My bully wants me

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Ryan had always bullied Emma for little things simply because he enjoyed teasing her. But what happens when he crosses the line. Will Emma ever forgive him?

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Hood baby💦
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Do you want it back?

Emma had always wandered why Ryan chose to bully her, maybe it was because she looked averege with her long eyelashes brown eyes plump red lips curly brown hair freckles and the perfect curves. Or maybe because she didn't bow down and hand him her virginity like every other girl in the school did.

I woke up this morning missing my mom more than usual. After the car accident nothing really felt the same anymore. The last thing my mom had given me was a pretty horse bracelet that I rarely ever wore worried I would loose it. My eyes fluttered open and I yawned stretching my arms. I got up and slipped my bracelet on to make me feel better. I brushed my teeth and put my hair in a ponytail I changed into ripped jeans and a hoodie and grabbed my bag. I lived alone with my dad who was rarely ever home but if he was he would keep himself in his room. I slipped on my shoes and headed out the door. When I go to the school I walked in knowing that Ryan would be mean to me during break time in 5th hour. I went and walked with lily. She is my best friend. We talked the whole way to class. I sat down in my seat wishing that today would be slow so she didn't have to see Ryan. It seemed that the more she didn't want 5 hour to come the faster it got here. She tried walking as fast as she could to her locker but she and a group of boys were the only ones in the hallway. "What do you want Ryan" I asked. He grabbed the bracelet off my wrist "what do we have here" he questioned holding it out of my reach "g-give that back Ryan I'm serious" I said. "Why what's so important about it" he demanded. I looked down and muttered "it's the last thing my mom gave me" he smirked and smashed it to the ground "oops guess she'll have to buy you a new one" I said a few years ran down my cheeks I stood up and yelled "she cant you fucking asshole she died" I sunk to the ground grabbing the charms and the bracket string and ran down the hallway. Ryan was still staring at me as I ran down the hallway his eyes wide as realization hit him like a book.

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