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I always envied my mother. From birth she was always given exactly what she wanted. She never had to learn the value of an honest days work. Her father, my grandfather a man I would never be aloud to meet, was a very wealthy man. We came from a powerful family, and wanted for nothing. Even though I had never met my family, I trusted my mom had her reasons for keeping us apart. It had always been just my mom and I. Well, and of course the maids and our butler Thomas. But other than that no one. For the entire years of my life that's how it was. I didn't mind of course. Here I was about to be twenty one and at the start of my future. My life was just about to begin. 

Romance / Action
Jamie Banks
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Chapter 1

"Oh I can't wait to see you tonight, Liv." My moms voice sang on speaker as I hurried around my room to get ready. I was running late. For my own birthday dinner at that. My mom was going to freak. She had only been planning this party for the last couple months. "You simply must wear the black dress, the one Bev sent over from her collection. It's perfect for tonight. Remember Oliva, I have high hopes for tonight." I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Tonight wasn't about me. It was just another chance for my mom to show me off to the world. Being Charmelle Grant's daughter came with responsibilities, our family was worth millions after all. "I know mom. Don't worry I'm wearing the black one. I will be there soon okay. Tell Thomas to pick me up at six." I quickly hung up the phone and went to my closet. I knew my mom had excellent tastes in just about everything. I grabbed the dress we had decided on and slipped in on like a glove. The fabric hugged my curves, and hiked my breast up just enough for the wandering eye to notice. I pulled my hair back from my face, and quickly applied a small amount of make up. I took a look in the mirror at the finished product and couldn't help but grin. Of course my mom was right. I looked amazing. It was just about six when I finished and promite like always the intercom buzzed. "Hello Thomas, I will be right down." I grabbed my phone and clutch and headed out to meet Thomas.

"Good afternoon, Miss. If I may, you look beautiful." Thomas stood holding the town car door open. Thomas had been with our family for as long as I could remember. He was the only father figure I had ever known and a loyal friend to my mom and me. Which with our lifestyle was hard to come by at times.

The Daniels manor was already in full swing. Cars lined the drive which was lit by dozens of laterns. "Be honest. She's pissed isn't she?" I asked Thomas. He looked in his mirror back at me and smiled. "You'll be fine Miss. Enjoy yourself. Oh, and Eleni happy birthday kiddo." I couldnt help but smile. "Thank you, Thomas." I said as we pulled up to the front entrance.

I stepped inside and felt like I had stepped into a black and white movie.The manor was filled with guests wearing all different shades of black and white. It was quite impressive. I knew my mom had been looking forward to this, like she did every year, but this was next level.

"Eleni, darling you look stunning. As I knew you would." There was no mistaking my moms voice the second I heard it. "Hello mom. This place looks amazing you know you dont have to go through all this trouble just for my birthday." My mom worked hard even though we came from wealth. Her time was precious. I could only imagine how long it took to plan all this.

"Oh dont be silly dear. Today is a big day, your eighteen Eleni. Finally an adult." I smiled at her words. I may have just tirned twenty one but I had been an adult for a couple years now. I owned my own condo, worked full time and managed to attend all my classes. "Thank you mom you really are the best."

I made myself scarce and headed to the bar. I knew my mom would only stock the best vintage so I helped myself to a glass and a bottle of one of our best vintage wine. The ballroom was becoming crowded and I could feel my skin necome slick from sweat. It was time for some freah air.

I headed out of the ballroom and out onto the terrace. The sky was dark, only allowing the lantern lights to light the path. I head down to the beach. My haven whenever I was home and needed to escape. I loved the sounds of the crashing of waves on the shore. It was mesmerizing.

I was so lost in my own thoughts, I didnt hear a sound as a figure approached me. It was dark so I could barely make out the figure. I know it was a man, who was tall and built. But other than that I was at a lost.

"Hello Eleni." The deep voice said as I turned around. Inches from my face this man stood looking down at me. "Do I know you?" My breathing sounded forced. The closer he got I could see more of his features.

It was then that my mouth dropped open. Seeing the man in front of me clearly for the first time. He was beautiful. "I will ask again. Do I know you?" My eyes searched his and I couldnt help but feel like I knew him from somewhere. I knew I did. I looked around the beach and aeen no one. We were alone. "Oh come on Lane, you dont remember me?" The man spoke. It was when I heard that name that I remembered. How could I of not reconized him.

"Alexander?" I gasped. I felt my face begin to heat and my world begin to spin. I looked out at the ocean, a second later I passed out. My world going darker than the night around me.

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