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Whispered Desires

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"Awe, you hurt my feelings, fire girl." "I didn't know you had any, fuckboy." _________________________________________________________________ Falling in love is never easy. But what do you do when the one person you are not supposed to fall in love with, ends up being the only one you want? Kilian and Jasmine couldn't be more different. Jasmine Watson is the strong one, the one the guys want to be friends with, the one that beats up her best friend's enemies... She's not at all what Kilian Rogers is looking for. Because Kilian aka. Kill Rogers needs a woman that goes through life the way he does: Easy, quick, and without regrets. At least that's what he thinks until he finds a challenge that will end up changing his life...

Romance / Erotica
Jane C. Rain
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The Wedding


God, I fucking hate weddings.

As much as I love my bestie Hayden, I can’t just watch the whole ordeal without wanting to throw up. Don’t get me wrong, he and Mila make a beautiful couple, and I’m really happy for him. Especially now that there’s a baby on the way as well, because I know how much he wanted this. But still... It’s just not my thing.

But, being the best friend that I am, I fulfill my obligations, hollering when they kiss and making sure I applaud and joke at the right moments. If there’s one person on this earth that’s worth going through this hell, it’s Hayden, and so I happily offer my sacrifice.

And then, when they walk back down the aisle, of course not without Hayden being who he is, lifting Mila up in the middle of the walk and tongue-fucking her in front of friends and family, they finally disappear in the house, doing god knows what.

Finally, fucking finally, the moment has come.

It’s my time to shine, because now comes the only part of weddings I actually love.

Finding one of those desperate women who just need someone to make them feel good, because their sole confidence and self-worth is measured by the existence of some man, preferably a rich and handsome one.

I never understood why women talk themselves down like that, really. Okay, admittedly, watching someone like Hayden Cross, the star quarterback and every woman’s dream, getting married, might tug at more than one heartstring. But still, it’s pathetic, to an extent.

It’s also society, I guess. And even though I’m not an asshole, I am still a man and in desperate need of some long-legged beauty on top of me.

Luckily it only takes a few minutes until one of the blonde, very tall waitresses shoots me a flirty smile, her long legs swaggering on the gravel path in the garden. I will always respect how women manage to walk on these ridiculous high heels, especially on grounds so unsteady like this one.

“Hello, handsome.” She stops right next to me and whispers into my ear. In her heels she’s even a little taller than I am, and I can’t deny that it somehow turns me on. Goddamn.

“Hey, gorgeous. How are we doing tonight?” I grab one of the beer bottles from her tray as I reply, bringing it to my lips with a smirk. The tall blonde girl now walks in front of me, the tray still balancing on her hand as she studies me up and down, eye-fucking me without any shred of decency whatsoever.

I watch as she drags her teeth along her bottom lip, giving me all the fucking signs I’ve waited for. This will be a quick one, I’m sure.

“I’m really good... What about you? You look...” she glances at me, her tongue darting over her lips before she continues. “You look thirsty.”

She shoots me a wink, and I can’t help but grin at her, definitely having to bite back a laugh from how easy this is going. I mean seriously, I’m not even trying.

“Oh, yeah. I definitely am.” I’m not ashamed of the way I take in her appearance. She’s the typical fuck and chuck kind of girl, big boobs and legs for days, fake blonde hair combined with a boring but still objectively beautiful face.


“You wanna get out of here, Mr Rogers?” She bats her eyelashes at me. I’m not surprised that she knows who I am, it’s probably the reason this is going so fast. I might not be star quarterback Hayden Cross, but I am L.A.’s best wide receiver, and as much as I know that Hayden is bloody brilliant, I also know we’re at our best when we can rely on each other. It’s all we’ve ever done.

“I’d love to.” I stretch out my arm, and the blonde immediately places the tray on an empty table next to us before she places her hand in the crook of my elbow.

No, I’m not asking for a name. She knows who I am. She knows how this works. No name, no problems. Easy.

And so I lead the girl - let’s call her Patricia for now - towards the far end of the garden, steering straight towards the shed Hayden and I built there just a few weeks ago.

