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She woke up that morning her head hurting, groaning remembering about last night she was not drinking again she told herself like she has told herself a thousands times but this time she was sure.

She rose from the bed and found a note on the side table with water and some pain killer. Take me before it gets any worse it was written on the note she smiled at that, she took the pain killer and drunk some water, sometimes Ann does that worrying about her.

Robbin remembered when she first alived in town, she hadnt found an apartment yet or a job, she was worried about being homeless, Ann took her in and now she has been staying with them for four months.

Ann come into the room breaking robbin in her thoghts, she was talking about Dave disrespecting her for trying to have sex with her in the shower, robbin rolled her eyes thinking about how Ann reacts on simple things that are not necessary.

Thoughts consumed robbin about Dave naked his perfect muscular body dripping wet. Robbin become wet just thinking about it she wanted to touch herself so badly but Ann kept on talking and talking. Shifting alittle from her position she made sure that Ann didnt notice that she was turned on, she looked at ann who was still pacing and talking.

"Ann" she said getting her attetion "i think he wasn't disrespecting you he just wanted to have sex with you" she continued

"I know" she said groaning

"Sex shower isn't that bad" robbin said that earned her a look

"No its gross" she said making a face

I wish it would have been me fucking him in the shower

"Look he just wanted to have sex with his girlfriend after a very long day at work" she said hoping she will understand

"Your right" she sighed "i feel so horrible now what should i do" she said laying on the bed

"Just say sorry everything will be fine" robbin said rubbing her back

"I will but not now later am still embarrased, can i shower here I dont want to go back to my room" she said with pleading eyes

Robbin sigh "okay fine but i will go first" ann jumped up and down, robbin laughed.

Today she was wearing a short red dress with a white jacket, white high heels and a red hand bag. she put on a simple make up, it took her 30 minites to get ready. By the time she was going to the kitchen she was running she wanted to make breakfast for Ann as a thank you for the note and everything, when she reached the kitchen found breakfast already prepared.

Dave cooked pancakes, she scan the table everything was set then she looked up and met with green eyes and a very half naked Dave, she was gawking at his body from his torso to his murscular arms then his face. He was smilling he had two cup of coffee

"Like what you see" he said, robbin check turning red she looked away hoping he didnt notice, she heard a chuckle it was so deep coming from his throat her checks redden even more "coffee?" He said giving her one cup.

"Thank you" she said while sitting down

They ate their breakfast in silence, the food was so good that robbin couldn't help but moan at each bite while closing her eyes when she opened them Dave was looking at her she flushed

"How did you sleep?" He asked breaking the silence

"Good and yours" she said

He thought about it then said "good"

Robbin nod, she knew that he didnt sleep well after what happen with Ann.

Then they was silence again

"How is the headache" he spoke again looking at her

She looked at him she was so confused how did he know about the headache? Was she that drunk last night? That she couldn't remember anything. looking at him for a while then she remembered about what happen last night, everything dave carrying her to the bed, her throwing up she groaned. So if he knows about the headache that means he was the one who wrote the note and the painkiller and everything. So sweet.

Stupid fool

She was calling herself names, she hated herself for thinking too much she longed for his touch, his breath and taste. The first time or maybe the last she have him she was drunk and didn't know what was happening.

"It's much better thank you" she said, she didn't wait for his reply, she was running for the door.

It has been weeks since the incident like she likes to call it, she has been avoiding Dave as much as she can. She wasn't ready to face him yet although they have seen each other a few times. Ann has been going to business trip so often lately leaving Dave and Robbin in the house alone.

Today was like everyday other day she made sure that she woke up late, Dave would be already gone to work, she was going late that afternoon to work.

Her body wash was finished, she groan, she forget to buy one, Ann always buy more than she needs, she thought of going and check in her room.

She has never been in her room, she stood at the door for few minutes arguing with herself about going inside, she promised herself that it will just take her few minutes.

The room bigger than hers, everything was so neat and organized. She walked at the dresser looking for the body wash but didn't found any, she was about getting in the bathroom when she saw a walk in closet she didn't want to snoop but

Just one minute

She thought about it then walked in, the other side had Ann clothes the other were Dave clothes she followed where Dave clothes was everything was white or something darker she took a blue shirt and sniff it, it smelled like him. Putting on she left the closet.

On her way to the bathroom she heard water, Dave is home? She thought that she would be at work by now before she could leave she heard a sound, curious she followed it then later she heard moaning. She reached the bathroom door and slowly opening the door hoping he won't see her.

She was Dave showering his back was on her but she could see that he hand was moving. Then he moaned. He was moaning and groaning while his hand was moving on his dick. Robbin was wet just watching him jerk himself off. she wanted to go but she couldn't move, then he turned a little giving Robbin a little view his dick it was big. he was moving his hand faster now moaning, his head rolled back, lips parted he moved faster and faster his hand on his dick. He mummered something she couldn't hear then one hand hit the wall the other was still moving even faster if it was possible then his head rolled back and he came.

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