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His smile always does something to her, she know that what she is doing is wrong lusting for her best friend boyfriend or isn't more than lust. Living in the same roof with him is hard. Will she able to resist him?

Romance / Erotica
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She finished preparing dinner on time, it was also time before they alived, Robbin was nervous, she had a plan first cook, wait for them, tell them and wait for their answer then free from this, easily done but she wasn't convinced with herself. She was humming lowly that help with her nerves. She felt eyes on her and she stopped humming then slowly turn and met with a set of green eyes with her own, her breath was caught, she stood still Dave was standing infront of her.

This always happens to her whenever Dave is around she would find herself loss of words, checking herself if she have dressed presentable like a high school girl crushing for a boy, she was brought back to reality when Dave cleared his throat.

"Um hi" she greeted him but he didn't reply

Bad day at work mmmn she thought

"How was work?" She asked but same response


Robbin continued what she was doing before he distrub her.

"Where is Ann?" He asked.

Bad day at work and moody too argh this is not so good

"Not yet home"

He nodded and just staring at her then Robbin saw it in his eyes. His expression was a mix of things she couldn't say but all she read from it was single words she should left him alone

What a girl has to do to get away from that think Robbin think

"Um I have something to do um I will see you"

She quickly took her car keys and run for the door. She drove around the block trying to think of something that can keep her for hours. Then she saw a bar around the corner.

The bar was crowded as she thought it will be, she sat at her favorite place at the corner where she could scan people's faces without being noticed, the bar attendant brought her beer she didn't have to tell her her favorite cause she was a regular.

This is what she has been doing lately drinking until she forgets that she likes Dave alot but she can't do anything cause he is her best friend boyfriend.


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