As soon as I close the door behind us Patricia falls to her knees, her fingers immediately starting to work on my belt buckle while she licks her lips. She shoves down my suit pants, her fingers instantly wrapping around my cock as soon as she pulls it out of my boxers.

“Mhh... Daddy has a big dick.”

Oh, good lord... She’s a daddy’s girl.

Well, this will be fun.

She flicks her tongue over my tip and then takes him in her mouth, her head instantaneously bobbing up and down. I can’t help but grab the back of her head and steer a bit, causing her to gag a little before she pulls back and spits on my now rock hard member.

“Fuck me, daddy...” She whines, but I just slam her back on my cock, making her squeal in surprise.

“Not yet.”

I groan when she starts sucking profoundly, her fingers kneading my balls as she picks up the pace.

“Fuck, keep going. That’s good...” My hand is still on the back of her head as I slam inside of her, fucking her mouth with everything that I have as she starts to gag again.

“Fuck...” I pull her hair back, watching as the saliva runs down my balls when she tries to speak.

“Will you fuck me now, daddy?” Her voice sounds desperate, and I can’t deny that it’s a huge turn-on. But still, I slam inside her mouth once more, making her squeal before I wrap my hand around her hair and pull her away from me, strings of spit still connecting to my dick.

“Get up. Turn around and spread your legs.” I order as I take a step back, pointing to the wall to our left. She does as I say, her hands flat against the wooden wall as she spreads her legs.

“You want me to fuck your pussy, yeah?” She vigorously nods her head, a squeal escaping her throat when I cup her mound with my hand.

“Yes, daddy. Please...”

God, the fucking daddy bullshit...

I quickly grab a condom from my wallet and put it on while she shimmies out of her panties, leaving her big ass straining against the tight mini skirt she’s wearing.

Without any warning I plunge into her, almost making her scream if it weren’t for my hand that quickly covers her mouth. I gotta give it to her, she has a nice pussy. Wet and tight just the right amount, and she knows how to do that thing where she squeezes my dick with it... It’s good.

“Aw fuck, just like that. Keep going.”

She bites into my hand as I keep slamming into her, and I feel the way her walls tighten around me even more, making me pick up the pace, chasing my high...

“Kill! Where the fuck are you?!”

The voice from outside the shed makes me stop what I’m doing, a huge grin crossing my face as soon as I know who it belongs to.

Jasmine Watson.

My best friend’s wife’s best friend, and an absolute pain in my ass. We’re always riling each other up, and boy oh boy does it feel like it’s time for another tease.

“I’m in the shed” I shout before thrusting back into the blonde, who now shoots me a weird look, but I just grab a fistful of her hair and pull her head back, not wanting to look at her bland face as I pound into her.

“I swear to God, Kilian, I will fucking end... OH MY FUCKING GOD!”

And there she is, standing between the door and the frame, her wide eyes taking in the scene in front of her.

“Oh, fuck, daddy!” Patricia calls out, and I just slap her ass in response, my eyes still focused on the all too startled Jasmine in front of me.

“So that’s where the waitress went! Fuck you, Kilian! People are dying of thirst out there!” She yells at me, but her face betrays her tough demeanor, her crimson-colored cheeks giving away her obvious discomfort.

“Well, I’m not thirsty anymore, so...”

Okay, I do feel a little bad. I don’t want to ruin their wedding, but both Hayden and Mila slapped my wrist in forbidding me to fuck any of the guests.

“Are you fucking with me right now, Kilian?!” She yells again, and I can’t help but shrug as I keep thrusting into the waitress, who is still trying to turn her head. I just push her forward though, not feeling like seeing her face right this moment. Instead, I focus on the blue-eyed redhead who has been getting on my nerves ever since the day I met her, and I can’t deny that I’m smug as hell by the fact that she seems to be actually speechless.

“No, I’m fucking her right now, actually. But you can join if you want.” I can’t help but grin as I point to Patricia in front of me.

“What?” The blonde speaks, but I just ignore her as I stop my movements for a second, shooting a toothy grin at Jasmine who still looks like she’s about to burst.

