Virtues And Vices.

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Can you guess the conflicts between a vivid fictional soul and a frigid non-fiction mind?

Romance / Erotica
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Emma Henderson is the twisted definition of "the good girl".

She loves books, music, along with passionate and intense conversations.

And that explains her dream job, a fiction writer. She worked at literature institution where writers could give their opinions on books, work on literary projects and write novels of their own too. She was sincere, responsible and everything along those lines. But she came with her quirks.

Being an introvert didn't always help because she would be an awkward mess around a lot of people, she often had her face speak for herself which did get her into a lot of trouble. But despite all this, she was very strong-willed, opinionated and was a woman of her words. She was a hopeless romantic but didn't always dream of the vanilla cliche of her Prince Charming coming and swooping her off her feet. She wanted more. She wanted love so intense that it made you giddy.

And on the other hand, we have the very infamous, Zac O'Connell. He is pretty much the complete opposite of her. A stone-cold face, a nonchalant demeanor, dry sarcastic humor, and an air of mystery around him.

He was never a fan of people and because of this he was often mistaken to be awfully rude, and well maybe he was. Now that probably appears like he is careless or indifferent but don't let him deceive you. He was a passionate soul, who too had an immense love for literature. And with that being said, yes he was in the non-fiction department. He would usually be found with his black coffee on his work table, with his glasses on, a pen between his teeth and a book in his hands, as he let them completely consume him.

Emma and Zac were opposites but their love for literature brought them together, and by together I mean together as a team to work on a project.

A Project on Love.

Can you guess the conflicts between a vivid fictional soul and a frigid non-fiction mind?


Hey Guys,

I hope you enjoyed this so far.

Brace yourself cause there is so much more to come.


I appreciate all your reviews and feedback!

All the love,


PS: In case you guys wanna try some new music.

Moral of the Story by Ashe and Niall Horan.
Resentment by Kesha.

This one's to @IRRESISTIBLYME. I couldn't have done this without you baby. Love you tons.
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