The Billionaire CEO

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Danielle grew up very poor and her sister need a life saving surgery. Can she marry a Billionaire to save her life? Is she willing to marry a cold hearted man that swore he would never fall in love with any woman? For the price he is paying for a bride for one year to have a heir for him, she is willing to give it a try so she can save her sister and also have money for the first time in her life. Growing up poor and working two jobs, her life has not been the easiest to go on.Could not go to college on her scholarships due to she could not leave her sister with an unknown future ahead of them. Now with the offer of being a multi-millionaire, can she give herself to a man she knows nothing about? This is a 2 part series that will have a sequel after this one.

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Author's Note: I have had many comments about this story being a copy of another one called Marrying The CEO. I can promise you when I started this book over a year ago that I had NEVER even heard of that book. After reading it when I was told about where mine was similar to, then yes the first two chapters are the close with some of the same things happening in them but then mine goes off in a totally different direction than that one and this also has a sequel to it. If you don't like reading a book that is similar to another book for a few chapters then please just don't waist your time on my book.

I am sitting in a huge waiting room trying not to tap my toes against the beautiful white tile floor. When I get nervous, my foot taps and my legs shake uncontrollably at times. I am at Tucker Enterprises, the world’s biggest and most well know business in the United States, if not one of the top ones in the world. I have been sitting in this seat for over two hours waiting my turn for the interview he has had set up for the last two days. He only took the first sixty women outside the doors. I was here yesterday, but didn’t make the top sixty. I returned bright and early again today and still was in the middle of the line of women lined up trying to get their chance. I am holding my file tightly in my hands as I look around at all the polished, well dress women sitting in the waiting room. I knew that I would be here for awhile due to I was still in the higher number category. This made me more nervous due to my chances were still not the best against all these high society women that sat around me in their expensive dresses, perfect manicures flashing in the lights and looks like they had a stylist come in early that morning fixing their hair and makeup.

The door to the CEO’s office swings open and a women with black hair exits crying her eyes out. Her perfect mascara was running down her face and her brown eyes were bloodshot from crying. Without saying a word, she rushes across the polished floor so fast I could have sworn she was going to slip and fall in her four inch high heals. She repeatedly pushes the down button on the elevator shaft, I guess she thought it would get it there faster if she kept hitting it. Finally the elevator chimes and opens. She steps in. the doors close behind her and her wails are heard all the way down the shaft.

“Number thirty-four”? The lady behind the reception desk asks with the same flat monotone she has used with all the other women that have been waiting just like me.

A lady with light brown hair and bright blue eyes stands up gracefully and smooths out her very short and sexy white dress.

“Mr. Taylor will see you now.” She doesn’t even look up from her keyboard as she types with the clicking of her nails on it.

The lady pastes on a sexy smile and confidently sashays her way into the office. I don’t understand how she is not freezing in that short dress. It’s the beginning of November and the temperature here in Los Angeles isn’t extremely cold but it looks like she pulled out a summer dress to do this interview with.

My hopes fell once again as the beautiful lady walked into the huge office that had some of the biggest doors I had ever seen. Even though I had no interest in the CEO himself, I was very interested in what was being offered.

MONEY! I was not a wealthy person and my younger sister needed treatments for her cancer that I could barley afford. I am working two jobs right now just trying to make it, but struggling to just put food on the table, let alone attempt to get her medicine.

Danny Tucker owned the biggest empire and was the very definition of rich if not even royalty. Every woman wanted to be his, there was nothing he couldn’t buy. He owned tons of houses across the world and there was a rumor that he was even looking into buying up multiple islands that were in financial debt.

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Danny Tucker

A world known billionaire is in need of a bride who can provide him with a heir in one year. Mr. Tucker will pay the lucky bride ten million in cash after the baby is born and the contract is fulfilled. The child will be solely raised by the Tucker family but the mother will have visiting rights if she wants them.

Interviews for Mr. Tucker’s potential bride will be ONLY from November 2nd to November 3rd 2019.

First sixty women only allowed.

All interested candidates must bring their resumes containing every little detail about themselves. It must include their age, race, background, genetic diseases and any other detail that would be required to show that the lady would be worthy of his hand in marriage and to also even be considered to have his child.