Gotcha, girl.

“I... You...” I can see she’s having a hard time focussing on my face instead of my dick, which is still buried deep in Patricia aka blonde waitress. But then Jasmine shakes her head and heaves a sigh, her hand on the door handle as she turns before looking at me over her shoulder.

“Hurry the fuck up. They want to do the dance in five minutes.”

“I’ll be there.” I reply immediately, but she just smirks.

“That’s obvious. I don’t expect your tiny dick to last longer than that.”

She shoots me a wink and I can’t help but laugh, shaking my head as I gesture to the member that’s still buried deep in the blonde girl.

“You can join us and find out, sweetheart.”

But she just laughs and flips me off, her long red hair flowing in the wind as she closes the door behind her, her voice traveling through the door as she calls back.

“Not in your wildest dreams, tiny D!”

And I can’t help but laugh again, I bloody love fucking with her.

“Daddy?” Patricia’s voice breaks my thoughts, and I just roll my eyes before I simply plunge into her again. I immediately pick up the pace, driving both of us to the edge in a matter of minutes, even though I have to admit I’m both disgusted and turned on at the same time, a certain redhead clouding my mind.

I dispose of the condom and straighten myself up after we finish, same as the blonde who’s picking up her panties from the wooden floor.

“Well... That was... Interesting. Maybe don’t let someone walk in the next time you fuck a girl in a barn.”

She raises an eyebrow at me and I just shake my head, running a hand through my hair in an attempt to fix it up.

“Ah, I thought it was fun. Thanks for the fuck, though.”

I shoot her a wink and dive out of the shed, looking for that particular redhead again.

And it doesn’t take long until I find her at the side of the dancefloor in the living room, her eyes focused on Mila and Hayden, who now enter the room with wide grins on their faces. I have to admit, they are sickenly cute.

I make my way over to Jasmine, sneaking up on her from behind as she takes a sip of her champagne glass.

“Sorry about the waitress.” I keep my voice light as I look at her, but she just nods her head, her eyes still directed at our friends who now start dancing to some sappy Elvis song.

Their dance is cute, and Hayden being Hayden he carries Mila half the time, letting her stand on his feet as he swirls and carries them around. Damn, with Mila being as pregnant as she is she surely can’t be a lightweight, right?

A quiet sniffle from right in front of me makes me look away from the newlyweds and back at Jasmine, who now frantically wipes her face. I can’t help but lean forward to look at her properly, and I actually have bite back a laugh with the look on her face.

“Are you seriously crying right now?!” Her head whips around as she shoots me a glare, even though her eyes don’t hold that usual fire in them.

“Shut up.” She hisses, but I just take a step back before taking another one forward, her back flush against my chest as I whisper into her ear.

“Are you sad because I fucked the waitress?”

“Fuck you, Kilian.” Is the only reply, but I can’t help but grin at the words.

“Sorry if I hurt your feelings, princess.”

“You didn’t hurt my feelings, frankly I don’t feel anything but resentment when you’re around. And I told you to stop calling me that.” She snaps at me without looking back, and I am really fucking glad that she can’t see the grin on my face right now, because I surely look like a smug motherfucker right this moment.

“Sure, whatever makes you sleep at night.”

But she just shakes her head at my response and keeps wiping her face, which makes me decide that it’s time to let it go. For now, at least.

I take a step back and take in the sight in front of me, the pretty redhead with the bright baby blue dress definitely is something else. I think this is the first time I’m actually looking at her.

She’s different from other girls. And I don’t mean that in a cute, romantic kind of way. I mean she’s the kind of different that you don’t see too often, she’s just unique, I guess. She’s pretty tall, probably a bit taller than me, and even though she has small boobs she has a gigantic ass, ending in very muscular but long legs. Her whole frame is pretty unladylike if you ask me, but she’s still beautiful, in her own way.

Taking a step closer to her I study her profile as well. The dress she’s wearing definitely accentuates her eyes, and it also hugs her curves in all the right ways. She does look stunning in it, all in all. Because that’s the thing about Jasmine. She may not be the most feminine woman, but her face just makes her gorgeous in the most unique way possible.

