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After the show she had, she was so wet that she was dripping her nipple we're harder. The shower she just took didn't help to cool her.

She was laying on the bed replaying what she just saw it's like her fantasy she had thinking about him was coming to life but the different was she wasn't there with him.

Groaning thinking that won't help her cool off she slowly put her hand inside the her panties she slowly circle her clit teasing herself while her other hand was on pinching her nipple making her to moan, she placed her finger at her pussy lips she moan

"Yes" she wisphered

She thought about Dave dick inside her fucking her so hard her screamed would be heard all over.

"Yes Dave fuck me harder yes!!"

Her hand was moving so fast fucking herself making herself moan loud but not loud cause she knew Dave was still home.

She thought of Dave eating her up tasting her telling her sweet word, she moan at the thought, fucking herself faster and faster, she felt herself near coming, she didn't stop she pinching her nipple and work her hand faster then it hit her, her eyes rolled back at her head and she shock coming hard and shouting his name.

After she finally has came down she layed there looking at the ceiling. processing what just happened she just made herself came at the thought of Dave she didnt feel guilty about it she smiled. But this wasnt good Dave was Ann boyfriend she can't do this, she knew that Dave will never be his.

Groaning she thought of ways she can stop thinking about him like this.

Maybe I should start dating again

As the idea was there she woke up and found a dating app fill in her profile then submitted she smiled

That would help

All she had to do was wait.

Being around Dave was harder now all she could do was see him in the shower jerking himself off, she can't remove the picture in her head no matter how hard she tried.


"So?" Asked Mac smirking Dave rised his eyebrows

"Mmh" he hum pretending that he is thinking about it but they both know he not getting away this time.

"Come on you know you can't get away from Mom she will hunt you and you don't won't that" he said

Dave knew that he was right, he was avoiding her for long enough

"Okay" he said, Mac smiled he looked more like their mother, Mac was Dave younger brother they have been helping each other running the company since their father handle it to Dave, since they were so close. Dave thought that it was very good idea for them to work together.

Dave looked at Mac when he was not leaving he looked at him with a questioning look.

"Just tell me" he said sitting up straight


"Lately you have been so down, is everything alright with Ann"

Dave groan many things in his head with Ann going to business trip so often he didn't like it which cause them in an argument and then Robbin the way she has been dressing these weeks not that it was anything reviewing much but it was so sexy that it turn him on, when they are having dinner the way she eat and lick her lips then moan making him walking with a hard on all the time untill he jerk off thinking of her but surprisingly he liked it so much.

"We had an argument and she is not talking to me" he said

"What about?" He asked with a serious expression

"She been going to this business trip so often so I asked about it then she said I don't like it when she is progressing then that's it" rubbing his temple

"Is she right or is it something else" he said when Dave didn't answer Mac looked at him then his eyes widen "you haven't get laid since when?" He continued

Making Dave eyes to widen how did you know

"I knew it" like reading his mind "don't denie it, I know when you haven't had any sex get into unnecessary argument" he said laughing now

"Oh stop it and get back to work" he said

"Fine, don't forget about mom or call her or anything and apologize that can't be hard bro" he said leaving him. He chuckled at that, speaking of apologising he took the phone and called Ann like tenth time today but call went straight to voicemail. He cleared his throat.

"Babe please am sorry about everything I did mean to offend you I just miss you so much am sorry okay please call me back" then he hag up

Later that evening he went out and had dinner with Mac then they decided that they should some drinks with some of their guys, they were drinking, talking and laughing. Mac was showing Dave the girl he likes and hopefully she will say yes, he looked at the picture she was beautiful

But Robbin was more beautiful

He Wondered where that came from. The whole time Mac was texting and smiling.

"I was in California last week and I saw Ann there" John said. Dave looked at him Ann in California? No

"What no" he said "Ann is in London for business trip" he continued

"I swear man I saw her with some other guy" john said

"You are lying" Dave said

"No man she was laughing and kissing him they seem like a couple" he countied

his hand bowed into a fist Ann is in London for a business trip she can't be in California no no, Mac looked at his brother then came in front of him caming him down

"Bro don't mind him you know the truth you talked to her right come down" Mac said holding Dave gaze

"Dave I know what am talking about I saw Ann for real" john said

"Will you please shout up I can you see what you are doing" Mac said when Dave stood up "and we are leaving" he said looking at Dave

He is lying Ann can't cheat on me yes she can't we love each other

Dave nodded

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