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Although love can be a powerful thing, can a few secrets still prove that? Will secrets between two loved ones break something magical? --- "Baby, can we go home now?" "Are you mad? We just came like 10 - 20 - 30 an hour ago, I have things to do yet, I have appointments which I HAVE to attend." I spoke like a crazy woman, babbling about nothing. "Man, we've been here for long, and my arms are about to drop off!" He spoke, clearly letting his anger get the better off him. "Come on, I need to get my eyelashes done, she's always booked, so we gotta hurry."

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1: The Big Day:


“Oh Darling, you have really outdone yourself this time!”

“You look stunning H!”

Taking in the forced compliments from everyone around me, I forced a smile, attempting to act extremely appreciative for the compliments. I stood waiting for the only person who understood me, who was always here for me and who will always stay with me. Natasha.

We had known each other since we were 6. We met in one of those Saturday classes, I apparently HAD to go to. In my opinion it was pretty stupid, and I really did not see the reason of them when I think about it now. But in all honesty, I am glad we went because I met Nash. She was as beautiful then as she is now, and the only person in this world who was actually real with me. I genuinely do not know what I would do without her. The only reason I am here, living and here on this day is because of that girl. She is legit just amazing.

“Hey people!” I heard her high-pitched voice as she strode in the room with a plate full of mangoes.

“AHHH, Oh My Dase! Nash I frickin’ love you!”

“Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!” I squealed as I had my hands out for her to give me the plate of heaven.

“Here, you fat shit! You’re gonna get your close dirty, I can feel it!” She spoke whilst passing me the plate.

“Ermm, don’t even think about it Hayat.” Mom spoke sternly, as she glared at me and Nash.

“Aunt Hazal, It’s her Wedding Day, at least not today.” Nash spoke, pleading mother with her eyes.

“No, Hayat is going to get her hands dirty AND dirty her dress.” Mother spoke back with certainty in her eyes. I mean she wasn’t wrong; I most probably will get my dress dirty. It’s called clumsiness. It’s an actual thing, you know. Deadly.

“OK, she probably will, but I’ll feed her.” Nash spoke for me, once again.

Mother just turned back to her snobby friends, to chat crap about someone’s sister’s brother’s father’s dog.

Natasha placed the plate of Mangoes on the vanity sitting in front of us, as she grabbed one from the plate and lifted it to my mouth.

“Here comes the aeroplane.” She screamed before letting me taste the wonderful piece of mango. It tasted like heaven. I mean I have no clue what that taste like, but I am assuming it tastes amazing, magnificent, delicious and just amazing. Wait does Heaven even have a taste? Wow, mind blown.

Consumed due to my thoughts, I forgot to laugh at Nash, as she thought it is funny to treat me like a baby. I swear, I don’t even know what I am going to do once I get married? Nash has always been with me, like she practically lived in the same house as me. I bet she has got some plan to somehow move in with me and my future husband. She’s going to piss him off so much. *Squeal* I cant wait! I hope she drives him crazy, crazy enough to not come home, and just stay at work. If he works? Oh No. What if he doesn’t work? Then I’d have to see his face ALL THE FRICKIN’ TIME! I can’t do it. I want to be a celebrity, so someone can give me the choice of getting out of here! (Wow, What a Dad Joke!)

After devouring the whole plate of mangoes, I started to come back to my senses. I finally realised I am getting married. It’s happening. It hadn’t sunk in, whilst buying the dress, or even the night before. I finally understand I am getting married. I don’t know who he is. I don’t know what he’s like. Although, I have seen his face plastered numerous times over ads, billboards and every public place I entered, it didn’t show me who he was. Whether he is going to be distant with me in this relationship tying us together for life (or so I thought), nor do I know if he is happy to be getting married to me. After all, I am pretty damn sure he can pick any woman he wanted, married or not. I am sure he has the power to do so. So why me? Was he also being forced. Is there an Ulterior motive.

‘Oh God, please don’t let him kill me!’ I sat thinking, as another thought popped up straight after. ‘Hayat, you’re a strong, independent woman, and you are not going to act like a frightened little girl! Do you understand me? Ah, who am I kidding I’m scared of the frickin’ dark.’

After fighting with my mind, for a good 5 minutes I noticed, hardly anyone was in the suite, leaving only me, Natasha and some Auntie stuffing her face with the chocolate fountain, placed in the centre of the room. There was a whole snack table calling my name, but ‘I wasn’t allowed to touch it, because I might dirty my clothes.’ I think we can all take a guess who placed that rule. Although, she did book a magnificent suite. The room gave a happy, pure aroma to those inside, a chandelier dangling down from the vast celling and matching that was the tiled floor, which sparkled putting shame to the diamond earrings matching the embroidery of my white, humongous, puffy dress. In all honesty I did love how the dress matched each curve up until my hips. The transparent arms stuck to me like a second skin and the top of the dress covering my breasts as much as they could, but still the see-through material took over. The beautiful, pure white ball gown with 3D flowers attached as embroidery dropped off my hips, which could probably manage to fit 3 of me inside.

Although, on any ordinary day, I would never, ever compliment myself, I can confidently say that today was my day. Today I looked better then I have ever before, and probably will never look this good ever again. My long Chestnut brown hair beautifully swept into a loose bun with strands falling out, and a cute, white, thin flower hair band, which Nash made for me herself, placed elegantly on the top of my head holding back the few hairs attempting to escape. With my Golden skin contrasting my greenish grey eyes, I complimented them with a miniature flick of eyeliner. The lashes which I bought gave my eyes the lift they needed for today, otherwise I’d probably look like the walking dead. My makeup was heavy, but not totally over the top. Although, it was my wedding day, I wasn’t entirely ecstatic about it, so why would I go all out? The bright red lipstick really gave the makeup the touch it needed, with slight highlight applied to my cheekbones, nose and inner eye-corners.

Just as I was staring back at myself in the mirror, I heard a knock at the door, and turned to Nash, who also had a confused look on her face.

“Who’s that?” Nash asked staring back at me.

“I don’t know, obviously. But I thought you said everyone’s sat outside waiting?” I replied mirroring Nash’s look.

“Hmm, they are. Let me check.” She spoke, as she rose from her seat and hurriedly went to the door as the individual knocked once more.

As she opened the door, I attempted to get a peek, but the door was hardly open and Nash was standing in front of the person, almost covering them. They spoke in hushed silence whilst the conversation was growing longer.

“Nash, who is it?” I finally asked, wondering who she was talking to for so long, and why she wasn’t letting them in. It must just be someone to say congrats, and give me a fake compliment, then hurry back to where they came from.

“Ermm, H it’s your fiancé…”

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