“Can you stop looking at me?” Her hissed voice interrupts my thoughts, and I have to stifle a laugh when I see the color in her cheeks. Seems like she’s not invincible.

“Why?” I study her intently while her blue eyes settle on mine, the annoyance in them being clear as day.

“You make me uncomfortable.”

Her words startle me for just a second, but then I take another step forward, her face only inches from mine now as I speak.

“Is that right, princess?”

She looks at me, and for just a moment I think she’s going to play my game, but then she just rolls her eyes before leaning back, her arms crossed in front of her chest as she just blatantly ignores me.

“Ohh... I did hurt your feelings!” I tease her, but she just snaps her head back before glaring at me, and I can’t help but stretch out my hand to pat her head.

Before I even know what’s happening she grabs my wrist and twists it behind my back, pulling me towards her, my body basically crashing against hers.

“If you touch me with your waitress-pussy-fingers I’ll have to chop them off. Do you want that?” Her voice is laced with venom when she shoots daggers at me, and I can’t help but watch her lips when they move.

Fucking hell.

“I think I’ll pass.” I whisper the words, and she just abruptly pushes me backward while releasing my wrist, which now admittedly feels sore. She’s strong, I’ll give her that.

She turns around and faces Mila and Hayden again, who are about to finish their dance with Hayden dipping Mila backward and then kissing her deeply, followed by dozens of oohs and awes from the audience.

I have to admit, I’m generally enjoying myself much more than I thought I would, given that this is a wedding, after all. I never understood why people get married, to be honest. But I see how happy my best friend and his wife are, and if this is his way of finding happiness then I’m alright with that.

With Mila being pregnant and tired, and considering there aren’t a lot of guests here to begin with - unprecedented for a VIP wedding, let me assure you - it doesn’t take long until it is just the four of us left, Mila being pulled into Hayden’s lap in the lounge chair as she yawns with her mouth wide open.

“I’m starving...” She mutters while cuddling into Hayden’s chest, who now looks down at his wife with a smirk on his face.

“Yeah, me, too.” The hungry look on his face makes me stifle a laugh, and Mila immediately turns crimson as she slaps his arm.

“Cash!” She uses her nickname for him, which, he claims, comes from Johnny Cash. Even though I have no idea in what universe Hayden is supposed to have any resemblance to Johnny Cash.

“What?” Hayden just laughs as he kisses her cheek.

“You can’t look like this and expect me not to notice, Mrs. Cross.”

Mila now smiles widely at her husband, even though she’s still in full-on tomato mode.

“Is that right, Mr. Cross?” She scratches his beard with a grin on her face, and I have to suppress a laugh when Hayden growls loudly, being blatantly obvious about his arousal. I’ve never seen Mila flirt so openly before. She’s usually rather introverted and quiet, even though she has gotten out of her shell ever since I first met her. Hayden says she’s different when they’re alone, and with the way she’s acting now, I do actually believe him.

“Oh my fucking god, you guys are disgusting.”

I redirect my attention to Jasmine, who no rolls her eyes at the flirting couple in front of us. There’s still a hint of amusement on her lips though, giving me the green light to start the teasing again.

“Come on, let them be. Or can’t you handle a little flirt?”

She immediately snaps her head at me to stare me down, and I have to stifle another laugh from the amount of anger in her eyes. I just fucking love riling that girl up.

Hayden said not to fuck with her too much, apparently she and Mila have been best friends forever and if I were to make her angry I make Mila angry as well. And an angry pregnant lady is not something I need right now.

But I can’t help myself. The first time I met Jasmine I hit on her, and she immediately turned me down without even looking at me properly. Maybe that’s why I like to tease her.

“I can handle a lot more than that, I promise.” She narrows her eyes at me, and I hear Hayden and Mila giggle in the background, although I focus my attention on the redhead who is still glaring at me.

“Really? I don’t know if I believe that.” I challenge her, and I just fucking love the way her cheeks flush when I lean forward and smirk at her. I can literally see how much she fights herself in her head, her eyes fully set aflame now while she breathes fire at me.

