Imperfect Balance

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A princess that is part of the balance of China who has to be betrothed off to a prince. Not only does the shadiness of the prince concerns her, she worries for the reason of the engagement. 12 Kingdoms filled with dark secrets.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

China....Famous for its Silk Roads, and creation of the Chinese Zodiac. Long ago, the Chinese zodiac had been separated into 12 empires scattered through Asia. Each empire represented by its zodiac. My kingdom, is the dragon empire, famous for our nobleness and honor. As my mother told me, we are part of the balance.

The world has its opposites. Day or night, up and down, sound or silence. Sometimes it means to combine both opposites together to keep balance. But what if I told you, I disagree. My name is Yang, 16 years old, the dragon princess, a royal blood who possesses the ability of fire.

As I told you before, my kingdom is a part the balance. My fiance is Yin, 17 years old. He is the snake prince, who possesses the ability of transformation and dark magic. You see, our families brought us together to balance both of our worlds into peace. We are one of the six marriages to carry this balance til days end. In my opinion, it would be a disaster. I don’t even know who even made this marriage bogus up?!

My parents said that I will be meeting him in the annual festival, where all the connected empires join together for a fancy feast. You see, the reason I’m worried is that the snake empire is very mysterious. But some people say that we are the key to greatness...hopefully.

The servants enter my room and get me ready for the feast. They change me into my red robe lined with golden patterns. The servants around me stare in awe and say,“Princess, you look absolutely beautiful in your mother’s dress!” I sit there looking down at what I’m wearing. “I guess I have no other choice.”

I put on my black flats and head towards the huge dining hall before the servants can finish fixing my hair. “Wait, princess! We’re not finished!“, the servants called out. I couldn’t even hear them with my busy mind. “Keep calm. Keep calm. Keep calm.” Repeating over and over to myself that everything will be alright. Before I can open the door, my mother stops me. She looks at me in disapproval and says,” Yin, how many times have I told you about your hair? You must at least look decent for tonight.”

She snaps her fingers and with that, a servant quickly fixes my hair into a bun and places my mother’s gold hair pin, that was shaped with our dragon symbol. The servant quickly brushes my lips with a red tint. The servant bows and leaves. My mother smiles and says,“You look beautiful. Now, you’re ready.”

I finally open the door and hear my mother introducing me to the visitors. They all bow respectfully as I bow too. The come towards me to ask about all kinds of things. “How are you? Do you know how your future husband looks like? Interests? Ready to take responsibilities?” I was trying to keep up with all these flooding questions. It was disturbing. I didn’t really know what to say, but just smile and nod.

I sat down next to a boy who was from the tiger empire. I knew that he and his family were one of my father’s allies. He turned to me and smiled,“You must be the famous dragon princess. Very nice to meet you in person.” I bowed my head and said,“Likewise.”

“I heard the snake prince will finally attend to this annual’s feast tonight. About time something interesting happened all night,”he said with confidence. I simply shrugged and stared at my cup of tea. The tiger prince leaned in to see my reaction to his comment, but he saw that I was unaffected.

“You’re a serious one. And I was hoping to hang out with someone fun,” he pouted. I rolled my eyes and laughed. “I can be fun if I want, but I’m trying to be mature, unlike you.” He just grinned at me with a silly expression. As I was about to sip on my jasmine tea, a guard rushed in the middle of the feast. “The snake emperor and his people have arrived,” he announced.

Everyone looked a bit nervous, which confused me. I turned to the “tiger guy” and asked, “Why do they all look nervous? Is he that scary?” He turns to me and smirks, “Well, the snake emperor is known as death in the human flesh. But I don’t believe any of those rumors. They’re all scaredy-cats, but we tigers are fearless and nothing scares me. Besides, here he comes.” I quickly turn to the door and there he is, the mysterious snake prince, along with his shady father, the snake emperor.

I started having second thoughts on what I said to myself earlier. Everything is not okay... It’s only been a few minutes and I’m already getting anxious! As they all bow down nervously at them, the “tiger boy” whispers in my ear,” I heard a rumor that the mysterious prince is a very complicated person. He wants to be the center of attention. This makes it harder for him to socialize”.

As the snake emperor was talking to my father, the snake prince comes towards my way. I begin to panic and the “tiger boy” was signaling me “good luck,”. I glare at the tiger boy and turn my attention back to the snake prince.

The snake prince takes my hand and says,”Pleasure to meet your acquaintance, dragon princess. My name is Yin.” I kinda felt uncomfortable, but I knew that greet him back, although I can sometimes speak rather bluntly. I drew my hand by and answered, “Yang, nice to meet you too.” I noticed that he had dark silver eyes that were looking straight at me with darkness.

I didn’t know what to say to him but “tiger boy” interrupted my thoughts. He placed his arm over my shoulder and said,“So, snake prince, I don’t mean to burst your bubble. If you’ll excuse us, me and my friend Yang over here, are headin’ to the garden.” He took my hand as we headed to the garden. I turned around to see the black prince and he did not seem happy. As we stopped, I turned to tiger boy and said, “So what was that about? You know we can’t just leave like that.”

He turns to me and grins, “Oh, it was nothing! I just wanted to get away from this boredom. It looked like you also needed it...Perhaps, I was also seeing if the rumors were true. By the way the name’s Laohu jingshen.”

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