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Dave had a long day at work everything seems gone wrong. It had been stressful month they had been doing this project for months now, now that the project is towards the end they are backing down, the only thing that can cheer him up is Ann, fucking her all night. That put smile on his face. With the thoughts he drived quickly so that he should get home as fast as he can, to kiss her, hold her and lay naked with her, just thinking about her naked body made him hard.

He alived home and met with a beautiful smell, his smiled was wider now. Ann is cooking

What a way to start a very long long night

Then he hears humming that stopped him, Ann never hum. He slowly approach the kitchen door and found Robin preparing dinner. He stood there and watch her for a while.

This was not the part of the plan I didn't expect Robbin to be home, she was supposed to be at work so that I can have Ann to myself and fuck her everywhere in this house

He was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't realize Robbin has stopped humming and was talking to him. He did catch what she was saying and then she turn around continuing what she was doing.

Maybe Ann is in the bedroom getting ready for dinner

He cleared his throat to prepare himself what he was going to say, the only thing he thought of telling her was she should fuck off so that he can have Ann for himself. She said something but he didn't hear, he looked at her.

"Where is Ann?" He asked

"Not yet home"


This was not happening to him he was tired, he needed Ann but she wasn't here. He looked at Robbin she was saying something then he saw running for the door.



Ann come home later that evening she looked tired. Dave's welcome her with a very long kiss that made him even harder.

"I miss you" he said breakng the kiss

"I can feel that" she said in seducing voice and wraps her arms around his neck and gave him a peck on the chick. "Eat first fuck later" she said making him groan

Throughout the dinner Dave couldn't help himself but wonder where Robbin has gone he could check his watch every second.he Couldn't help himself but feel guilty that she left because of him.

After they finished dinner Dave strip naked and sat on the bed waiting for Ann while she was taking a shower, he waited for some few minutes, it was impossible waiting for her while he knew Ann was naked just few feet from him. He couldn't control himself anymore and followed her.

Dave opened the doors reviewing her naked body, he bite back a groan and wrap his arms around her body and gave her a kiss on the shoulder she screamed and pushed him off.

"What are you doing" she shouted, he backed away a little and looked at her confused, stepping closer he smiled.

"Am sorry I didn't mean to scare you" he said trying to hold her but she stepped back until her back hit the wall.

"You know I hate this" she said waving her hands in front of him "having sex in the shower is disgusting" she continued.

"You can't be serious" he said when he saw her leaving the bathroom"I said am sorry" he tried again maybe she will consider, she turned and looked at him.

"We are not having sex tonight"she said putting her night dress on and laying on the bed switching off the lights "good night" she whispered.

Dave couldn't sleep, he was tossing and turning. He was frustrated and horny his hand wouldn't feel great as Ann. He grunt and woke up. Trying to do something that would keep him busy he went to his office to do some work. He worked for hours when he finally felt tired and went to sleep.

On his way to bed he heard a moan, following the sound it lead him to the sitting room, he found Robin laying on the floor, she groaned he checked the time it was 12AM. He got closer he could smell alcohol, he woke her up a little she opened her eyes and smiled.

"Hi" she said

"Hi" he said. Then she suddenly woke up running for the bathroom. Dave followed her in no time. Lifting her hair while she throw up then she pass out.

He carried her putting her on the bed and taking her in. He watched her sleep for a while. He has never been this close to her, she has been living with them for four months now he always wanted but never acted on it, her scent was like a toxic lavender mix with red roses so sweet.he slightly touch her chick she Lean in his touch and sigh with a smile.

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