“I don’t give a shit if you believe it. Honestly, I couldn’t give less of a fuck about your opinion.” She leans closer to me, her eyes lit up like a torch in the night as she challenges me back.

And I can’t help but grin at her, knowing that I managed to rile her up again.

“Awe, you hurt my feelings, fire girl.”

“I didn’t know you had any, fuckboy.”

Her words are venomous, even though I see the hint of a smirk on her lips. I swear I feel the air around us filling with tension, the way her flaming eyes burn into mine just does something to me I cannot explain.

“Oh, I can show you just how much I can feel - if you let me.” I simper.

She bends forward, that smirk now wider on her lips as she leans into me, her thumb brushing against my bottom lip as she bites on her own, and I swear I almost jerk away from the electric current that jolts through my body the second she touches me.

What the actual fuck.

“Never in my life will that happen, tiny D.”

Her breath travels down my face when she whispers the words, the familiar scent of champagne and coconut filling my nostrils until she winks at me, a smug and infinitely content grin on her face.

“Jesus fucking christ, people...” Hayden’s voice causes both Jasmine and me to snap our heads at him, the weird tension immediately dissipating as quickly as it came.

“I guess that’s our cue.” Mila yawns again, and Hayden places a kiss on her head before he looks back at us.

“Yeah, we should get to bed before these two rip their heads off.”

He shoots me a pointed look, silently telling me to regard his warning earlier on. I’ve been forbidden to sleep with any of the guests, particularly though with Jasmine. He wants to avoid any stress for Mila and the baby, and I mean, bro’s before hoes, right?

Besides that, I wasn’t really that attracted to Jasmine, to begin with...

“What a great idea!” Jasmine hurriedly gets up from her chair and moves towards Mila and Hayden, wrapping both of them in a tight hug. Soon enough she stands in front of me and grabs the purse from the lounge chair to my left, a sickeningly sweet smile on her face when she looks up at me.

“Goodnight, fuckboy. I hope your dick doesn’t fall off from the amount of desperate and dirty pussy it has seen... Although you probably wouldn’t notice anyway with how tiny it is.” She grins at me like she just said the funniest thing ever, and I can’t help but roll my eyes.

“Small dick jokes. Funny.”

“Your dick surely is.” She retorts, that smug grin still playing on her lips.

“Come on, Jas. Let him live.” Hayden tries to defuse the situation while getting up from his seat, Mila by now is almost falling asleep while standing up.

“I kind of still need the guy, unfortunately. Even with his tiny...”

“Oh come on, man!” I don’t let him finish the sentence. “You’re supposed to be on my side, bro.”

But he just grins as he takes a step towards me and slaps his large palm on my shoulder, that smug motherfucking smirk still on his lips.

“I always am, man. You deserved that though, sleeping with the waitress at my wedding... Not fucking cool.” He shakes his head at me, and I have to admit I do kind of feel bad now. I hoped he wouldn’t notice what I was doing.

“See? Told you. I’m the better best friend.” Jasmine chimes in, and Mila mumbles something approving of that while she closes her eyes and snuggles into Hayden’s chest, eliciting a laugh from all of us.

“Awe. Love you, too, Mimi. But I will be going now, Mila needs sleep and Hayden, well... Have a fun wedding night, Hayden.” She laughs and points at Mila, whose glasses now almost fall off her face as her head falls to the side. He doesn’t seem to be phased though, honestly, he looks like the happiest man alive right now.

“Will do, Jas. Thanks for everything.” He shoots her another wink.

“Sure thing.” Jasmine turns to leave, but as she reaches the door she turns back around, her eyes immediately on me when she throws her last blow.

“Goodnight... Daddy.”

That goddamn witch.

“Fuck you, Jas!”

She turns back towards the door before flipping both her fingers at me, her arms raised until her palms slap the doorframe as she passes through it.

“You wish, fuckboy!” Her loud laugh echoes through the driveway, and I can’t help but watch her walk away, her tight dress emphasizing the sway of her hips until she disappears around the corner.

“I fucking will. Just you wait, fire girl.”

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