The Poems I Have Written

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I may not be royalty,
I’m not even a prince.
I may not live in a castle,
I’m not able to take you to ballroom dance.

I’m not a “knight in shining armor”,
But I pledge my fealty.
With God as my witness,
I pledge my loyalty.

I will protect you,
For you I would die.
A promise from a dragon,
I hope there will never be a goodbye.

So, if I may ask,
Could you do me a task?
Take the key to my heart,
And take off my mask?

Could I be your Dragon?
Could I say?
Will you, my Princess,
Forever in my arms stay?

A dragon
A brave strong beast
I find that funny
I’m not like that the least

I’m not a strong soul
I am rather weak
I am a coward
So very meak

I try not to fear
I hide my emotions
All my silent tears
Could fill the oceans

I put on a smile every day
I say I’m willing to take a chance
But I’m scared
I can’t take you to a dance

My princess
You love a coward
You are brave
Your dragon is not empowered

You stand in the light
I hide in the shadows
You fear no sword
I can shoot no arrows

What would people say
Scoff or snicker is what they do
What’s the price of this
I do really love you

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