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Robbin has been avoiding me

He was so sure about that. Ever since Ann has been going on a business trip he hasn't seen Robbin so often like he usually do. He was so sure cause she goes to work very early and comes home very late and he hasn't seen her that much like when Ann is home.

He got home earlier so that he should talk to to Robbin he prepared dinner light some candles with red wine everything was looking so romantic he didn't want to put so much thought about that.

Surprisingly Robbin came early. He heard the clicking of the heels, he stood wanting for her to appear then there she was wearing a blue dress carrying a black back the other hand holding a phone, Dave breath caught she was looking so beautiful.

"What's all this?"she asked breaking his glaze and look around

"Dinner" he said, she raised her eyebrows. He knew what she was thinking this was more like a romantic dinner "welcome please sit" he said offering her a sit she mummered a thank you, he wanted for her to sit then he sat down.

"Why have you been avoiding me?" He asked, she looked at him

"I..... Um...... Um..." She stuttered

Taking a bite and looking at her he wanted for answer

"I wasn't I just been busy" she said

Dave looked at her searching for the truth

"Okay I hope I will be seeing you more" he said, she nodded

They ate their dinner while talking some other stuff about work and everything. They laughed at everything, Dave couldn't remember the last time he laughed so hard.

"I love fashion and when I have enough money I hope I will open my own botique and have my own design" she said while drinking her wine

Dave listen to her talked he loved it when she was talking.

"Do you have your design already?" He asked

"Yes I have two books full of my ideas"

"I would love to take a look at them"


Dave refilled her glass she thanked him. He stood up to take the plates when they finished. He walked around to take the plate. He took the plate and looked at her they hold each other glaze for a while. Her face was growing in the light she looked more beautiful, she take sip then parted her lips Dave followed her movement then he lean down his lips touched hers he stay like that for a second making sure that she is fine with it when she was not moving or pushing him, He kissed her slowly at first cupping her face with both hands then he deepen the kiss she moaned and closed her eyes lifting her head up so that he should kissed her deeper, he moan at her actions kissing her rough then he moan deep in his throat tasting her, he felt he body heating up and getting hard. Then his phone rang he groan he didn't want to break the kiss so he late it ring it stop and started ringing again, he parted breaking the kiss they were both out breath.

"Hello" he answered bored whoever was calling him must have a good reason

"Bro it's mother she had an accident" Mac said he could hear that he was walking

"What? What happened? Where are you?" He asked sitting straighter

"Am at Mom's she is home" Mac said

"Am on my way" he said hanging up

He was so worried about his mother he took his car keys turning around he found Robbin wasn't there, he was going to talk to her later.

When he arrived at his parents home his dad car was there and Mac too. He ran for the door when he entered the maid direct him to the dinning he found that everyone was sitted including his mom who was fine by the look of how loud she was laughing.

She looked up when saw Dave, she smiled

"Oh finally you are here we have been waiting for you" she said smiling

"Mom how are you I thought something happened to you" he said looking at Mac

"Don't look at me like that I warned you" Mac holding his hands up

"Oh am fine I just missed my son that I wanted to see you since you don't want to see me" she said

" Mom is not like that I have been busy I didn't find time" he said

I should be fucking Robbin by now

Thinking about her and the kiss the way it felt made him hard. He cleared his throat

"Now your here so lest eat I made your favorite" she said calling her maid to serve them, he couldn't say no cause he knew that she won't give up until he eats.

"So how is Ann?" Asked his dad

Dave looked at her brother he never keeps things, shaking his head

"Oh yes why didn't you bring her" he Mom

"I didn't have time to bring her I was so worried about you and she is at a business trip in London" he said

"Ah yes I saw Ann in Las Vegas a few days back she was with this guy and you are telling me she is in London?" He said

Dave looked at his brother wondering how his dad knows Ann, Mac mummered that he send the picture to dad reading his mind which he nodded.

Wait what Las Vegas how? Dave didn't know what to believe Ann wasn't still answering his calls, is Ann in London or California or Las Vegas he was so confused what to believe

"I took a picture"his dad said taking out his off "oh it's off but I will email to you later" he continued Dave just nod thinking that that picture will tell him the truth.

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