If anyone could change the world,it wouldn’t be me

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Katherine is a young 15 year old who lives in the year 2404 . Where earth and Saturn are having a war, Saturn unleashed a virus that could kill all living things. Katherine’s father is a great scientist who is working on the cure. Her, her mother and sister sails to see the deaths in the nearby death in a small village. The boat starts to sink and the professor tries to save them but it’s too late. Then the 3 ladies wake up in a strange world with slides and tunnels to transport. The mother and children went to every slide except one. She went in her own . As she return she was shook. They were never to go there. But Katherina still went . She found their dead bodies. They stay in the town they used to live. Everyone In panic because of the virus . Only one missing ingredient. Katherina’s school bully came by. He was shook to be the only one who could see her. Then it was on them to retreat the tringa flower for the cure. As they go on a journey they fall in love with each other. They return the flower and the world is cured. But what would happen to katherina and her family?

Romance / Adventure
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There once was...

“Katherina, katherina come down your going to be late for school.”mother said. I was always a bright student, never was I late. “Coming mother”, I got my bagel and rushed out the door. I couldn’t be late could I ?My school year has been miserable thanks to this boy named John who’s been bothering me since school started. I rushed and rushed and got there a minute before the bell rang. English was always my first class and also the worst class to be in. “Miss Dawson. Your late.” Mr. Daven is the cruelest teacher. He treats his students really bad but no one is brave enough to talk. “Sir, I precisely got here before the bell rang .” I knew I was speaking the truth but I wished I would of stayed quit. “Miss Dawson, is that back taking i hear?” I could get myself to talk but already knew what was going to happen. “ Take yourself to the office, imedently.” Great. Just great, first day of June and I’m already busted. As I walk into the office I saw him. “You can’t expel me, I haven’t done anything”, he always says that. As he was getting drag out the office by security, i thought for a split second I could help but catch a glance at him. His eyes were brighter than usual. And for some reason neither of us could look away. I looked away as I heard a familiar voice. It was Ms.bells “Ms.Dawson, what can I do for you today.” I froze, I never have been sent to the office for something like this. I didn’t want to say anything but I knew I had to “ Mr. Daven sent me here for back talking.” I wanted to speak my mind but I couldn’t . It just didn’t feel right. “ Would you mind explaining to me why”,at that moment I knew what I had to do. “ I got to class right before the bell rang and he told me I was late” there . “ oh my, why would he do that” agh why is she so clueless. “Mr.Daven is a mean and cruel teacher. He never lets us use the restroom and he likes to get us in trouble for no reason.” There I said it. I couldn’t help but feeling proud of myself. “ Well my child, you may take a seat.” As she called my parents I thought about John. Why would he look at me. I brushed that thought away fast. It’s just a look right?
My parents arrived soon and drove me home. “ what happened , I told you to never speak back to your teachers if he doesn’t ask u a question.” Now I was going to speak my mind even if it gets me killed . “ Mom there is a war between earth and Saturn, and thanks to that we have a virus that is killing plants, animals, and people.”
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