For more information, please contact

Tucker Enterprises Headquarters at 555-431-5555

Seeing the amount of money this man was willing to pay for a child was the only reason I was sitting outside his office waiting my turn to see if I was worthy enough to be tied to him for a year or so. My butt has starting cramping from sitting in the chair for such a long period of time. The chairs are plush, but having to stay in them with nothing really to do makes it a little harder on the body. The other ladies have these huge phones they have been playing on while they sit there. I don’t have one due to I can’t afford it.

When I saw the amount of money that he was offering, I knew it would be enough to pay for the treatments my sister needed plus also her surgery for a small tumor that was growing on one of her ovaries. I don’t have any family due to my parents were killed five years ago and we went to live with my grandparents. They died two years ago and now we are living in the small mill house that they left to us. I am hopeful that he might pick me as his bride, but I am not getting my hopes up just to have them come crashing down on me when I am rejected.

The door is jerked open and my head flies toward the direction of the lady who went in five minutes ago. She is storming out looking just as mad as a ton of other women that have been rejected out of that office. Her lips were pulled tightly into a thin line and she looked like she could blow a gasket at any time.

She storms towards that elevator door and slams her hand on the button so hard I’m surprised the plastic button didn’t shatter into a million pieces.

The doors open and she huffs into the elevator madder than a hornet. She yells back at the door to the office “Good Luck on finding a Virgin, that isn’t going to happen in this day and age. No woman here is going to be one!”

Once the elevator doors closed, I knew I might actually have a chance at this due to the fact that I still was a virgin.

My sister had bought me a bracelet as a birthday gift on my sixteenth birthday. She had saved every piece of money she could either find or was given to buy it for me. Bailey, my sister’s name, had gone to Wal-Mart one day after school and bought me a five dollar bracelet. It wasn’t anything extravagant, just a simple heart hanging on a very thin gold chain. That was seven years ago and I have wore it every day to show her how much I appreciated it and that she gave it to me with love.

“Number thirty-five”, the receptionist calls out again in a cold flat voice like she’s bored to death doing this again. “Mr. Tucker will see you now.”

My heart speeds up as I slowly stand and try to get my legs working due to the numbness that has set up in them. I try my best to look graceful as I walk towards those huge doors that loomed in front of me. I’m clutching my file to my chest and hoping that my answer to my prayers are sitting right behind those huge doors. I could swear that every one in there could hear my heart as is pounded in my chest and I walked by them in a simple blue dress and white flat shoes.

Taking a deep breath, I slowly push on the huge golden handles that lined the door at least four feet long. As I enter the office of Danny Tucker, my legs start to shake a little and my nervousness just shot up to the highest I think it has ever been with me.

I look around the office and it was very beautiful to someone who comes from nothing like I do. The interior looked very expensive. There were two huge black, full size couches. One was in front of a huge window that overlooked downtown LA but the back of the couch was facing the windows. They stretched from floor to ceiling and was all the way across the office. The other couch was in front of that one facing the windows with four men in very expensive suits sitting on it. On my right was a huge black desk that looked like something a king would sit at with a matching black leather chair. Against the wall were very large cabinets that were made out of a black wood and behind me was another wooden door that was closed tightly.

Sitting on the couch across from the men I surveyed them one by one. There was an older man sitting on the end to my far right. He looked to be the oldest of the four, he had gray hair with piercing blue eyes. His face was pretty soft, with only a few wrinkles that told me that he was of older age.

Next to him sat a younger man who looked no older than maybe twenty-five. Looking at him closely, he could almost pass as a twin to the older man but in a younger version. He has the same blue eyes with a smooth face and a lean body.

Beside him as another man who looked a little older. He had a very sharp jawline, very thick brown hair and piercing hard brown eyes. He looked very familiar but I just couldn’t quite place him. Just looking at his commanding body posture made a shiver run down my spine. The man looked deadly like he was ready to strike like a snake at anything he thought was beneath him and not suitable to his taste.

The last man on the couch looked to be the youngest of the three. He had brown hair, soft brown eyes and a very handsome face with a soft smile. This made me feel a little at ease but they all were very muscular under their suits as they hugged each curve of them. He was the one I liked the most out of all of them. He didn’t make me feel like I had just walked into a lions den holding a huge piece of meat for them to devour.

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