potential candidate in this "who will get advait?" Which is a Multi talented game.

When I think all of this , I forget that I am not 8nvolved in any of it. Basically people who doesnt give a shit about me take up all the place in my life and I just get the chance to recount it.
Yep! He is cute and smart and kind and he LIKES me. But not like 'I like her secretly amd I would propose to her after colllege' kind of way . Its more of like 'I like her and Thats it' kind of way.

So yes!! I dont have a boyfriend neither a socially acceptable social life!! I am in high school and I am literally in need of help and no one can hear me shouting cause I am just drowning.

All I want in my life was one perfect day.
And somewhere along this rapid line of thinking process, I fell asleep .

Falling into a dream which is always accompanied by coldplay.

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